buyers market: It's a Buyer's Market, So What Are You Waiting For? - 03/15/11 01:18 AM
Maryland residents know that we're in a buyer's market, yet there are prospective home buyer's still sitting on the sidelines, risking every day that market conditions could be less favorable for them when they finally get into the game. 
The situation kinda reminds me of this cartoon:

The procrastinating fish isn't really going to enjoy any benefit by (1) waiting for a bigger worm or (2) taking the bait now.  He's going to end up on someone's dinner plate, whichever choice he makes.
On the other hand, a procrastinating home buyer will benefit from taking advantage of today's buyer's market:  … (17 comments)

buyers market: I Love a Down Market (at times) - 10/20/08 04:00 PM
Yes, it's true... a real estate agent who sees a silver lining in the cloud known as "today's market."  I spent this entire weekend being a "normal" person instead of a real estate agent.  It was fun and so very relaxing.
I actually spent Saturday at a college football game with my husband, son and grandson, followed by big tailgate party with my brother's family and about 30 others, without receiving a single text message or phone call.  The Terps beat Wake Forest in a shutout, so that was a bonus.  It was chilly, but otherwise a great fall day that I probably … (34 comments)

buyers market: Ice Cream or House - You Decide - 10/05/08 06:39 AM
According to a report I saw on TV today, reaction by some people to uncertainties about today's economy is COMFORT FOOD. 
Hmmm.... yummy, I'm all for that.  Bring on the ice-cream, burgers and other carbs we found comforting in childhood and still do in times of stress today.  But now, what are you REALLY going to do in reaction to this market?  My suggestion is very simple, and it does not include confusion, concern or regrets.
Here's why you should be out looking at Crofton-area homes right now (as soon as you finish that ice cream sundae):
1.  The world is not standing still … (17 comments)

buyers market: Core Values to Help You Survive this Market - 05/02/08 03:39 AM
This is the voice of experience speaking...    Maybe that's why so many real estate agents ask me about survivng today's market.  Yes, we've had plenty of ups and downs in the real estate market since I started four decades ago.  I survived them all, with varying degrees of success and profitability, and I plan to survive this one, too. 
Real estate today feels a lot like the 1970's market when we had 17-18% interest rates - buyers had a tough time getting loans and, therefore, home owners couldn't sell very easily.  The truth is that the same Core Values apply today that got many of us through that market … (52 comments)

buyers market: Good News for VA-Eligible Home Buyers in Maryland! - 12/15/07 02:56 AM
Sellers WANT you now, after years of shunning VA buyers!
It's true, home sellers are eager to accept your offer on their home, even though your choice of financing may cost them more than a conventional buyer.  'Truth is, they may even pay some or all of your closing costs.  Home sellers felt quite different, just two or three years ago, as two or ten or more home buyers competed to see who could win a seller's favor in the recent sellers' market.  Cash purchases and conventional loans ruled then. 
Home buyers rule now!  As the home market has tightened on sellers, buyers have been flexing their muscles, and VA … (6 comments)

buyers market: How VA Can Help You Sell Your Home - 12/15/07 02:17 AM
Home Sellers - VA can help sell your home.  Here's why:
FACT #1:  There is a huge inventory of homes for sale (How many other sellers are you competing against in your area?)
FACT #2:  Buyers are few and far between (Just look at the drop in 'number of homes sold' and the increase in 'days on market' in your area!)
FACT #3:  Incoming transferees are highly motivated to buy - in fact, they MUST find a place to live.
FACT #4:  Incoming transferees may be cash-poor, because they can't sell their current home to pull out equity for a down-payment and closing costs here.
FACT #5:  VA-eligible borrowers may … (9 comments)

buyers market: Anne Arundel County Maryland - Five Secret Ingredients for Selling Your Home in a Buyer's Market - 09/23/07 04:43 AM
My, what a difference a year or two can make, when it comes to selling your home!
If you bought your Anne Arundel County home in the past five years, it's likely that you paid full price - perhaps OVER full price.  You might have waived a home inspection, and even an appraisal.  Your offer was probably in competition with many others so you resorted to little "tricks" like personal letters to the seller to convince them you were the most worthy buyer for their beloved home.
That was a seller's market, when conditions were highly favorable to home sellers:  Fewer houses available than buyers, … (10 comments)

buyers market: Knowing WHO and WHEN are just as important as knowing HOW - 08/30/07 12:03 AM
Just a little food for thought:  FOLLOW THE MONEY!
In a Seller's Market, listing is the name of the game.  In a Buyer's Market, selling is the name of the game.  It's as simple as that. 
A Buyer's Market, like we're experiencing today, is a good time for agents to target renters, investors, relocation...  for NON-CONTINGENT BUYERS!  They are money in your pocket (assuming you have an exclusive buyer-broker contract), because they control the market right now.   Send mailings to apartment complexes, to "residents" of homes owned by absentee owners you identify through public records, hold home-buyer seminars, and contact local real estate investors (check the … (25 comments)

buyers market: Curb Appeal Counts More Today Than Ever Before - 07/24/07 02:48 AM
Crofton real estate is alive and well, if the activity I've experienced in recent weeks is any indication.  But the inventory of available properties is much higher than we've seen in recent years, so buyers have several homes to consider.  Showing so many homes in the same price range has reminded me again how important curb appeal is to a sale - especially in this "Buyer's Market". 
Each of my buyer-clients chose to make an offer on the home that had the best curb appeal over others in the same price range and with the same features.   Having observed this, I sat down … (8 comments)

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