business consulting: What Does a Business Consultant Do? - 12/07/18 05:58 PM
As a business owner, it is natural to search for the next step.  It is natural to focus on getting outside help to grow and enhance your business.  Thinking about talking to a business consultant and understanding a business consultant are two different things!  The question now is “What does a business consultant do?”
Identify Your Expectations
Think about what you are expecting when you consider a business consultant.  Are you wanting them to come in and transform your business?  Are you planning on working together with them to find the best solutions for your business?  Maybe you just want some insight from … (0 comments)

business consulting: The Hive Method - 08/02/18 05:33 PM
Have you ever looked at a bee’s hive? I mean REALLY looked. 
No? As a an entrepreneur, maybe you should take the time to watch the bees. Watch how they all work together. Notice how they all have the same goal. Recognize how every single bee has a job. Every single bee is important. Every single bee makes a difference.
There are many things one can learn from a beehive. This article goes into more detail on the specifics, but there are basics too. There is a specific mentality in a beehive. It is the survival of the hive. Every bee works together … (0 comments)

business consulting: 5 Biggest Mistakes Realtors® Make - 02/21/18 07:24 PM

As a Realtor® there are many mistakes that you may be making without even knowing it. A few reasons these mistakes happen are because of being overwhelmed, not having the help needed, and being too busy to handle everything. Being busy is not a bad thing, but it can be if mistakes are being made because of it, and you don’t have the help you need. Go down the list and see if you are making an of these mistakes.
Grabbing all that sparkles. When you see a program, or a website that looks like something you would use, you sign … (0 comments)

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