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My Blogs are geared primarily to the History, Happenings, Lifestyles and Real Estate of the Florida Keys. As a native South Floridian with family ties to the Keys that stretch back to the 50's, I look forward to sharing my unique perspective on the Jewels of Florida, America's Caribbean...the fabulous Florida Keys



How many bridges connect the Florida Keys? 42 Each with it's unique personality, the 42 bridges that connect the land masses from Key Largo to Key West are a spectaular marvel of engineering and sheer will. Most of the original bridges have been replaced but the original 100 year old + 7 Mile and...
114 Columbus Drive, Islamorada WOW Do I know the waters in front of this Property!!! When I was a kid, before this home was even built, I learned to snorkel right where this home sits.  The waters were plentiful with Purple sea urchins, Delectable Spiny Lobster and the most beautifully regal Quee...
The most photographed underwater attraction of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is: Christ of the Abyss. Truly a wonder if you have never seen it. I take clients out there all the time.  It sits in about 25 feet of water and because of the layer of fire coral on it, .it appears to glow!...
 The Keys declared their independence from the U.S. calling themselves the 'Conch Republic' in:             1982                               What prompted the Keys secession from the U.S.?            Border Patrol roadblocks and inspection points   After secession from the U.S., the president o...
138 Valencia Dr Plantation Key  I was recently discussing premium neighborhoods with a Buyer yesterday and educated her that there are really 6 premium neighborhoods in the Upper Keys.  Stillwright Point, Bayside in Key Largo at Mile Marker 106, Port Largo, Oceanside at Mile Marker 99, Buccaneer ...
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So, How many islands make up the Florida Keys?          1,700   Although it may be hard to believe, there are actually 1700 islands that make up the Florida Keys! From huge Key Largo at over 27 miles long to small Keys that are not much more than a few mangroves and some limestone (and maybe an o...
What a Film!  What a Cast! What a Boat!!  Now, get me some Gin!!   The iconic original vessel from John Huston's classic 1951 film "The African Queen," starring Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn, soon is to ply Key Largo's nearshore waters again. An April 12 "re-launch" party is scheduled fe...
For those of us down here in The Keys, this part of Spring gets pretty introspective.  Though enjoying and respecting the sea, is itself somewhat of a religion,  Christians celebrating Easter, Jews remembering the traditions of Passover, and even Pagans commemorating the Vernal Equinox, all add ...
As, a Venetian Shores Specialist, I enjoy keeping my clients up to date with the latest available properties and real estate news, as well as recently closed properties. Venetian Shores from Florida Bay I Love Venetian Shores. It's one of my favorite Keys Communities. With its 11 peninsulas reach...

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