florida keys: Check Out This Trailer for a Fun Real Estate Mockumentary I'm Making - 03/12/19 02:23 PM
In This profession, you've got to have fun! 
I practice real estate here in the Fabulous Florida Keys, and over my many (24+) years selling waterfront homes in South Florida, I've had an adventure or two.
So, with all the great technology out there, I am working on a fun Mockumentary of the real estate biz here in the Keys.... stay tuned.
Until then, please enjoy this trailer that I put together, definately sound up!
Like I said ... Ya Gotta Have Fun!!

florida keys: 15% of Your Travel Time Through The Florida Keys Is On Bridges! - 03/11/19 11:45 AM
Yep, That's right, 15% of your time traveling from Key Largo to Key West is spent crossing Brides.
Harris – 16 – 430′
Sugar Loaf – 15.5 – 1,260′ 
Saddle Bunch 2 – 14.5 – 660′
Saddle Bunch 3 – 14 – 760′
Saddle Bunch 4 – 13 – 900′
Saddle Bunch 5 – 12.5 – 900′
Shark Channel – 11.8 – 2,090′
Rockland  – 10 – 1,280′
Boca Chica – 6 – 2,730′
Stock Island – 5 – 360′
Key West – 4 – 159′
Thank you to my friends at Florida Keys Treasures for some of the great info that assisted me in … (0 comments)

florida keys: Check out our Stunning Aerial Tour of Venetian Shores/Islamorada. OMG! - 03/10/19 11:01 AM

florida keys: Looking For A Job In The Fabulous Florida Keys? How About This?? - 11/07/14 12:47 AM
How Cool is this??
If your humble Conchquistador wasn't busy being ...well...your Conchquistador., then, this sounds like a super cool gig that I would certainly enjoy, and find challenging.
How about you??
Ready to ditch the cubicle and "Lumburgh and his 'Yeah's.. about those TPS Reports'", cold Taco Bell burritos or limp McDonald's fries for days out on our pristine reefs doing something really productive??
Then, Check this out from the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary:
"Looking for a job? We have a position open on our Key Largo buoy team. This is a year round, full-time position with benefits. Apply … (1 comments)

florida keys: It's October 15th ...Let's Get Stoned!!! Stone Crab Season Opens Today! - 10/15/14 04:55 AM
October 15th...one of my favorite days of the year.  Why? you ask?....Well it's time to get stoned....   No, no, no, put down your smokeless hitters and step away from the bong and turn down the Jack Johnson songs ....we're not talking 420, but Stone Crabs!!
October is my favorite time of year here in the Keys.  The obsessive heat has dulled its edge, and the Northern breezes start to glide in, making it, to me, one of the greatest places to be, especially when you are out on the water.
Turn up the Buffett, crack open a Key West … (3 comments)

florida keys: Hide Your Honey Hole!! It's the 2014 Mini-Lobster Season! They're Out There and They Are BIG! - 07/30/14 05:41 AM
Tickle Stick...Check...Net ...Check...Gloves ...Check ....Secret GPS Lobster Spots (AKA Honeyholes) Check!
OK! It's time for Mini-Lobster Season!!!  Get The Butter!
So come on down, know the rules, grab some bugs (local slang for Lobster), grab a beer, and then call me to grab a slice of paradise.
Oh yeah and since you read this far, I am going to share with you, my faithful reader, one of my favorite spots! Trust me this is a Major Gift, as Spots are super secret!!! But hey...I am a benevolent Conchquistador.
Try Hog Rocks off Key Largo GPS  N24 59.550 W80 27.440.  … (3 comments)

florida keys: Florida Keys Profanity-Yep...It's That Time of Year! - 06/02/14 03:07 AM
Forget George Carlin's 7 dirty words. Forget the F, S, C, P, D, and just about any other A thru Z words....When it comes to June 1st in the Florida Keys, one word is MOST Profane!!!! Wash your mouth out with bad Zest Profane..and that is The H-Word....Hurricane.
All joking aside, Hurricanes have had an indelible effect on the Florida Keys. One visit to the lovely, yet somber Hurricane Memorial in Islamorada, quickly paints the image of the power and destructive capability these massive weather phenomena posses.
Who can deny the impact the 1935 Storm had. It virtually and … (1 comments)

florida keys: Tow Boat US and/or Sea Tow Memberships... Don't Leave Port Without Them!! - 06/02/14 03:04 AM
It's a Big Sea out there.   Sometimes it's Benevolent, and Majestic, and simply Wonderful.  And Sometimes.... Sometimes,  it'll make you It's Bitch.
For a yearly membership fee, you buy peace of mind and a WHOLE lot of Savings.
Case in point...
I have a membership with Tow Boat US, not that Sea Tow is no better or worse, just my membership has always been with Tow Boat.  Well yesterday, before I was about to go out collecting my crab traps for the end of Stone Crab season, I realized that my membership had expired.  I immediately went at … (0 comments)

florida keys: Captain Matt Bellinger - Keys Guide and Renaissance Man, Now a Bizarre Foods America Guide - 06/02/14 03:02 AM
You've got to hand it to my friend Captain Matt Bellinger of Bamboo Charters in Islamorada.
Besides being a fantastic Captain and Fishing Guide in Islamorada, who was just honored by The Conch Republic's Northernmost Territories as "Best Back Country Guide", Captain Matt owns and Operates a winning fleet of fishing boats under the Bamboo Charters moniker, and has been featured on the National Geographic TV Channel.
Add to this, he IS the Voice of Florida Keys  Fishing...literally.  With several live broadcasted reports daily on both Sun 103 FM and Thunder Country 100.3.  Matt gives insights to the hot … (1 comments)

florida keys: The Island Smoke Shop in Key Largo Named S FLA's #1 Cigar Shop - 03/20/14 05:27 AM
The Island Smoke Shop, located in Key Largo, was just named the BEST Cigar Shop in all of South Florida by South Florida Television Station WPLG, Channel 10!
And no surprise, if you have ever been there, you know why.
An Amazingly Incredible selection, super helpful staff and just an overall cool vibe.
If you enjoy cigars, like I do, or are looking for a gift for someone who, does stop by!
Conchquistador recommended!
Saturday, April 12, they are throwing a party to celebrate.  Lots of great fun to be had.

The Island Smoke shop is located … (2 comments)

florida keys: City Council Approves $77M for 100 yr old 7-Mile Bridge In Fla Keys - 03/14/14 02:19 AM
The 7-Mile Bridge.
The stuff of legend.  An Engineering marvel.
Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Lives were all lost to mete out the ability to cross the multi-hued waters of Moser Channel
But what an AMAZING creation!
She's taken a beating, the Original has.  And now, the sensible powers that be, have earmarked funds for maintenance of this Local, National, and International Treasure.
Check out the Article published in KeysNews.com
"City council approves $77M for 7-Mile bridge
Florida Keys local governments have begun to give their formal blessings to a funding plan to renovate the


florida keys: Captain Matt Bellinger's Florida Keys Fishing Report ... Go Fish!! - 03/02/14 12:25 AM
Get your slickers on, cause it's time to fish!!
Even on a potentially rainy day in the Florida keys, the fishing is great!
Take a listen to Captain Matt Bellinger, of Bamboo Charters, give us a great fishing report for the last day of February.
Click on the image below.
Talking about Blacking Tuna, Wahoo, Kingfish, and today's opening of Snook Season.
As Captain Matt says..."Get out on the water...Go Fish!"
Put the experience and expertise of The Conchquistador to work for you! For more information on the outstanding real estate opportunities that exist in the … (1 comments)

florida keys: Important Info Regarding Florida Keys Seller Referrals. Quick Video from Mykael Marinelli - 01/24/14 08:37 AM

Hi There!
Please see the video that I Put together for you regarding our Market here in The Florida Keys, and fantastic referral opportunities!
Buyers are looking for quality properties and we need more inventory! If You know someone with a property down here, please send them my way!
It may be the best opportunity that they have had in years to capitalize on their property!


florida keys: Take a Boat Ride with me Up North Sound Creek in Key Largo. My Favorite Keys Waterway. Quick Video - 01/22/14 08:22 AM
What can I say, I LOVE the Keys.  Like a junkie coming down on a Sunday Morning ( wait , isn't that a Cash song?), when I am away, I can't wait to get in my boat, the Conch-Keys-Tador and head for a ride through North Sound Creek, my favorite Keys Waterway
A great stretch to run the boat at full throttle, flying past Mangroves and Herons, Eagles and Ospreys.  The wind in what little hair I have left and a Tonic for the Soul.  Conversely, sometimes its nice to just kick back and cruise slowly through this masterpiece of nature.

florida keys: Video of Fantastic Florida Keys Properties On Today's Caravan! From Oceanfront Estates to Waterfront Condos. Something for Everyone! - 01/15/14 05:39 AM

Some really nice properties on today's caravan for our firms, American Caribbean Real Estate and Marr Properties.
From spectacular Oceanfront Estates to lovely Waterfront Condos, something for Everyone and every budget.
The timing is excellent to find your own tropical oasis in the Fabulous Florida Keys.
For more info Contact me today!!

florida keys: View My Quick Keys Video! This is the Year of Video for me. - 01/10/14 02:40 AM
This year, I plan to incorporate a good deal more Video into my Blogging experience.
Here is a quick one that I put together yesterday that has some really fantastic Aerials of Communities in the Florida Keys.

Look forward to seeing more video from The Florida Keys Real Estate Conchquistador in 2014!

florida keys: MY Feet Are In The Water Today! Where Are Yours??? - 01/06/14 06:17 AM
Yes, these are my feet, today January 6, 2014.
While most everyone else in the Country is snowbound, my feet are in the crystal clear water.
Would you like to put YOUR feet in the water all year long??
Contact me today to buy a slice of paradise in the Florida Keys!!


florida keys: What Does $16M get you in Islamorada??? Have You Been Naughty or Nice? - 12/20/13 01:43 AM
OK Santa, or Chanukah Harry, (or ...hmmm who is Kwanza's Figurehead?)  I know what you can gift me this Holiday Season.  It's Big , It's BEAUTIFUL, it's in Islamorada, it's only $16M, and it's AWESOME!
One of the Florida Keys most idyllic Estates has now become available for Purchase.
Palm Harbor
Almost 6 1/2 acres of gorgeous Islamorada waterfront serenity. It truly is Island Living at its finest.  Although
 it was built in 1996, it retains the feel of Florid Keys Vernacular architecture, yet appointed with current designer finishes, decor, and amenities, 6 Bedrooms / 7.1 Baths … (1 comments)

florida keys: By Request and Demand, It's the Conchquistador's Recipe for Awesome Lobster Bisque!! It's ALL about The Heads!! - 12/04/13 12:49 AM
You know, it's funny. Down here in The Florida Keys, we are all Ga-Ga for fresh Caribbean Lobster.  Hell, our Local economy practically goes into Dark Black during Mini Season.  Add to that the cost of gear, boats, bully nets...there is a lot of money spent to catch these critters..  We love our tails...yes, I said tails.  And THERE is the Rub!! Most people THROW AWAY the tastiest part of the Lobster....The Head!!!
Now, don't go getting squeamish on me.  Yes, I said Head.  In many animals, the meat and flesh around the head are some of the most FLAVORFUL … (11 comments)

florida keys: Forget Turkey....It's Lobster and Stone Crab. It's How We Do Thanksgiving in the Florida Keys!! - 11/28/13 04:09 AM
Not sure if Squanto had this in mind when he hooked up with the Pilgrims to celebrate the Autumn Harvest Meal we now call Thanksgiving, but down here, we say screw the Turkey ,and break out some Keys fare to be Thankful for!!
As I write this at Casa de Conchquistador, my Keys Bungalow in Key Largo's Sunset Point, I can smell the aroma of Pumpkin Pie baking (well gotta have Something Traditional), hear the sounds of Jimmy on the stereo, taste the damn good Bloody Mary in hand, see gorgeous Bougainvilleas in full fiery bloom,  but I am touched, … (5 comments)

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