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As a real estate agent, I partake daily in the biggest recycling project on the planet, that being the sale and purchase of homes that have previously been lived in, also known as "resale" homes. I am a big fan of older homes (and for simplicity's sake, let's consider an "older" home to be anythi...
There are many reasons why a homeowner may consider selling on their own. Perhaps they feel they have the expertise needed to navigate all the legalities involved with selling a home and the time necessary to dedicate to the task. Maybe they feel that they will be a "saving the commission". Whate...
I first posted this article in May of 2008 and since then, our city has grown and a few of the other statistics have changed. Here is an updated version!   If you are considering moving to Lethbridge, Alberta here is some information that may help you make your decision. Overview As of January 20...
If you were to ask this question to a real estate professional, they would say "Of course they exist!" But the same question posed to a member of the general public might get a much different response, likely one clouded with uncertainty. Why is it that this little tidbit of information is common...
  Transaction Brokerage (formerly known as Dual Agency in Alberta) is a common practice in common law real estate. Two examples where transaction brokerage might occur would be:   - You are working with a REALTOR® as your Buyer's Agent (ideally, under an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement). The...
As the year came to a close, there are a few things to note when looking at the Lethbridge, Alberta real estate market for the month of December: 1. Currently there are 566 homes for sale in Lethbridge (399 single family, 146 condo, 21 mobile homes) 2. 118 of those 566 listings were put up for sa...

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