lethbridge real esate: Lethbridge Real Estate - Market Report for June 2008 - 07/07/08 03:52 PM
Here's how the month of June stats looked:
Total # of Listings (Month) - 653 (Up 30% from June 2007)
Total # of Listings (YTD) - 3437 (Up 36% from 2007)
Total # of Expired Listings (Month) - 170 (Up 240% from June 2007)
Total # of Expired Listings (YTD) - 642 (Up 228% from 2007)
Total # of Sales (Month) - 279 (Down 13% from June 2007)
Total # of Sales (YTD) - 1436 (Down 20% from 2007)
Although it appears that the number of expired listings (month) is still astronomical compared to last years data, it is actually showing … (0 comments)

lethbridge real esate: Increasing Energy Efficiency in Homes in Lethbridge, Alberta - 05/06/08 05:01 PM
Energy efficiency is a topic that any smart homeowner should take an interest in. So, what's in if for a homeowner to increase their home's efficiency?
A. Save $$
B. Save the planet
C. Increased enjoyment and comfort
D. Any combination of the three!
While newer homes tend to be built with energy efficiency in mind, not everyone wants a new home. I personally love my older home for it's unique features, larger lot size and mature landscaping. So, where is your money best spent as the owner of an older home with regards to increasing the home's efficiency? Here are … (2 comments)

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