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If you are going to complain about the Real Estate market, count me out!   If you are going to lament about the business, count me out! Say anything negative and I'll just hear: "Blah, blah, blah, blah..."  I have trained ears; they just won't listen to the naysayers. Throw me a bone: tell me som...
  Do you want a way to secure more listings?  Do this:  print 500-1,000 of your cards every time you take a new listing.  Why, you ask?  Flip the card over and you'll see why.  On the back of your card, you will find a glorious picture of your new listing with it's address as a .com printed right...
Take several property managers out to lunch or for a drink and you'll get the scoop on what rents the best in Myrtle Beach.  If you don't have time to do it, don't worry; I already have.  Here is the scoop: This is what makes the most money in Myrtle Beach: Newer projects with lots of amenities: ...
Such Beauty here...The weather is warm.  The beaches are not crowded...  Come visit us in March!Relax in Myrtle Beach...Perhaps buy your own Oceanfront condo...Broadway At The Beach...  Hard Rock Theme Park (will be open soon)...  Barefoot Landing...   House of Blues...Alligator Adventure...  Dix...
  Nothing prepared me for the beauty that is Montserrat, a magical place where art meets history and religion, a cultural crossroads and a sacred location imbibed with an aura of the divine.   Never mind the thousands of tourists lined up to kiss the Black Madonna statue - you kiss the glass cont...
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                For the past several years me and my daughter have gone on a cruise durin...
With only 1.47% of our oceanfront inventory selling per month, yesterday's FANTASY pricing is so far removed from the reality of 2008, that I don't even write offers anymore, I just dial for dollars.  Let me explain.Take the following example:Oceanfront in Myrtle Beach - Baywatch Resort - The Fan...
DON'T READ THIS IF you are the mother of a son.  Especially don't read this if you are the mother of a son who wants to join the military.   It will make you cry.  It made me cry writing it, and I still get misty eyed as I read it yet again.  The following is an "over grown comment" I made last n...
Who is Kelly Shahan, you ask?  Is she a movie star?  Is she an author?  A journalist?  Who is Kelly Shahan?Kelly Shahan is simply the most beautiful, nicest person I know.  She has a Big Smile, and a kind word always.  She is always sunny and bright and you'd think she never has a care in the wor...
•1.                  You sold my home too fast!•2.                  I don't think you need the money.  You are too well dressed and your car is too fancy.•3.                  I think you are overpaid.  You only spent three days with us.  We decided to negotiate directly with the Sellers.•4.      ...


Myrtle Beach Real Estate
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