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Make Lemonade! This morning at the office meeting, I started saying this, and my entire team completed my sentence.  "I guess I've said that before", I asked.  They all nodded "yes" in unison.  "What other things do I say frequently", I asked.    Apparently, I have plenty of favorite sayings.  He...
My daughter is of a different religion, but we share the same God.  On MY Easter Sunday (I am Greek Orthodox), she got baptized in the Ocean, embracing Jesus as her savior. After immersing herself in bible study for well over a year now, she felt sure that she wanted to take this major step.  Whe...
For the past...  too many months to count, I've been reporting monthly oceanfront sales of under 1.5%.    All of a sudden, halfway through April, we are seeing an amazing surge of activity, a HUGE increase in sales.  The jump is phenomenal:  from under 1.5% to almost 12%!!!  (in new "pending sale...
  At almost $ 4.00 per gallon, the cost of "petrol" has "grounded" many  gas guzzlers.   At  10 mpg, the Hummer, the quintessential "hungry" one is seen mostly parked these days.  The Smart car, at 69 mpg, has made its debut in the US, largely unnoticed.  The Europeans have embraced it wholeheart...
I just watched an extraordinary documentary called "Born Into Brothels".   Filmed in the miserable red-light district of Calcutta, India, the movie follows a group of children born and raised by their prostitute mothers and grandmothers.  Directors Zana Brinski and Ross Kauffman chronicle the ama...
I've traveled the World, yet I've never seen any place like Charleston, SC.  If you've watched "Gone With The Wind" (and who hasn't?), you will feel like you fell back in time to that era and THAT place.  The gentility of the South is never more apparent than in Charleston: cobblestone streets, s...
You even translate my flyers into several languages.  Just click on one of the flags at the bottom of the page and "Voila!", within seconds you have the French, German, Spanish version.  Today I got my first foreign lead from my RealBird flyer.  Wow!  This German client wants a historic home in C...
I breathe in the air, smelling its freshness, filling my lungs with the essence of the miracle of yet another day.I listen to all the sounds of the birds chirping and I am joyous to be able to hear.I stretch my body and rejoice in the wonder of my physical being.I take in the beauty outside my wi...
I don't know where the bottom is, and neither do the Big Boys!  We are all exposed to the same information, whether you read "Your Own Small Town Newspaper" or The Wall Street Journal.  Clients ask me all the time to speculate, to render an opinion.  I don't.  I won't!  I have no crystal ball.  ...
I'm sure you've encountered it.  It's a classic problem:  Sellers are all packed up; the movers are coming in the morning and the deal falls through.  How do you avert this problem? As a standard procedure in my practice, in an owner occupied home, I contractually always ask for the sellers to r...


Myrtle Beach Real Estate
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