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This may sound a bit strange; please indulge me for a few moments here!  I was wondering how many of you are giving "Mercy Discounts"?   I am not referring to negotiating a lower commission rate when you are taking the listing.  I'm talking about having a signed listing in place already and givin...
I've Heard of Dogs Resembling Their Owners, but This is Ridiculous!   Stay tuned for my upcoming blogs:     "I love pets, that's why I won't have any"    "Why the Only Living Thing in my Fish Tank is the Algae Eater"    "Teaching Your Ex's Dogs How to Power Howl at the Moon"    Myrtle Beach Real ...
I make it a habit never to discuss Politics or Religion because they are too complex and personal, with more shades than the color wheel itself...      That being said, I just could not resist sharing this with you because it's just too funny to keep to myself.   I should run the disclaimer that ...
Conceived and lovingly started by Gaudi (yes, the artist, not the adjective) in 1882, La Sagrada Familia is Barcelona's ringleader in the fantastic architectural circus created in the Catalan capital by its famous sons: Gaudi, Picasso and Miro.   My first time in Barcelona several years ago was o...
If you are wondering which words or phrases get you the most bang for your dollars, wait no more!  Simply go to Google Labs Suggest, type in the words or phrases you are considering and see EXACTLY how many visitors type in those key words or phrases.    You can use that information and custom ta...
I've been bit by the rabid super MeMe bug.  Ouch!  I feel it, Rich, right on my left cheek... and I don't mean my face!!!  Comply with the request I must, so here it goes (I remember doing this in grade school, only with a different Q & A):   Who is your favorite musical artist?   It changes all ...
05/29/2008 One listing website courtesy of Lovely picture courtesy of Putting it all together:  The Mestro...   Myrtle Beach Real Estate by Mirela Monte *Tutorial:  1.  Go to Real and create a flyer.  It's free.  You can uplo...
Q:  What does one potato chip say to another?  A:  "Are you free-to-lay?"   Q:  What's the difference between a terrorist and a woman who's PMS'ing? A:  You can negotiate with the terrorist.   Q:  What does a Jewish American Princess make for dinner? A:  Reservations.   I need some more Q & A's. ...
If you had the money, which one would you pick?   When I was "economically strapped" (in my youth and with two kids in tow), I used to practice the art of "make believe shopping".  I would diligently select exactly what I wanted from mail order magazines (the right size, color, etc); I would look...
"This mole looks angry". That's what the dermatologist said, as she talked me into having an innocent, little birth mark removed from my left cheek (no, not on my face, the other left cheek...).   I reluctantly agreed to the procedure, which, by the way, was no cake walk (translation: IT HURT!). ...


Myrtle Beach Real Estate
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