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     After an evening out with my girlfriends, I entered the freeway heading home.  There was my ex-boyfriend on the billboard advertising himself (he's an attorney here).  I've seen his billboards around town, and never paid much attention to them, but tonight he just stood out.     Not even 5 ...
   Yesterday I had dinner with a girlfriend who got hurt in love several years ago, and she swears that she'll never hurt like that again and she won't allow herself to get that close to anyone still.     This evening I had drinks with a new girlfriend, who at 32 has never had a great love.  She...
Can you guess how old the woman right beside me is (second one from the right)?  She is 47 years old.  She looks like she is still in her twenties.  I couldn't believe it when I saw her last year; she looked ten years younger than when I saw her last, which was one year prior.  I begged her to te...
We try to subjugate the body to perform by beating or shaming it into submission, but just as the horse smacked into going fast, has to slow down after the race, so does the body.  Loving your body for the wonderful, amazing machine that it is, whether you are 10 pounds over your desired weight ...
George Tallabas became a Grandfather this week.  His daughter Amanda delivered a beautiful and healthy baby girl named Alexis.  George is ecstatic; his baby girl now HAS a baby girl!    Although George does not look old enough to be a grandfather, he relishes his new title and can talk about noth...
I don't have time to write a blog this morning.  My plate is full to the max.  There is too much going on and my three assistants would kill me if they knew I was doing this right now.  I just couldn't wait to share this with you!  It is too urgent and too important.  Do yourself a big favor and ...
     It's never too late to follow your dreams...    Union Break...    P Stop...    Now you know...    United Federal Highway Workers Union...   You always knew Grandma was up to NO good when out with her girlfriends...    Now you know...  THAT'S what that was!    Military cutbacks...    And YOU ...
I'm terrified; I'm going to the hairdresser tomorrow, first time in over a year!  I finally worked up enough courage to make an appointment with someone who came highly recommended, so I think I'm going tomorrow (unless I lose my courage again and reschedule).  Why am I so terrified of hairdresse...
We've all had them.  You do something so stupid you just want to go hide under a rock...  for a gazillion years... "So when are you expecting", I once asked a bank teller. "I'm not pregnant!" was the answer. Go hide under a rock moment...    "Your mother is so lovely", I once complimented a man....
Both of my children were "surprises".   They are still surprising me with the breadth of feelings they engender in me.  Without a doubt, they have made me a better human being.  They are both the Sun my Earth orbits around AND the nucleus of my being.  The experience of being a mother has been bo...


Myrtle Beach Real Estate
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