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Dubai has long fascinated me.  My love of architecture has drawn me to this place like a moth attracted to a light bulb.  I can't help myself; Dubai speaks to me!    A mere stretch of sand in the eighties, Dubai is now one of the most enticing architectural marvels on the face of this planet.  Co...
All I can say is:  God has a sense of humor!    I am the most "improvisational" person I know.  They have other words for people like me:  Bohemian lifestyle, leader, non-conformist, etc.  I've always just followed my own heart, regardless of how "popular" that route was.  It never bothered me to...
OK, Gary, you won again!  You tied with Doug, John and Debbie.    I posted two separate blogs asking members to predict when AR will turn 100,000 points - 99,433... When Will Active Rain be 100,000 Members Strong? Make Your Predictions Here: One blog had 32 comments; the other one had only 18.  ...
Sara is inches away from attaining her goal.  She is turning 50 today and she  is only 1,800 points away from 50,000 points.   Her goal was to achieve the 50,000 points status by her 50th Birthday.  She is so-o-o close, and yet no cigar, unless she posts 9 more blogs TODAY.     I will send her a ...
Congratulations for your huge accomplishment!   We are now over 100,000 members strong.   Matt and Jonathan, congratulations!  2008 has been a stellar year.   Thank you for a fine organization!  You are true visionaries!   Here is an interesting article I found about our organizat...
My goal was to garner 100,000 points by the time Active Rain touched the magic number of 100,000 members.     AR finally achieved the 100,000 member status and I have 108,732 points!  Done!    The second part of my goal was to have at least 100 members in the Optimist Group.  We now have 140 mem...
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Gratitude is so extraordinarily important in ANY relationship.   Showing your appreciation goes a long way...  Just leaving a card on the table with a heartfelt message of appreciation goes a long way.  I use this a lot with all my relationships.  I leave my assistant an appreciation card with a...
07/25/2008 is the site a lot of the top bloggers here on AR seem to be using for their illustrations and pictures.  It's free; you just have to create your profile.    Playing around in "The Bucket", I noticed several "moving pictures" and started tooling around with them.      Here is how ...


Myrtle Beach Real Estate
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