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As a kid growing us in Eastern Europe, I used to make snowmen in the front yard every winter.   For those of you who have never made a snow man, here is how you do it:  you take a bit of snow in your hands, you pack it into a small ball of snow, then you take that ball and roll it around in the ...
Myrtle Beach Real Estate Investors - Important Questions to Ask:     •1.     What are the HOA monthly dues?  In the Myrtle Beach area, monthly HOA/POA fees (Homeowners Association Fees) for Oceanfront Condos vary greatly:  from the low $ 100's per month to thousands of dollars per month.   •2.   ...
I have an idea:  why don't we invite some agents from other continents and other countries to join AR?    Terry Kuehn's article about the World Real Estate Market:  "Ireland, Spain, Australia and Britain all beat us" inspired this idea.    I recently wrote a blog entitled:  "Show us Your Market!...
WOW!  Incredible!  I am floored!   A few months ago I helped a foreign family settle here.  They needed the help; they were in a bad situation and I helped.   I didn't even think twice; it just needed to be done and I did it.    Within a few weeks they both had jobs, social security numbers and ...
I am - LUCKY! I think - PEOPLE ARE BASICALLY GOOD, even when they have momentary "hick-ups"... I can - DREAM BIG AND THEN MAKE IT COME TRUE. I want - TO LIVE FULLY.  I have- THE MOST AMAZING KIDS.  I am in awe of them and I've learnt so much from them! I wish - I COULD LIVE 150 YEARS IN GOOD HEA...
•1.     There is never a need to raise your voice here; nobody else does. •2.     S  L  O  W  down your tempo;  no one else is in any hurry. •3.     "We'll get to it, when we get to it", means just that.  It may be tomorrow or next week, or even next month...  •4.     Borrow a second name; as in...
  10 homes have been sold at the Grande Dunes this year.   The least expensive home sold at the Grande Dunes this year was originally priced at $795,000 and sold in April for $625,000.  It was a two year old, 3BR/2.5BA, 3,600 sq. ft. home.  It had been on the market for 275 days.   The most expen...
10 Reasons to Visit Myrtle Beach:     •1.     The sand is white and fine. •2.     The Atlantic is warm here. •3.     It is sunny most of the time.  When it rains, it usually doesn't last long •4.     People are so friendly and nice.  No one is in a hurry.  The only "finger" you'll get here is the...
It is widely practiced in Europe.  It is the standard course of treatment in Great Britain.  It's finally catching on in the states.    Known as "Sublingual Immunotherapy", it is easy to administer (daily drops under your tongue), safer and much more effective than the allergy injections.   In h...
  Maybe it's because I'm the mother of a son I cherish.  Maybe it's because I'm the mother of a son who is currently serving in the military.  Maybe it's because I've only visited it after dusk.  There are lots of maybes, but one thing is for sure:   Never have I encountered a more emotional mon...


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