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Yes, you heard it right.  A nice little "efficiency" (studio) was sold in November at Baywatch Resort, a lovely Oceanfront Three Tower Complex, only 3-4 years old, with plenty of amenities like lazy rivers, indoor, outdoor pools, gym, Jacuzzis, saunas, the works.  The condo may not have been in t...
The Savvy Investors:             Can pull the trigger very quickly.  The procrastinators are always the same people who say: "I wish I had bought..."             Make educated decisions, not allowing emotion to enter into the equation.  The figures either add up, or they don't.   ...And unlike st...
EXTRA...  EXTRA...  YOU GOT IT HERE FIRST...  If you've been waiting for just the right time to delve into the Real Estate market in Myrtle Beach, wait no more!  With the myriad of choices, depressed prices, willing sellers and extra low interest rates, now is the time to start seriously hunting ...
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I have never sold a Foreclosure, but I've had several Short sales (I'm usually successful at stopping foreclosures).  Does anyone know of the pitfalls of purchasing an actual Foreclosure?  Doesn't the Buyer inherit all liens on the property, including the tax liens?  How about inspections?  Doesn...
I don't know about you, but this really gets to me: having to give my sellers the BAD NEWS!   I shudder when the Seller says: "I bought it last year or the year before, and I really need to sell it now!"  Ouch!Upside down almost every time...  bring a lot of money to closing or find other avenues...
The media is disseminating such a dismal point of view of our current Real Estate market and a lot of agents are up at arms about it.  What do you expect for 50 cents?Journalists are not analysts.   In the Myrtle Beach area it took them about six months to deduce the shift in our market.  I caugh...
THANK YOU FOR YOU KIND SUPPORT, THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!  I am so GRATEFUL for Active Rain and for all my friends here!  I have been a member since the end of September.  During this time I have garnered so much EXTRAORDINARY information.  I don't know how to thank all of you for such amazing con...
We have a great gadget on our website, at that will help you determine the current value of your home.  Just click on the "Home Price Index", a tab located on the left side of the screen.  It is very user friendly; just put in the name, address, zip code, etc.  It ...


Myrtle Beach Real Estate
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