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Crescent Keyes in North Myrtle Beach SC   This two year old Oceanfront Condo project located in the Crescent Beach Section of North Myrtle Beach, has all the views and amenities desired by a very selective Buyer.   With around 100 condos in the building, superb water amenities, indoor/outdoor poo...
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The move up buyer is well served by this market. Here is my explanation: If the prices are down 20% and your client is selling a $100,000 home and buying a $300,000 home, your buyer would be well advised to sell NOW.  Here is why: That $100,000 home at 20% off is $80,000.  The client loses $20,0...
  I talked to one of my ex-Sellers today.  He said: "The condo is yours, if you want to sell it Mirela!"  "Thanks Joe, but you'd have to reduce it by about $100,000", I said.  This actually occurred earlier today.   I have let go of all the overpriced listings and I've asked my sellers to just ke...
What Can $100,000 Buy Me Oceanfront in Myrtle Beach?   How about a 2BR/2Ba at The Palms?  During the past 3 months a two bedroom, two bath unit sold there for a mere $ 107,500.   For only $125,000, you could step it up a few notches with a top of the line 1BR/1Ba oceanfront condo at Baywatch Reso...
We currently have 474 homes on the market with price tags of over a million dollars.  Of these homes, only 25 have been sold in the past three months.   That represents only 5.27% of available inventory, or 1.75% per month.  At this rate, it will be almost 5 years before we sell out of the curren...
  If you keep waiting for just the right time, you may never begin.  Begin now!  Begin where you are, with what you are.   You'll learn more about a road by traveling it than by consulting all the maps in the world.   The further up the hill you climb, the more you can see.   Myrtle Beach Homes b...
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