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9-6 #1 again I read a great article the other day on Inman News called ‘The Myth of the Million-Dollar Producer, Label Holds Little Value for Consumers’ by Scott Einbinder. It put me in mind of a discussion we had at the California Association of Realtors a few years back with mega-broker John L...
  Today is the beginning of the rest of your life. This is the youngest you will ever be.  Life is short.  Live it well!  The Optimist Group Members seize the Light; they embrace the funny, the meaningful.  They share stories, experiences and recipes for success.  They don't whine about the probl...
It is my pleasure and honor to support Heather's most meaningful gift, the gift of life.  Please help her achieve her goal!  Heather, your magnanimity moves me!  If ever I lose faith, I'll just think of you; you will always be a source of inspiration for me!  May God bless you both and soon you'...
  Welcome to Active Rain!    Here are some great sources of information for you, courtesy of the Optimist Group:   10 Best Blogging Tips:    Do you want to know the secrets to success on Active Rain?    All You Ever Wanted To Know About Marketing, But Were Afraid To Ask:    3 Ways To Reach Your A...
Staging certainly helps any home.  The million dollar home, with its specialized client, absolutely demands it.  I've always enjoyed reading Melissa's posts.  She is outstanding in her field and always has good information. Myrtle Beach Million Dollar Homes by Mirela Monte                       J...
  You have to check this out -- You can now add photo notes to the bottom of your photos to tell the reader what they are looking at and the notes are below the photo and not on top of like a MLS watermark. This Web site is really cute and I know you're going to have a ton of fun with it! This si...
With over 122,000 members on board, Active Rain has become quite a Force.  I recently ventured into the "States" section, curious to see where our members come from.    I was not surprised to find that California had the most members, 18,113 to be exact.  Florida came in second with 13,884 membe...
  B is for bloggingSomeone asked me yesterday in a comment on a blog I wrote how I changed the size and color of the fonts.  There are several ways to do this.  But I really only know one way - and I learned about it a few months ago on Active Rain. Isn't AR great!! (Thanks to Candis Hidalgo.) C...
Wow!  I want it! Santa Baby, will you get it for me? Myrtle Beach Million Dollar Homes by Mirela Monte             Join MILLION DOLLAR HOMES and post blogs about your Million Dollar Listings OR statistics about the Million Dollar Market in your Area! INFO: Finally, a down...
Now, THIS is a PRESENTATION!!! Fred Light just set the bar much higher for the rest of us.  Let me know what you think of it, please! You'll find this and several other Fred Light video presentations on the MILLION DOLLAR HOMESGroup's Board.   If you want to garner Million Dollar Homes Listings,...


Myrtle Beach Real Estate
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