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This letter from our NAR President was in my e-mail box today.  Just in case you missed it, I would like to attract your attention to it.   If we don't fight this, our uphill battle will intensify even further.  We are now 137,000 members strong.  Surely, we can organize and take action on this! ...
    Upon first encountering the term "blogging" I sincerely believed it was a dirty word.   I thought the same thing about "Shagging" until I moved to South Carolina and found out that it was merely a dance.  Aah, the difference between British English and American Southern!   Now the number one ...
  Most kids garner their education from schools.  The typical curriculum of English, math, history, geography, chemistry, anatomy, etc. is followed, but are our kids ready for the Real World armed with such perfunctory education?   Here are some subjects I thought we could add to the list mention...
  The Absorption Rate is the ability of the real estate market to sell off all of the houses that are for sale. For example, if 100 homes are sold every month and there are 1200 homes for sale then it will take 12 months to sell all of those homes. If there are 2400 homes for sale then the absor...
    Absorption rate calculations seem to be shrouded in mystery, like a secret code one must work hard to break into.  People tend to complicate things.  I never understood the value of scratching above your right ear with your left arm wrapped around your head to get to that sweet spot...  Here'...
Located in the French Basque territory, with Basque flags and symbols still prevalent throughout Biarritz, this charming Seaside Resort in Southwestern France is only a few miles from the border with Spain, on the Atlantic coast.   We arrived there at dusk and were immediately swept off our feet...
  What a delightful blog Bob wrote!  I felt like I was touring Taipei right alongside him.  His pictures capture the moments ever so eloquently and complete a great description of a day in Taipei.  Please don't comment here.  Instead please go to Bob's Blog and give him your comments!  Let's enco...
    It's Sunday morning service at the neighborhood church.  All of a sudden, the front doors swing open with a big bolt of thunder and the Devil descends upon the congregation.  Everyone starts screaming and running away.  All, except for a little, old man, who sits in his pew as if nothing is ...
    I remember the good ol' days when the discrepancy between the Buyer's offer and the Seller's asking price was measured by mere thousands of dollars, signifying 1%-2% of the property's value.  That disparity was like a little puddle of water we used to quickly and easily jump over and put the ...
    I wanted something last year.  I wanted it badly.  I studied everything I could get my hands on regarding the subject at hand.  This goal was on the back of my mind every day and I was learning something new about it every chance I had.  AR was instrumental in that regard.   It took a lot of ...


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