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  With all the hoopla about how bad our Real Estate Market is, we forget that: •1.     Everyone needs a roof over their head. •2.     People get transferred, they move, they marry, they divorce, they die.  Each major life event triggers a possible Real Estate Transaction.   If a listing is priced...
Last night, the U.S. House of Representative passed H.R. 1, the Economic Recovery Package, by a 244 to 188 vote. The bill contains a number of issues critical to REALTORS® and the industry, including the extension, until the end of 2009, of all Metropolitan Statistical Area's (MSA's) 2008 Fannie ...
    A friend of mine makes poor choices, then he incessantly beats himself up about it.  He has bouts of depression and a pattern of self-loathing, followed by making the very same mistakes all over again.   We talked about his pattern: •1.     Doing the wrong thing. •2.     Beating himself up ab...
My first read of the morning was Myrtle Beach Hotels see slow start , a blog about the Myrtle Beach Rental Market being severely depressed.   Good morning to you too!!!   I re-blogged the post and started getting comments from my fellow Rainers.  Someone asked about Biker Week and how it wasn't ...
Myrtle Beach Hotels on the Oceanfront and those around Broadway at the Beach are seeing a slow start to Summer rentals.  With the economic reversals of Fall 2008,  Myrtle Beach experienced a slow end to rentals in the period that ran from October through December as well. "We have seen a soft beg...
  Asking price:  $167,432 on a Bank Owned property in an oceanfront building where similar listings are still priced at over $200K.  My investor client asked me to put in a bid for $125,000.  The bank approved it.  SOLD!   Asking price on a short sale:  $190,000 in an Oceanfront building where s...
  It doesn't matter what you need.  What matters is what the market commands.  If you need to sell your property for $250,000 and the current comps for similar properties indicate a value of $168,000, you need to price yours at $165,000.  It doesn't matter if your home is the nicest one in the d...
Villa Firenze at The Grande Dunes - Market Report - Sold Villas in the last 6 months:   Summary Statistics   High Low Average Median List Price: $889,000 $759,000 $809,300 $779,900 Sold Price: $660,000 $509,500 $568,166 $535,000    ADDRESS  Sale/Rent  BR  EstSqFtUR  Total SQFT  DOM  List Price  ...
North Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Homes sold in the last two quarters of 2008:    RESIDENTIAL Summary Statistics    High Low Average Median List Price: $1,500,000 $995,000 $1,298,475 $1,349,450 Sold Price: $1,500,000 $905,000 $1,095,000 $987,500     ADDRESS  Area  BR  Appx Age  Total SQFT  List Pric...
  Congratulations!  You're getting married.  Staying with the times, you decide to keep your last name and just add his to it.  If your last name is BEST and his last name is LAY, please don't hyphenate!   If your last name is BUSH and his last name is RASH, please don't hyphenate!      If your l...


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