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How To Use Your Active Rain Blog To Get Listings! There are many ways in which agents use their Active Rain blogs for buyers, like in relocation packages and email alerts. Since our focus is on getting listings and Bob Stewart has this contest going on about how we share our Active Rain blog to b...
  How has your job changed in the past couple of years?   My business card says Realtor Broker, but my job entails so much more nowadays: I am a social worker, general contractor, psychologist, loss mitigator, asset preservation specialist, credit counselor, short sale specialist, reo specialist,...
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Foreclosures increased over 80% in 2008.  The figures are no less scary in 2009: The foreclosure rates in several states were up significantly lately: Arizona was up 36.1% for September.   Florida was not far behind with a 29.67% increase, followed by:  Texas 24.38%,  Michigan 18.22% and Califor...
  Facebook is the world's largest social network. Disregarding this, people share all kinds of information on Facebook without thinking about who's seeing it or what effect their comments and pictures might have on them in the future. One study revealed 30% of employers use Facebook to vet job ap...
Will the bank accept your lousy offer?  Let’s re-iterate the facts:   1.     This is a Buyers’ Market. 2.     There are plenty of Distressed Properties to choose from. 3.     A qualified Buyer (one who is buying in cash OR is pre-approved for a loan) is worth his weight in gold, or brick, sort o...
Not advertising your open house is just like having a party and not inviting anyone.  Why bother?  Pull out a calendar and SCHEDULE your open houses.  PLAN for them.  And, most important of all, ADVERTISE them!  Make sure when you advertise, you also add directions that are easy to follow - (not ...
  I've been doing a lot of Short Sales for the past couple of years.  I've done short sales on and off through the years, before the term "short sale" had even been coined.  We used to call it "upside down mortgage".  It was an infrequent occurrence.  I was good at it because I really wanted to h...
My father used to caution us kids against consumerism: “Look around you; most people never have enough money.  When they make two dollars, they spend four.  Me and your mom, when we make two dollars we spend 10 cents.” I must admit that daddy’s teachings went against what I learnt in school.  Ou...


Myrtle Beach Real Estate
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