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  Requiem for a lost Ocean     While our Government is refusing to take over the clean-up in the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, leaving the Criminal in charge of the crime scene, countless Lives are lost and indeed our very survival is at stake.   For now, these few images of victims are all we have. ...
    Clearwater Florida BP Oil Spill Protest   About three dozen people protested against BP and the Oil Spill Crisis in front of a BP Station in Clearwater Florida today (5/31).    Waving homemade signs saying things like:  “BP stands for Bad People”, the protesters were calling for a boycott of ...
Los Angeles BP Oil Spill Protest Friday Night (5/28) ended up in violence:           BP=Biological Predator
BP=Biological Predator
  BP’s Lies and Deception and its Devouring of the Louisiana Coast     Listen to these Fishermen who are now part of the Clean-up operation.  This short video gives you a glimpse into the tragedy. "What’s happening down here is going to be way worse than Katrina.  Katrina just came and wiped out ...
  The New Orleans Protest Against BP and The Government’s paralysis in the oil spill crisis started in New Orleans’ French Quarter at 1pm today.  In spite of the rain, cheering crowds showed up with signs, yet major media was absent.  In exasperation, several of the protesters Tweeted:  Where are...
Here is a remarkable solution to the oil spill problem.   The ROC Barrier seems to work beautifully.   Why hasn't it been employed to contain the oil in the Gulf yet?   There are many other viable solutions that have been presented, but not yet employ...
IMPORTANT SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Oil Spill Crisis Map: Grass Roots Mapping: We're helping citizens to use balloons, kites, and other simple and inexpensive tools to produce their own aerial imagery of the spill… documentation that will be essential for envir...
  In the past 40 days we have been exposed to BP Lingo, terms never before encountered.   Just in case you’re still scratching your head, trying to figure it all out, here is some help: "Top Kill" - A technique used to kill everything on TOP of the ocean using chemical dispersants that cause the ...
  In an unprecedented move, the Plaquemines Parish council today may vote to defy federal regulators and fund the money for the construction of an unapproved sand berm, to protect the coast from the Gulf oil slick. Parish President Billy Nungesser says he's ready to go to jail, if he has to.When ...


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