myrtle beach homes: Important TARP funds targeted for homeowners have not been released - 04/21/12 09:12 AM
  Only 3 percent of the $7.6 billion in TARP funds that are targeted for troubled homeowners facing foreclosure have been spent, according to a report by the Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Fund. The Hardest Hit Fund was created in 2010 to help struggling homeowners, but the Treasury Department has failed to distribute the vast majority of the money in the last two years due to "a lack of comprehensive planning," the report said. Read More:  Important TARP funds targeted for homeowners have not been released  

myrtle beach homes: AR JOKESTER: Funny Politics... You May Skip The Blog, But READ THE COMMENTS!!! - 10/08/08 11:39 AM





The above graph was conceptualized by the very same outfit supplying Congress financial figures for the bailout...


As many of you know, I was born and raised in a communist country, where this blog would have cost me my freedom.    We laugh about our politicians and their antics, but we forget how lucky we are to be able to do that...   Are you registered to vote?   As Realtors and citizens, we should be involved in Politics on more than just a perfunctory level.  We … (110 comments)

myrtle beach homes: Greetings From Sunny Myrtle Beach! - 05/04/08 04:07 PM
I am the luckiest girl in the World:  I live in Myrtle Beach, SC!  My office is walking distance to the Beach, my home is mere minutes away. 

Today we packed some snacks and refreshments in our cooler, an umbrella, a few towels and off we went.  My daughter Amanda, her best friend Ivy and I laid out on the warm sand all day long.  We listened to music, talked, played and frolicked in the Atlantic.  Summer is already here. 

There was a light breeze in the air; the water was so blue and enticing.   What a … (17 comments)

myrtle beach homes: To My Real Estate Agent: I Don't Owe You A Commission Because: - 03/17/08 04:03 PM
•1.                  You sold my home too fast!
•2.                  I don't think you need the money.  You are too well dressed and your car is too fancy.
•3.                  I think you are overpaid.  You only spent three days with us.  We decided to negotiate directly with the Sellers.
•4.                  It took you too long to bring me an offer.
•5.                  We are not making enough money from the sale and think you should cut your commission.
•6.                  We don't like the picture of our home you posted on the cover of that magazine.
•7.                  You inconvenienced us by showing the home too many times.
•8.                  The Buyers' offer was … (21 comments)

myrtle beach homes: Divorce And Real Estate - 03/11/08 07:20 AM
It occurred to me recently that I have inadvertently developed another niche for myself:  "Divorce Realty".   Don't laugh, I can explain!
Having failed miserably at, not one, but two marriages, I am perhaps the least likely to pass judgment on the demise of a marriage and the most likely to navigate successfully over the sea of unfortunate details inherent in such endeavor. 
I divorced successfully the second time (I guess practice makes perfect...).  What is a successful divorce, you ask?  Many people do not believe that "successful" and "divorce" can co-exist in the same paragraph, let alone the same sentence.  I beg … (24 comments)

myrtle beach homes: Waterfall, An Impressive Neighborhood in Little River, SC - 02/27/08 03:46 PM
It's hard keeping a poker face on when visiting the Waterfall subdivision in Little River.  All your face wants to do is smile from ear to ear.  It's hard not to, this neighborhood is that beautiful! These concept homes are unique in every way, with beautiful lines, all brick construction, lots of unusual windows and architectural details.   Innovative designs by the famous Daryl Crawford, a master designer who has created the most beautiful homes here at the beach in the most popular high end subdivisions: Prince Creek, Tidewater, River Hills, Heather Lakes, Seaside Plantation and many others. Each home has several … (4 comments)

myrtle beach homes: 10 Bad Habits To Acquire as a New Real Estate Agent: - 02/27/08 01:08 PM
1.  When leads call, answer ALL their questions about the property.  Make sure you describe the home down to the most minute details.  Talk at length about the pink tile in the foyer.  Don't bother taking a name and number, why should you?  If they are interested in the home they will call you.  They sound like such nice folks, and you know that if they say they'll call you, they certainly will.
2.  When a lead wants to see one of your company's listings, promptly drop everything and go show it.
3.   Never qualify your buyers!  I mean, they wouldn't be looking … (23 comments)

myrtle beach homes: Congrats AR! Today We Are Over 70,000 Members Strong! When Will We Reach 100,000? - 02/07/08 11:27 AM
I don't know how many of you have noticed that today we are showing over 70,000 members.  I remember that number was only in the 40's when I joined four-five months ago.  At the rate we're going we'll see 100,000 members in just a few short months. 
I've made many invitations, how about you? Some of them end up in spam boxes, some I accomplish right away.  So far 12 of my friends have accepted: Realtors, builders, investors, appraisers, mortgage brokers.  I love AR and I feel I'm doing them a huge … (26 comments)

myrtle beach homes: What I've Learned From My Rich Clients: - 01/28/08 04:10 PM
The Savvy Investors:
            Can pull the trigger very quickly.  The procrastinators are always the same people who say: "I wish I had bought..."
            Make educated decisions, not allowing emotion to enter into the equation.  The figures either add up, or they don't.   ...And unlike stocks and corporations' reports, they are public and accurate.  That is quite an advantage!
            Understand that there is a money element in time (time is money).  Sellers are much more likely to relent on the price, if the time element is there (cash deal, no contingencies, urgent offer, etc).           
            They Have Their … (46 comments)

myrtle beach homes: Have You Seen That "I Love Lucy!" Episode? - 01/26/08 02:03 PM
Where she is working in the chocolate factory and the assembly line starts going faster and faster and she tries to cope with the increasing speed.  She starts by neatly organizing the candy in the boxes, carefully placing each morsel.  As the speed increases, she copes with it by shoving the candy in the boxes by the handful and when the speed is increased yet again, she starts stashing it in her shirt and her mouth.  It was a hilarious episode that had the audience in stitches.  
That was me this week.  Activity here is at a feverish pitch.  Frenzied "looking"; … (11 comments)

myrtle beach homes: What Are The Risks Of Buying Foreclosures? - 01/18/08 02:40 AM
I have never sold a Foreclosure, but I've had several Short sales (I'm usually successful at stopping foreclosures). 
Does anyone know of the pitfalls of purchasing an actual Foreclosure?  Doesn't the Buyer inherit all liens on the property, including the tax liens? 
How about inspections?  Doesn't the Buyer buy "as is", no inspections, no contingencies? 
If you have bought or sold a foreclosure, and/or have facilitated one, could you please share your experience? 
I'm getting pretty good at short sales, with the help of a short sales facilitator.  I found a good one; a rep that actually had a foreclosure herself … (17 comments)

myrtle beach homes: I Liked My Job A Lot Better Before... - 01/17/08 03:48 PM
I don't know about you, but this really gets to me: having to give my sellers the BAD NEWS!   I shudder when the Seller says: "I bought it last year or the year before, and I really need to sell it now!"  Ouch!
Upside down almost every time...  bring a lot of money to closing or find other avenues to deal with the problem. 
If I go easy on the Seller and let him push me into a higher listing price, I live to regret it every time, for if I am not aggressive enough now and get it sold, it will … (17 comments)

myrtle beach homes: AR, I LOVE YOU! My 100-th Blog: - 01/15/08 06:10 AM
THANK YOU FOR YOU KIND SUPPORT, THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!  I am so GRATEFUL for Active Rain and for all my friends here!  I have been a member since the end of September.  During this time I have garnered so much EXTRAORDINARY information.  I don't know how to thank all of you for such amazing contributions to this organization and to our business as a whole.  
My team has accused me of being "Addicted" to AR, and I have to confess there may be some truth to that!   I have "rationed" my AR time, otherwise I would be in trouble... … (29 comments)

myrtle beach homes: Why Land, Why Now? - 01/12/08 12:35 PM
Our stagnant market has duly impacted the building industry.  This week KB Home, a leading home builder that investors have viewed as well-positioned to ride out the downturn, posted a net loss of $ 772.7 million for the quarter ended Nov. 30. 
Centex, Lennar, Beazer, DR Horton...  they are all hurting and they are all relinquishing their hold on countless land opportunities.  Those are the powerhouses of the building industry.  The small town builders, with less sophisticated modus operandi have been impacted even more severely. 
With spec homes lingering on the market for many months, in areas bulging with Real Estate inventory, … (15 comments)

myrtle beach homes: The Puppy Went Back To South Carolina... - 01/09/08 02:12 PM
The Puppy Went Back to South Carolina....
He thought he was cute.   He thought he was waving his best hello to his AR friends in NY.  He wanted to say "Hi!  I'm a South Carolina Puppy visiting you here on Localism, New York".   He went to Bayside, Brooklyn, Flushing, Mahopac, Plattsburgh and he thought he was doing real well looking so dapper and waving so pretty.    
Poor little puppy, he never expected such an uproar. ..  He never meant to ruffle any feathers.  He just wanted to wave to his friends and say "Hello! I like you!  I want to put a smile … (4 comments)

myrtle beach homes: I'm Easy! Are You? - 01/08/08 10:49 AM
Some Agents don't realize just how important being well liked is, in this business. 
We all know of agents who are difficult to deal with and their career is adversely impacted by not having their listings shown as often... 
In this business we all need each other.  Being kind, professional, courteous and supporting each other goes a long way in this business.  I know that when there is so much inventory to show, and the Buyer's agent has to make a decision between my listing and another agent's, my listing WILL get shown.  Being well known as the "easy to work with" … (14 comments)

myrtle beach homes: Mr. & Mrs. Buyer: Here Is What You Need To Do In Order To Work With Me: - 01/08/08 09:26 AM
•1.     Apply as a potential Buyer either by phone or e-mail. 
•2.     I will INTERVIEW you at length.  I will do this without ANY distractions.  I will ask you a lot of questions and I will take notes.
•3.     We will communicate by phone and e-mail several times.
•4.     You will get prequalified by a good lender, who will tell both of us what price range we need to stay in.
•5.     We will meet in my office and have a good FINAL INTERVIEW.  At that time, I will ask you to sign an Exclusive Right To Buy Agreement, which makes me your sole Agent.  If … (21 comments)

myrtle beach homes: 2008 - The Year of The Deal - Your Predictions Please ! - 01/01/08 02:41 AM
•1.                 List to Subsist.  Reduce to Produce.  Hone your listing skills, or learn to live with less.  70+% of the agents in my market have not had a single sale this entire year.  They were the order takers of yesteryear, who made money because they showed up.   
Working with Buyers is very time consuming.  With tons of expireds, all you have to do is practice, practice, practice listing.  The more you do that, the better you'll be at it. 
Ask the Seller for a price reduction at least once … (16 comments)

myrtle beach homes: 2008 - Be Good To YOURSELF ! - 12/31/07 03:22 PM

Happy New Year!  Appreciate what you have! Enjoy your health! Spend time with the ones you love! Do your best.  Give yourself a break when you fail! WHEN you break your new year's resolution don't consider it a failure; it is only a MOMENTARY set-back.   Get back on track tomorrow!   Your Myrtle Beach Real Estate Connection, Mirela Monte Join The Optimist!  

myrtle beach homes: I'm Overspending My Advertising Budget Again This Year; I Can't Afford Not To... - 12/29/07 12:04 PM
I am considering sinking another $ 1,000+ into front page placement on  I currently own two featured listings for this area and they are getting plenty of hits and a decent amount of leads. 
How many of you are using the Featured Listings vehicle, and have you found another advertising venue that garners you better results for about the same cost? 
Where should I put my money?   The Real Estate Book, Homes & Land, the Local Newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, Google optimization, web enhancement, web design, … (185 comments)

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