real estate sales: Are U a 10? - 10/30/07 04:19 AM
Have you checked your ratings lately?  If not, you may be hurting your career and not even know it.   The all knowing CONSUMER is constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve.  Inquiring minds want to know, and they use the Internet to do so.  A number of services rating all professionals from attorneys to doctors, to, yes, Realtors, have been springing up all over the Web. 
Savvy consumers peruse these sites before they call the needed professionals, and it would behoove you to stay ahead of the curve.  Acquaint yourself with these sites and make sure your ratings are satisfactory.  … (10 comments)

real estate sales: PLEASE HELP!! - 10/11/07 02:57 PM
I have clients who bought a pre-construction condo at the 2005 price of $ 270,000.  They put a substantial deposit of about $ 40K, and waited for the concrete and steel oceanfront building to be erected. 
It's now October 2007, and the building is finally finished.  They were notified that they needed to go to close and they called me to see what they could get for the unit.  Unfortunately for them, the current fair market price for similar units in the Myrtle Beach Area is only around $ 160,000 - $ 170,000.
They conferred with several attorneys and they were told … (19 comments)

real estate sales: Little River, SC, sales activity in single family homes during the month of August, 2007 - 10/10/07 03:51 PM
Little River, SC, sales activity in single family homes during the month of August, 2007:
Sales price                                           Number of homes sold
$ 100,000 - $ 150,000                         0         
$ 150,000 - $ 200,000                         17       
$ 200,000 - $ 300,000                         14
$ 300,000 - $ 400,000                         3
$ 400,000 - $ 500,000                         1
$ 500,000 - $ 10,000,000                    0         

real estate sales: Yes, Mr. Seller: you should have accepted $ 175,000 !!! - 10/08/07 11:50 AM

I re-listed a condo today.  The Seller agreed to drop the price yet one more time - to $ 139,900 (from the original price of $ 229,900!!!)   As he was signing the listing agreement, the Seller mused: "I should have accepted that offer of $ 175,000!"  Yes, Mr. Seller you should have accepted $ 175,000!  Too late now...  Hind sight is 20/20...  Could I have done more to impress upon him how good that $ 175,000 offer was?   I bring figures.  I bring stats.  I try to paint the most accurate picture.  Still, some people just don't listen... Lately I … (13 comments)

real estate sales: Are we doing anything to help with foreclosures? - 10/05/07 02:05 PM
These trying times provide us with a unique opportunity to show our true colors.  As a group, Real Estate Practitioners can be that much needed "lifeline" for people adversely impacted by the lending industry's debacle. 
A few years ago I went through Hell trying to stop this young family's foreclosure.  I literally spent dozens of hours on the phone, trying everything in order to stop the foreclosure.  In the end it paid off: I succeeded.  I will never forget that phone call I received from my client.  It still sends chills up my spine to this day.  It was hard to … (7 comments)

real estate sales: Listing Agents In La-La Land... - 10/04/07 03:44 PM
Maybe it's because my father had a PhD in Economics, and made statistics and reading patterns rendered by numbers into a game I enjoyed playing as a kid, maybe it's intuitive deduction; whatever the reason, numbers speak to me and always have. 
In 2004 and 2005, I understood that supply and demand created unnaturally high pricing on our oceanfront condos, and I was among the first ones to service a long stream of "flippers", as I called them, investors who bought low and sold high.  I've made them amazing returns.  What a feast that was... 
In 2006 I recognized a new … (1 comments)

real estate sales: Myrtle Beach Real Estate Sales - 2007 Third Quarter - 10/04/07 08:23 AM
Myrtle Beach Area Real Estate Sales - Third Quarter, 2007
Active Listings:                       22,251
Sold in the past 3 months:      2,353
* 10.57%  of the available listings sold in the past 3 months.
Active Listings:                       6,489  
Sold in the past 3 months:      1,170
* 18.03% of the available listings sold in the past 3 months.
* Least expensive home available: $ 15,000 for a 2BR/1Ba, 41+ yr old single family home in Mullins on a quarter acre lot. 
* Most expensive home:  $ 26,500,000 for a 15,500 sq. ft, 41 room, 5 yr. old mansion on 230 acres, with several adjunct buildings, and it's own 17 acre, … (3 comments)

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