leverage: Do You Want to be Debt Free? Or Do You Want to Be Wealthy? (Q&A) - 11/26/07 05:13 AM
I received some good comments on my post 11/23 "Do You Want to be Debt Free or Wealthy?", so I wanted to continue the conversation.  Hope it helps. 
Q from Konnie:  What do you consider a good return? 
A: Good question, Konnie.  This is where you'll want to work with your financial planner to determine the amount of risk you are comfortable with and that will answer part of the question (i.e. higher risk equals higher return) And of course, if your post-tax mortgage rate is 5%, you'll want to make sure your post-tax investment rate is at least that high, which isn't hard to do.   
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leverage: Do You Want to Be Debt Free? Or Do You Want to Be Wealthy? - 11/23/07 09:09 AM
Should you leverage your home or pay it down rapidly?  This is a very personal question and the answer can vary greatly from person to person based on his or her disciplines.  Many planners today espouse the idea of paying down your mortgage completely for the piece of mind.  But do you think having a mortgage makes Bill Gates any less wealthy?  Would it be better to have liquid assets equal to or greater than your mortgage rather than giving all of your money to the mortgage company, especially if you suddenly found yourself without a job and in need of cash?
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