bethesda real estate: Cool Light Displays in the Metro DC Area - 12/03/11 02:34 AM
There are so many wonderful holiday activities in Bethesda and the surrounding area, including some great holiday light displays. Two of the nicer displays are ZooLights at The National Zoo in Washington, DC and Symphony of Lights at Symphony Woods in Columbia, MD.
ZooLights shows off many of the zoo’s most popular animals, built larger-than-life and constructed of LED lights. The LED lights are environmentally friendly and use about 90 percent less energy than traditional light bulbs. The event also offers hands-on activities, food, and other entertainment.
A new activity this year is an “Iceless” Skating Rink. Located at the … (3 comments)

bethesda real estate: Client Appreciation Fall Festival - 11/25/11 06:46 AM
I recently hosted my annual client appreciation event and had a great time with many of my clients. We had wine, lunch, a hayride and ran wild all over Sharps Farm! Two lucky clients won stays at my beach condos! Hope to see more of you next year!
Click here to see photos - Provided by my good friend Jessica DelVecchio, Wedding & Portrait Photography – 202-744-3746. She's perfect for your holiday cards & gifts!
Special thanks also to those who ensure business runs smoothly:
Roger Dennis, MetLife Home Loans - With rates this low, it's a GREAT time to buy … (2 comments)

bethesda real estate: A Place to Learn History, Ride a Trolley—and See Santa! - 11/19/11 06:20 AM
Just outside of Chevy Chase is the National Capital Trolley Museum where history and fun meet for a very good time. A visit here takes you back to a time when the building, maintenance and operation of street cars were the focus of most of the nation’s workforce.
The Museum’s website states that they exist “to collect and preserve artifacts of electrical street railways and to interpret their impact upon the development of communities in the Washington DC region.“ A stroll through this wonderful museum offers lots of interesting information.
In the Main Hall you’ll learn about the street … (4 comments)

bethesda real estate: Bethesda Students Put Kindness into Action - 11/12/11 11:29 AM
The kids at Bethesda's Carderock Springs Elementary School are learning more than just academics. They’ve discovered how great it is to help others.
It started at the beginning of October with a book called “The Lemonade Ripple: An Adventure in Philanthropy” by Paul Reichert, the father of a Carderock student. The story tells of a young girl who opens a lemonade stand to help get a new wheelchair for her friend, which creates a “lemonade ripple” that draws the whole community to help.
What the book did in Bethesda was to inspire students from kindergarten to the fifth grade … (0 comments)

bethesda real estate: A Small Bethesda Business with a Big Impact - 11/05/11 03:55 PM
Anyone who lives here knows there’s always great stuff happening in Bethesda. Add to that list Savenia Labs, a small start-up company making a big environmental impact.
The company was started by John Jabara, a Bethesda resident, to provide consumers with the energy cost of operating various household appliances. A few years ago John was in the market for a coffeemaker and wanted to know not only how much energy it used, but also the long-term cost to both himself and the environment of using the different units on the market. Because this information wasn’t readily available, he started a … (2 comments)

bethesda real estate: Historic and Haunted Fun in Maryland - 10/22/11 09:23 AM
Attention residents of Bethesda and the general DC, Maryland and Virginia areas: If you’re in the vicinity of Clarksburg over Halloween weekend, you may run into some very “spirited” characters. 
A book store called Novel Places—which just happens to be the site of the old Clarksburg Trading Post and the Wilson General Store of the 1950s and 60s—may be visited by the Maryland Goatman and the Snallygaster beast. These two haven’t been seen in this area since the early 20th century, but Halloween is their time for fun and an old building the perfect place to play.
On October … (2 comments)

bethesda real estate: Summer Fun at Rock Creek Forest Block Party - 10/02/11 05:01 AM
This past June, the residents of Rock Creek Forest got together to hold a wonderful summer block party. The weather cooperated with a lovely day so that neighbors could share food and conversation while kids found each other for games and general fun.
Here are more pictures of this great event:
Rock Creek Forest Block Party - June 2011
Rock Creek Forest is just one of many great neighborhoods in the DC area. Contact me, Mynor Herrera, today for expert help buying or selling in the DC, MD, & VA areas! I also specialize in Bethesda and Chevy … (0 comments)

bethesda real estate: Clean Energy for Bethesda and Beyond - 09/18/11 09:55 AM
Bethesda and the surrounding neighborhoods have so much to offer, and now we can add a commitment to clean energy by area businesses.
On September 15, over a dozen companies participated in the Trans-Atlantic Symposium on Cleantech Innovation and Federal Contracting at the John Hopkins Montgomery County Campus. Among the attendees were American companies such as Lockheed Martin of Bethesda and Clean Currents of Rockville as well as several Swiss companies. The main focus of discussion was clean renewable energy, and there were some outstanding things to share.
Lockheed Martin met its 2010 goals to become a greener … (0 comments)

bethesda real estate: Safer Transportation in Metro-DC - 09/10/11 03:34 PM
September 11, 2001, was unquestionably a day of great tragedy.  However, the lessons learned from that day have led to positive changes that will better protect DC Metro citizens should the unthinkable happen again. The increased security for Montgomery County’s transportation services is a great example of how things have improved.
Currently, over 90 percent of the new Ride On buses in Bethesda and elsewhere have digital cameras with wireless internet which allows events to be monitored in real time. On-board GPS systems track bus locations, and silent alarm systems can alert authorities to a potential threat. About 75 percent of … (5 comments)

bethesda real estate: Rebate Program Helps Residents Save - 08/31/11 09:45 AM
Almost everyone is trying to save money on the upkeep of their DC Metro home.  Below is information I received about a rebate program that will improve your home’s comfort and value while it saves you money on energy usage.  I’m happy to share this information with you and hope you’ll take advantage of this great program!
Montgomery County Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program
Interested in upgrading your home to improve comfort, reduce energy costs and even boost long term home value? Montgomery County, using a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, will be offering a one-time program … (2 comments)

bethesda real estate: Biking Beckons in Bethesda (Say It Three Times Fast!) - 08/11/11 03:49 PM
Everyone knows that Bethesda is a great place for walking, with a Walkability Score of 50. Very soon it will be just as easy to bike around Bethesda, too, says A bikeshare program is on tap for the downtown area, and the search for funding has begun.
This program, modeled after the one in Washington, DC would create a very green alternative form of transportation for Bethesda residents. Once registered for the bikeshare program, you are allowed to take a bike from a dock, ride to your destination, and return the bike either to its original dock or to … (0 comments)

bethesda real estate: Lessons Beyond the Stage at Bethesda Theatre Camp - 08/03/11 05:26 PM
Shakespeare said “All the world’s a stage,” and kids in a local Bethesda summer camp are learning just how true that is! Since 1981, Adventure Theatre’s Musical Summer Camp at Glen Echo Park has been teaching children ages 6 to 15 not only skills for the stage but also for life, says
One of the basic tenets of this camp is that you must work as a team with other campers and not “hog the spotlight,” according to Education and Outreach Director Kathryn Hnatio. They keep stress low by using an informal audition process where casting is often based … (2 comments)

bethesda real estate: Free and Comfortable Rides in Bethesda - 07/28/11 04:46 AM
Catching a ride in downtown Bethesda has gotten a little more modern, though some might say a bit less charming. According to, the Bethesda Circulator has traded up from old-fashioned trolleys to new luxury buses for the 2.1 mile, 20-stop route through the city’s downtown area.
While the trolleys were delightful, the new buses also have some nice amenities including cushioned seats, which all will agree are more comfortable than the trolleys’ wooden benches. But the major reason for the change, according to the Bethesda Urban Partnership, was economics. The trolleys had begun to break down more often with replacement … (0 comments)

bethesda real estate: More Small Business Loans Possible for Bethesda - 07/21/11 03:43 AM
The U.S. Treasury Department is helping a Bethesda bank provide more local small business loans. From, EagleBank of Bethesda has received $56.5 million from the Treasury as part of the 2010 Small Business Jobs Act, which is meant to offer capital to community banks with assets of $10 billion or less.  
According to the CEO of EagleBank, Ronald D. Paul, the bank is able to obtain the money at an interest rate of only 1 percent because of the large number of loans it has given out in the past twelve months. In actual figures, the bank had an increase … (2 comments)

bethesda real estate: A Special Camp Experience in Silver Spring - 07/15/11 04:48 AM
Summer is a time for kids to enjoy lots of fun activities. This year, 30 lucky Silver Spring children got to spend a week at the fourth annual Police Adventure Camp at Viers Mill. Run by Montgomery County police officers, this non-profit camp provided services to at-risk children and their families, according to a article. 
Activities at the camp included sports and crafts as well as some more important life lessons. The children completed the Drug Abuse Resistance Education or D.A.R.E. program to understand the dangers of substance abuse. They also listened to guest speakers and interacted with the officers … (0 comments)

bethesda real estate: Technology and Real Estate in Bethesda: Geek is Chic! - 07/14/11 04:11 AM
Technology continues to change the way business is done today, and real estate is no exception. Previously I reviewed some of the smartphone apps that are changing both home buying and selling in Bethesda, as outlined on the MSN Real Estate web site. Here are five other technology trends making inroads into real estate.
Single-Property Websites - Buyers are still searching websites, but not the earlier versions with hundreds of listings. Today there are individual sites devoted solely to one home. In addition to high-quality photos and detailed information, these single-home websites also offer links to a home's Walk Score, a … (0 comments)

bethesda real estate: Chevy Chase Curb Appeal in Listing Photos - 07/01/11 01:27 PM
There are two words that every Chevy Chase home seller should know: curb appeal. The better this is, the higher your chance of reeling in a buyer the minute they park in front of your house. But according to Realtor Magazine Online, the curb appeal also needs to show up in your on-line listing photos, since most buyers will see this before they view the actual property. 
To put that pizazz in your photos, try these three simple, no cost options.
Take Down Window Screens - Most home exteriors can look pretty dull, and screens generally make windows look dark. You … (0 comments)

bethesda real estate: Loan Flipping Scam Can Cost You Your Bethesda Home - 06/23/11 01:16 PM
Do you have equity in your Bethesda home but also have bills to pay? Are you thinking about refinancing to get cash for a needed item or service? Anyone who answers yes to either or both of these questions is a potential target for the latest mortgage scam: loan flipping.
How do you know the real lender from the scam artist? According to, these scammers prey on your financial anxiety and count on your not knowing their game. They'll start with a phone call, posing as a legitimate lender, and ask if you want to refinance your mortgage and get … (0 comments)

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