louisville real estate: Relax and Remember this Memorial Day in Louisville - 05/29/11 08:33 AM
With weather warm and hopefully shower-free in Louisville  this Memorial Day weekend, you may be deciding whether to barbeque with the family or hit one of the many events on the schedule for the weekend.  Memorial Day is a time for remembering the contributions of those who have died for our country, but also a time to relax and reminisce.  Here are a few options if you are looking for different ways to remember the past.
Abbeyroad on the River, the classic Beatle show, is now in Louisville for the 10th year.  The five day festival started on May 26, but has … (0 comments)

louisville real estate: Living Healthy in “Unhealthy” Louisville - 05/23/11 11:34 AM
As you may know, I had a baby in April.  My little Memphis has quickly learned to keep up with me, though as every mother of a newborn knows, there are times when I know to follow her lead.  She has even accompanied me on a few showings.  If "cute" can seal the deal, I will be a billion dollar agent in no time.
Like every new mom, I am concerned with getting back into shape.  In Louisville, that' s easy.  With 124 parks in Greater Louisville, plus plenty of personal trainer, bootcamps, health clubs, and home fitness options galore, it's … (3 comments)

louisville real estate: Bring Out Your Inner Homeowner in Louisville - 05/16/11 12:57 PM
There’s nothing like Spring to bring out the inner homeowner in all of us. Even though housing has had its challenges over the last few years, recent surveys verify that people want to buy homes even if they are not a good short term investment.  So, when someone asks me if it is a good time to buy their first hours in Louisville, I answer with a whole-hearted ”Yes.” This is not just my inner-real estate agent speaking either.  Louisville is a city with a low cost of living and plenty of affordable homes.
In 2010, Forbes Magazine noted that in … (0 comments)

louisville real estate: Celebrate Spring in Louisville Parks - 05/16/11 12:26 PM

Now that spring has decided to stay around in Louisville, residents are ready to enjoy  the parks that are such an important part of the city’s design.
The parks you know and love in Louisville have a new name: the Frederick Law Olmsted Parks.  Individually named for Indian tribes, the parks will now collectively honor the New England native regarded as the “Father of Landscape Architecture.” The name change was celebrated recently at a public ceremony at the Baringer Hill Pavilion on the Scenic Loop in Cherokee Park, just east of the Cherokee Golf Clubhouse.
Olmsted, also known as a social critic, journalist, and … (5 comments)

louisville real estate: Off to the Races, Off to Louisville Charm - 05/03/11 10:48 AM
With only few days remaining until the Derby, Louisville is preparing for an influx of visitors for the big race. Though some pre-Derby events have been washed out with recent events, people are flocking into the city. They come for the race but receive a few days of good old Southern charm and modern marketing.
"What we've seen is our earliest sellout for the hotels in recent memory for the Derby," said Jim Wood, President of the Greater Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau, "so that's really encouraging for us. The demand is very, very strong this year."
Many events preceding the … (1 comments)

louisville real estate: Fun Times in Soggy Louisville - 04/26/11 01:27 PM
Louisville may be soggy from all the rain, but nothing stops the Derby. As we move in the last two weeks before the big event on May 7, the horses are practicing on a drenched Churchill Downs and other festivities are proceeding on schedule.
If you have lived in Louisville a while, you know that many Derby events are held inside and have little to do with the race itself, but aim to promote congeniality.  Case in point?  The 12 Days of Derby at The Bard's Town has nearly two weeks of music and comedy, topped with a special drink  each night. The … (2 comments)

louisville real estate: Did You Enjoy the Wonder of the Thunder? - 04/17/11 11:23 AM
Did you see and hear the wonder of the Thunder heard in Louisville last night? Thunder Over Louisville, the spectacular airshow and fireworks display that marks the official opening of the Derby Festival, will culminate in the 137th running of the Kentucky Derby on May7th. Held a week earlier than usual to avoid conflict with Easter weekend, the event is considered one of the top 100 events in North America, as well one of the top 5 air shows. With the Zambelli Fireworks Internationale group managing the show, the fireworks are always the latest and great in pyrotechnics display.
The cold … (4 comments)

louisville real estate: Derby Day Benefits the Louisville Economy in a Big Way - 04/07/11 12:32 AM
The Kentucky Derby is to Louisville what the Mardi Gras is to New Orleans.  The city is consumed with the May event for several months of the year; in the spring, even if you aren’t particularly interested in horse racing, many of the most exciting Louisville happenings from February on are related to the upcoming event.  By April, Derby-doings rule for both ordinary citizens and businesses and then continue for a couple months. You might even call Louisville “Derby-centric” as “the most exciting two minutes in sports” benefits the Louisville economy in a big way.
To Louisville businesses, especially hotels, restaurants, … (2 comments)

louisville real estate: Your Kentucky Derby Questions Answered - 03/30/11 05:23 PM

With Derby Day approaching on May 7, Louisville is already in full race mode.  You'll hear a lot about the Derby in upcoming blogs, but today, let's address some questions you may have about the race.
What is the Kentucky Derby?
The Kentucky Derby is an annual horse race held the first Saturday of May. The contenders are three-year-old thoroughbred horses. Traditionally run in just over two minutes, the race is nicknamed "the most exciting two minutes in sports."  In 1963, Northern Dancer won the race in an even two minutes.  Secretariat, who later won the Triple Crown, completed the race … (5 comments)

louisville real estate: Hats and Horses in Louisville: The Race is On - 03/25/11 04:13 PM
As all of Louisville prepares for the "The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports," insiders know that the dress code for the Kentucky Derby includes a hat.  With the Derby a little more than a month away, the race is on as Louisville prepares for the great day and area milliners prepare to dress the onlookers.
At a time when people do not dress up in daily life as they did in the past, the tradition of making a fashion statement with a hat lives on both among men and women.  Hats supposedly bring luck , so spectators in the seated … (2 comments)

louisville real estate: Come to the Highlands for St. Patrick's Day Fun - 03/13/11 01:59 AM
It's been said that everyone claims to be a little Irish on St. Patrick' Day.  In Louisville, considering the large percentage of Irish immigrants who have figured prominently in the city's history, this is not far from the truth.  Louisville parties hardy for the day.  The main event was the St. Patrick's Day Parade on March 12, but the celebration started with a Pre-Parade Wearing of the Green Party at Belarmine University on March 5 and the fun will continue all until the 17th, especially in  the "Irish Pub District" centered around Baxter Avenue.   Come to the Highlands for days of … (1 comments)

louisville real estate: Heads Up, Louisville! St. Baldrick's Shaving Event Coming to Fourth Street Live! - 02/27/11 09:23 AM
Our current economic times present most of us with a dilemma:  there are so many people in need, yet our own resources can't do enough to help them.  In particular, kids with cancer pull at our heartstrings.  Childhood cancer is the top cause of death among children in the U.S. and Canada, while 160,000 children worldwide are diagnosed each year.  Assuming that you can't write a big check to find a cure for children in Louisville and elsewhere, how can you help?
On Sunday, March 13, Louisville will host an event to get to the roots of the problems: the annual … (2 comments)

louisville real estate: Declare Your Love in Lovable Louisville - 02/19/11 02:47 PM
Are you in love with your significant other and also in love with the Possibility City?  Apropos of Valentine's Day, Louisville has many great places to declare your love, celebrate your new life together, and even settle down.  Declare your love in lovable Louisville, then settle down here!
As wedding coordinator Maggie Heely recently shared in the Courier-Journal, Louisville has many romantic place to propose.  Her list included Churchill Downs, on a horse-drawn carriage ride around the city, at the rotating Rivue Restaurant  at the Galt House, or at the Gazebo overlooking Dog Hil in Cherokee Park, among others.  With so … (0 comments)

louisville real estate: Enjoying a Warming Trend in Louisville Real Estate - 02/13/11 01:07 PM
The warmer weather we are experiencing in Louisville, after a month or two of ice, cold, and snow reminds us that we will soon be in entering the traditional spring real estate season, where the amount of activity picks up.  As an agent who has been successful in all seasons, I tell people that waiting till spring is not necessary.  Right now, some trends in the current market favor buyers, some favor sellers, but the trend is overall positive.  I might optimistically say there is warming trend in Louisville real estate.
For buyers, housing in Louisville is as affordable as it … (2 comments)

louisville real estate: Residential Sprinklers Become a Hot Issue in Louisville - 02/04/11 03:31 AM
The thought of having a fire in your home is unthinkable, yet every year in Louisville, property and lives are lost in residential fires.  Nationwide, over half of all home fires occur in December, January, and February.  Stirred by the case of two young boys who died in a Christmas Day fire at their grandparents' home in Glenview in 2009, Rep. Jim Wayne is proposing a state law that would authorize Kentucky cities and counties to pass legislation requiring sprinkler systems in new homes throughout the state.  This bill promoting residential sprinklers has become a hot issue in the Louisville area.. … (0 comments)

louisville real estate: Visit Butchertown Market in one of AOL’s Hottest Neighborhoods - 01/25/11 05:35 PM

If your idea of a great time is to take in some historic Louisville architecture, enjoy interesting shopping, and conclude the day with the best food and drink in Louisville, then you should head to the Butchertown Market.  Right across from the Swift Company, Butchertown Market is one of things that make Butchertown one of AOL's hottest neighborhoods.
Housed in an old leather tanning factory which in turn housed the  Magic Flake Soap Company, the Lampton Paint Company and then the Caudill Seed Company, the building at 1201 Story Avenue was bought by the Jakeland company in 1997.  Under the … (0 comments)

louisville real estate: This Can Be the Winter You Sell Your Louisville Home - 01/25/11 03:27 PM
Now that 2011 is here, do you wonder whether this is a good time to sell your Louisville home? Louisville is chilly in January, so it doesn't seem that this is the best time to test the waters. Homes supposedly do not sell in the winter. More buyers tend to come out of hiding nearer to Spring, so the common wisdom says to wait a few months.
Surprisingly, right after the holidays can be a particularly good time to find just the right buyer. Many sellers are planning on listing in a few months, so there are fewer homes on the … (0 comments)

louisville real estate: Make Your Realtor® Your Ally When You Are Planning Your Selling Strategy - 01/17/11 06:54 AM
If you live in a climate with cold winters like Louisville, you might think ahead to projects you might do on your home when the weather breaks.  Sitting by your computer or with brochures in hand, you can spend a million dollars to turn you house into a showplace.  Dreaming is free; it is the execution of actual projects that costs money and brings the element of budget into the mix.  If you are planning on putting your home for sale in the Spring, you have different questions to ponder vs. when you are making improvements just for your family.  How … (0 comments)

louisville real estate: New Louisville Mayor Embraces Downtown Development - 12/29/10 07:13 AM
As 2011 dawns in Louisville, the city is preparing for the inauguration of a new mayor, Greg Fischer. The Center for Neighborhoods is even handing out free tickets this week to people involved in neighborhood groups, homeowners associations, nonprofit civic groups and small cities to the One City Inaugural Celebration Breakfast next Monday. Fischer, who won the recent election with 51% of the votes promises to create jobs, develop neighborhoods, and expand the economy - welcome words to Louisville residents.  These are the type of programs that can spur the housing market too.
Fischer has a special commitment to downtown development … (0 comments)

louisville real estate: Mollie From Louisville Writes Santa a Letter - 12/22/10 02:14 AM
Dear Santa,
Just a couple days till countdown for you, until you will be flying over Louisville and rest of the world.  Personally, I didn't give you much of a list this year as I have been celebrating Christmas all year. I got married in Paris earlier this year, started a business, and am now awaiting the birth of my first child.  But there are a couple things....  I hope it's into too late.
First, I just noticed the coolest iPhone app for Old Louisville.  Actually, it will work on an iPod or and an iPad too, but it has over … (0 comments)

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