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More big news for the real estate industry, as Zillow acquires FollowUp Boss for $500+ million.Is this the end for realtors as we know them?Or just a necessary evolution of the industry?I'd love to know your thoughts below.

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MyOutDesk - Real Estate Virtual Professionals
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Founded in 2008, MyOutDesk, LLC is the real estate industry's largest & most trusted virtual assistant staffing company, with over 7,500 clients - including half of the top 10 RealTrends 1000 teams.

We're located in Sacramento, California, with overseas offices in the Philippines managing a staff of thousands of VA's.

Outsourcing allows us to provide service for up to 70% less than the cost of hiring full time staff in the USA - which saves our clients over $55 million dollars a year in expenses.

Administrative Virtual Assistants Our real estate trained, college educated, and English proficient administrative VA's will help with reception, accounting, or transaction coordination & more.

Real Estate ISA's - Our trained Real Estate ISA's are perfect for warm & cold-calling, circle prospecting, reaching out to past clients & qualifying leads.

Marketing Virtual Assistants - Our specialized Marketing VA's will post & update your MLS, Craiglist & website listings, along with graphic design & even production for walkthrough & drone videos.

Transaction Coordinators - Our Transaction Coordinators are trained to manage every step of the selling process from contract to close!