marketing: The 7 Step Real Estate Marketing Plan - 11/19/19 09:49 AM
How well do you market your real estate business? In this industry, you’re not merely selling a product but essentially selling yourself. Your main goal is to convince your leads & potential clients that you’re the most qualified agent to sell or find them their home. The best way to do this is with the 7 step real estate marketing plan.
There are lots of resources to aid in boosting your marketing plan. However, you must customize your marketing strategy to ensure that it is right for your business. Ideally, you want to build your real estate marketing plan so you are … (0 comments)

marketing: 4 Real Estate Marketing Tasks to Delegate to Your Virtual Assistant - 11/19/19 09:31 AM
“A dollar saved is a dollar earned” as the saying goes. Who doesn’t want to save more money? Now, marketing for your real estate business can cost a pretty penny.
However, by delegating these 4 real estate marketing tasks to your real estate virtual assistant, there are quite a few things that you can do to boost your marketing & reduce costs. Once you have a solid real estate marketing plan in place, you can look over it and find different areas and items that you can do without having to spend a lot of money.
4 Marketing Tasks For Your Virtual Assistant … (0 comments)

marketing: Hire a Virtual Assistant for Marketing - 11/19/19 07:49 AM
Sales is not marketing. Back in college they had us memorize a definition of it long enough to give you a headache, so I’ll break it down simply for you here: marketing is mass-media, and sales is 1-to-1. Pretty simple, huh?
As a real estate agent, you’re responsible for doing at least part of your own marketing to get eyeballs on your listings & generate new leads, but in truth you specialize in sales. That’s a good thing, because salespeople have a lot higher earning potential than marketing folks do, although neither group likes to admit it.
The problem with doing marketing in … (0 comments)

marketing: Your Facebook Ads Suck! (Here's How To Fix Them) - 11/14/19 01:58 PM
There’s a lot of debate on whether Facebook ads are worth spending money on or not. Some business owners will swear by it and others will say they are an unnecessary expense that you do not need. The truth is that when used wisely, Facebook ads can bring in a lot of great leads that generate business. The trick is figuring out how to utilize your ads to hit your target audience. In this series, we will cover information and strategies you need to know so you can launch successful Facebook ad campaigns.
How Facebook Ads WorkHere’s how it works: Social media companies … (0 comments)

marketing: Plan, Execute & Achieve A Strategic Real Estate Marketing Plan - 11/02/19 09:43 PM
Make your real estate business plan a game worth playing with Danny Griffin, the Founder of The Realty Classroom. In this special webinar, he shares three essential strategic plans for success, and helps you develop a solid framework for real estate with proven Marketing, Follow-Up, and Measurement Plans.
MarketingYour marketing plan can be as simple or as complicated as you wish in terms of how you get your leads, what platforms you use. It can be as simple as increasing and counting your daily personal interactions. Finding a way to bring-up real estate and handing out your business card is a good … (0 comments)

marketing: Why Speed To Lead Will Make Or Break Your Business! - 10/31/19 04:30 PM
How fast is your lead followup? If it’s more than 5 minutes, you’re losing business — and you’re losing a lot of it. Believe it or not, while many companies still cling to the belief that it’s good to “wait a few hours” so they don’t seem desperate, the truth is that if you don’t follow up within the first 5 minutes, you won’t make the sale.
In the Lead Response Management Study, Professor James Oldroyd performed an in-depth study of response times & contact rates, and found that for every 5 minutes you wait, there’s roughly a 4x reduction in your chance of … (0 comments)

marketing: Real Estate Marketing For Dummies (Simple & Effective Strategies) - 10/21/19 03:58 PM
As a real estate agent, you’re a licensed sales professional, but your job is a whole lot bigger than just that. Unlike many other sales professions, real estate agents are responsible for marketing both their own services as well as client listings — and if you don’t have a plan of action in place for marketing then even stellar salesmanship is going to fall short.
For the most part, agents all know that they need to be marketing, and most even have a plan in place for it — and you’re probably no exception. The question isn’t so much about whether you have a marketing plan, … (0 comments)

marketing: How to Dominate Video With Real Estate’s #1 Video Influencer! - 10/21/19 03:55 PM
Christophe Choo is an award-winning, top-producing luxury real estate agent with over 30 years of experience serving Los Angeles’ most elite Westside neighborhoods. He’s also a video and social media rockstar who gets over 51,000 monthly hits to his website and 7.3 million views a month on YouTube with over 23,000 subscribers! Video has served him well: it’s a key strategy in growing his business, Chistophe Choo Beverly Hills, to over $60,000 a month in commissions — with commission income doubling every year and and on track to double yet again!
He employs innovative sales & marketing techniques, combined with a deep knowledge of … (0 comments)

marketing: Is Your Real Estate Email Marketing Broken? Here’s How To Fix It! - 10/21/19 03:52 PM
Email marketing is one of Real Estate’s most powerful and cost efficient tools for generating & nurturing leads. Its non-intrusive nature and immense flexibility gives you a lot of room to find creative ways to market to your clients. You shouldn’t underestimate the possibilities that can be created with a strong email marketing strategy.
Email marketing requires attention and consistency. Leverage a MyOutDesk Marketing Virtual Assistant to implement your strategies for email and all your marketing responsibilities.
If your email marketing is not as effective as you might hope, there are a few factors that might be holding you back.
1. You aren’t doing … (0 comments)

marketing: 7 Rules to Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign - 10/11/19 02:02 PM
Amidst all the technological advances and emerging marketing trends in real estate, email marketing remains to be a relevant platform that you can use to engage your prospects, increase website traffic, boost your sales, and build brand loyalty. However, the proven success of this platform also means that your leads’ inboxes may be overflowing with emails. How do you ensure then, that the ones you send out are read and acted upon? Here are 7 effective ways to optimize your email marketing campaign:
Go Mobile
Almost every consumer nowadays does everything by mobile; sending and receiving emails is no exemption. In fact, … (3 comments)

marketing: How Important Is Social Media For Your Business? - 10/11/19 01:55 PM
Believe it or not, there are 2.34 billion social media users around the world and 81% of the U.S. population has at least one social media profile. While traditional marketing like email is still relevant, social media is essential for both reaching potential clients and building relationships with existing customers.
If you’re not already utilizing social media for your business, you need to catch up as the chances are that your competition is. A 2017 Statista survey of 5700 marketers revealed that nearly 70% are developing loyal followers of their brand via a strong social media presence.
While it’s easy to create a … (0 comments)

marketing: Generate Massive Real Estate Sales With A Digital Marketing Strategy! - 10/11/19 01:37 PM
Gregory Charlop says that Real Estate is at a crossroads: without the right digital strategy in place, your real estate business won’t be able adapt to today’s world & remain competitive. In this compelling interview, the host of “The Real Estate Flash” makes a case for how the digital age has changed the face of modern business and gives you tactical, practical advice for selling homes in a digital world. Learn how your business can adapt to thrive in today’s tumultuous real estate economy.
If real estate is really at a crossroads, then it’s important to know how to rethink your strategy … (0 comments)

marketing: 1 Real Estate ISA = $200,000 in Commissions! - 10/07/19 09:42 AM
Talk is cheap — what we have are LIVE Video Results: 7 Million in trackable Sales Volume, over $200,000 in GCI, and 142 CLOSED deals with just 1 Real Estate ISA Virtual Assistant! (Watch the video below)
Rex, a MyOutDesk Real Estate ISA, was hired by his client about a year ago and tasked with making 100 outbound calls a day and immediate followup on new inquiries. In this time, he set 199 appointments, resulting in 142 transactions, 7 million trackable sales volume, and over $200,000 in GCI!
Want to see the numbers yourself? Watch this short video below!
What’s The Secret To Massive Inside Sales Success?TrainingFrom … (0 comments)

marketing: The Top 15 Social Networks For Real Estate Marketing - 10/07/19 08:51 AM

Social networks are one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with a projected annual growth of 25% over the next 5 years. Social media marketing increases your brand’s awareness. 63% of buyers who search for houses online are more likely to use ones with informative social media presence. Not just brand awareness, social media also has the power to increase customer loyalty. 71% of consumers who received a quick response on social media would recommend the service to others too.
Having a social media presence without the right strategy and plan can be just as damaging for your business as … (0 comments)

marketing: You Do The Sales; Hire A Virtual Assistant For The Marketing - 01/22/19 11:15 PM
Sales is not marketing. Back in college they had us memorize a definition of it long enough to give you a headache, so I'll break it down simply for you here: marketing is mass-media, and sales is 1-to-1. Pretty simple, huh?
As a real estate agent, you're responsible for doing at least part of your own marketing to get eyeballs on your listings & generate new leads, but in truth you specialize in sales. That's a good thing, because salespeople have a lot higher earning potential than marketing folks do, although neither group likes to admit it.
The problem with doing marketing in real estate is that it's … (0 comments)

marketing: Millionaire Real Estate Habits - The Blog Post - 09/05/17 11:43 AM
If you are a maverick with no interest in delegating, if you have trust issues, if you believe the secret to success is some undiscovered grail, this information is not for you. This post is going to dive into the processes and programs millionaire agents used to get to the top of the mountain and stay there. We are going to break it all down, step-by-step, but stick with us and you’ll see a common thread; they didn’t do it alone. They leveraged their time, delegating tasks both small and large. They used the latest technology and programs to again leverage … (5 comments)

marketing: Lisa Archer Opens Up About Creating a Successful Real Estate Business! - 08/04/17 03:02 PM
On Monday, we told you we were having an "Ask Me Anything" Session with Keller Williams agent, and CEO of Live Love Homes in Charlotte, North Carolina, Lisa Archer.
MyOutDesk CEO, Daniel Ramsey has a great conversation with Lisa on how she grew her business from being an agent to being a CEO ... and what it took to get there.  Lisa opens up about her strategies for getting listings, building teams and how she structured a highly successful 7-Figure Agency.
Grab a pen and paper and get ready to take some notes!  There is so much valuable information packed in just 1 … (2 comments)

marketing: How To Add 100k + GCI Per Year With Just One Virtual Assistant - 07/03/17 02:24 PM
Let’s start by taking the mystery out of the math. 
The average cost of a new home in the United States is 250k, which at 3% earns the average agent $7500. Now if that agent were to sell just one additional home per month they would add 90-100k to their annual income. $7500 x 12 = 90k. Even for a low effort agent selling track homes on Main Street, that is easy math.
Average agents never dream of 100k as ADDITIONAL income because they allow the mire of admin tasks and the absence of needed time to curb their potential. They see … (16 comments)

marketing: How to Set Up a Predictable Listing Machine With Virtual Assistants! - 05/26/17 05:30 PM
What if a mystery agent called you on the phone one late afternoon and asked…
“Hey, what would it do for you if you had a simple process for getting new clients every single week?
And better yet, what if this process was predictable, consistent, and repeatable? And better still, what if most of it could be done for you by an assistant?”
You might be a bit skeptical, right?
Sounds almost too good to be true...
Thing is, it’s real. It actually exists. And ironically it’s possible with one of the most boring client-getting strategies in real estate right now.
BUT, only if you completely re-imagine … (14 comments)

marketing: Virtual Assistant Helps Client Crush the Competition and Win Listings - 08/06/14 09:00 AM
Mike Incorvaia Jr.,an experienced Real Estate Agent in Cleveland Ohio, closed 200 deals last year by using a MyOutDesk Virtual Marketing Assistant. This year, they are on track to close 300-400 deals, grossing approximately $50 million in volume.
So what is Mike's secret weapon? His listing presentation which was created by his highly skilled Real Estate Virtual Assistant. He also uses several professionally branded marketing pieces to generate leads and stay in touch with his prospects.
Below is our interview with Mike and his Real Estate Virtual Assistant. Find out how they worked together to win more listings, and their tips … (0 comments)

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Founded in 2008, MyOutDesk, LLC is the real estate industry's largest & most trusted virtual assistant staffing company, with over 5,000 clients - including half of the top 10 RealTrends 1000 teams. We're located in Sacramento, California, with overseas offices in the Philippines managing a staff of thousands of VA's. Outsourcing allows us to provide service for over 60% less than the cost of hiring full time staff in the USA - which saves our clients over $55 million dollars a year in expenses. Administrative Virtual Assistants Our real estate trained, college educated, and English proficient administrative VA's will help with reception, accounting, or transaction coordination & more. Real Estate ISA's - Our trained Real Estate ISA's are perfect for warm & cold-calling, circle prospecting, reaching out to past clients & qualifying leads. Marketing Virtual Assistants - Our specialized Marketing VA's will post & update your MLS, Craiglist & website listings, along with graphic design & even production for walkthrough & drone videos. Transaction Coordinators - Our Transaction Coordinators are trained to manage every step of the selling process from contract to close!




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