real estate: Get A FREE Kindle Version Of Our New Book On Amazon! - 12/09/19 01:07 PM
The most widely anticipated book on outsourcing & business scalability is here! Download the FREE Kindle version of Scaling Your Business With MOD Virtual Professionals or buy the paperback for only $24.95, and make sure to leave us a 5-star review!
Whether your current business is large or small, it’s important that you understand two things before you begin to scale: where you are and where you are going. You’ll learn that and much more in Scaling Your Business With MOD Virtual Professionals — the go to guide for entrepreneurs who are looking to hire Virtual Assistants and rapidly scale their business.
There are about … (0 comments)

real estate: Key Technology Trends for Commercial Real Estate in 2020 - 12/09/19 01:01 PM
Technology has affected and changed our lives in so many ways since time immemorial. Over the past few decades technological adaptation has caused the commercial real estate Industry to be pushed into many new phases and has changed the game drastically. As so eloquently stated: “The focus is less and less on proving that technologies work in small-scale deployments. Instead, owners are interested in moving the needle at the portfolio level by scaling early successes with strategic rollouts.”
Keep up with trends and never let your business fall behind. Hire a MyOutDesk Real Estate Virtual Assistant and never fall behind on … (0 comments)

real estate: Real Estate In 2020 - Are You Prepared? - 12/09/19 12:51 PM
Real Estate is slowing down — which means you need to streamline your business, reduce your costs, and double-down on your marketing efforts.
In the Forbes 2020 Real Estate Outlook, analyts Aly J. Yale writes, “Odeta Kushi, deputy chief economist at title insurance and settlement services provider First American, there’s “emerging consensus” that rates will remain low next year — likely somewhere between 3.7% and 3.9%, she says. Forecasts from Freddie Mac and the Mortgage Bankers Association back this up.”
Good news for real estate? Not so fast! Prices will keep rising, and inventory will be tight. Daryl Fairweather, chief economist for real estate brokerage Redfin, explains, … (0 comments)

real estate: Hard Times Ahead For Real Estate In 2020 - 12/09/19 11:28 AM
The new year is going to be difficult for real estate — are you prepared? “The 2020 market supply could hit historic lows. Home sales will drop, the housing shortage could become the worst in U.S. history, and home values will shrink in some cities,” says CBNC Correspondent Diana Olick, citing projections from the 2020 National Housing Forecast from
THE TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW: Streamline your business, improve your processes & reduce overhead to prepare for the competitive 2020 market.
According to UBS Global, “Index scores have not risen in any of the US cities in our study for the first time since … (0 comments)

real estate: Exclusive: Scaling Your Business Free Kindle Download! - 11/26/19 10:00 AM
Get a free advance copy of the most widely anticipated book of the year! Download the Kindle version of  Scaling Your Business With MOD Virtual Professionals now on Amazon, and make sure to leave us a 5-star review!
Whether your current business is large or small, it’s important that you understand two things before you begin to scale: where you are and where you are going. You'll learn that and much more in Scaling Your Business With MOD Virtual Professionals -- the go to guide for entrepreneurs who are looking to hire Virtual Assistants and rapidly scale.
There are about 28 million businesses … (0 comments)

real estate: 10 Reasons MyOutDesk Is The Best Virtual Assistant Company - 11/24/19 07:22 PM
MyOutDesk is the best virtual assistant company to provide your business with the flexibility, scalability, and cost-savings to adapt quickly to changing business & market conditions without the cost or commitment involved with hiring full-time employees. With our virtual assistants, you’re able to rapidly scale your business by onboarding trained, qualified labor — and reorganize or downsize quickly as the labor & specialization needs of your business change.
In addition to business flexibility, virtual assistant services can save you over 60% of the cost of a full-time employee, along with the time-savings you gain by having a virtual assistant services provider do the sourcing, … (0 comments)

real estate: Virtual Assistants for Medical & Health Care Franchises - 11/24/19 07:14 PM
MyOutDesk currently serves the medical field and in-home care franchises across the country. Why? Because we believe people deserve expert, compassionate, and personal care.
Our Healthcare Virtual Assistants help Health Care Companies with administrative & marketing support, customer service, and phone answering services.
Administrative WorkOur Virtual Assistants take on many Administrative responsibilities for our Home Care and Medical Staffing Franchise clients. Clerical responsibilities that are essential to running the business smoothly but take a lot of time. These are areas of the business that need to be in order and consistently updated.
Here are just some of the tasks they perform:
Billing & Payroll. … (0 comments)

real estate: Be More Productive With An Administrative Virtual Assistant - 11/24/19 07:11 PM
As an agent, you get paid to sell homes — not do paperwork. Lose your focus & you’ve lost your commissions — which is why thousands of agents & brokers trust MyOutDesk virtual assistants for office administration & transaction coordination tasks.
Our administrative virtual assistants are the best in the industry — well-educated proficient English speakers with real estate experience, available for 60% less than hiring a traditional employee. They save you time & money, increase your productivity, and help you focus on making money — and for an incredibly low price that you simply can’t match with in-house staff.
If you’re spending too much time on paperwork and not enough … (0 comments)

real estate: Offshoring vs. Outsourcing: Which One Saves You More Money? - 11/24/19 07:08 PM
Offshoring & outsourcing have been a business practice in corporate America for decades — and these days, even smaller businesses are seeing the value. But what are outsourcing or offshoring — and what’s the difference between them? Let’s examine both of these terms & define the differences to help you understand what’s best for your business.
Delegate the daily repetitive, yet essential responsibilities that need to be handled, to a MyOutDesk Real Estate Virtual Assistants. Gain leverage and more time to work ON your business instead of IN it.
OutsourcingOutsourcing entails delegating internal operations to a third party. This could mean obtaining a supplier, buying back goods … (0 comments)

real estate: HR Outsourcing For Real Estate - 11/24/19 07:00 PM
Industry leading Recruiting Firms, Human Resource, ASO & PEO companies trust MyOutDesk virtual assistants for quality, reliable HR outsourcing for administration, customer onboarding, support and retention tasks. Our trained, skilled virtual assistants handle the daily repetitive tasks involved with HR while your team focuses on what matters most: deploying the best customer relationships possible.
Don’t let your team lose momentum dealing with nitty-gritty service issues: keep them focused on staying competitive in technology, and delegate repetitive tasks to our virtual assistants.
MyOutDesk virtual assistants are the best in the business — highly educated proficient English speakers who care just as much about your success as … (0 comments)

real estate: The 7 Step Real Estate Marketing Plan - 11/19/19 09:49 AM
How well do you market your real estate business? In this industry, you’re not merely selling a product but essentially selling yourself. Your main goal is to convince your leads & potential clients that you’re the most qualified agent to sell or find them their home. The best way to do this is with the 7 step real estate marketing plan.
There are lots of resources to aid in boosting your marketing plan. However, you must customize your marketing strategy to ensure that it is right for your business. Ideally, you want to build your real estate marketing plan so you are … (0 comments)

real estate: 4 Real Estate Marketing Tasks to Delegate to Your Virtual Assistant - 11/19/19 09:31 AM
“A dollar saved is a dollar earned” as the saying goes. Who doesn’t want to save more money? Now, marketing for your real estate business can cost a pretty penny.
However, by delegating these 4 real estate marketing tasks to your real estate virtual assistant, there are quite a few things that you can do to boost your marketing & reduce costs. Once you have a solid real estate marketing plan in place, you can look over it and find different areas and items that you can do without having to spend a lot of money.
4 Marketing Tasks For Your Virtual Assistant … (0 comments)

real estate: 5 Essential Real Estate Lead Generation Channels - 11/19/19 09:04 AM
You’ve probably heard that “it takes money to make money.” That’s definitely true, but for your business to grow you need to invest that money and leverage results from it in the form of real estate leads — and in today’s interview, we’re going to discuss how to how to effectively invest your money in essential real estate lead generation channels.
Your time and effort is a huge part of that investment as well. In the video below, Toby Salgado of Super Agents Live, talks to Daniel Ramsey co-founder and owner of MyOutDesk about cost and quality when it comes to your Real Estate … (1 comments)

real estate: How To Nurture Real Estate Leads Into Clients - 11/19/19 08:08 AM
Nurturing your real estate leads is an important process. It takes an average homebuyer anywhere from 3–18 months to make the big decision, and you definitely do not want your real estate leads to feel like you’ve forgotten about them. That’s where a good real estate lead nurturing program comes into play, so that you and your real estate virtual assistant can continue to build solid relationships and establish trust.
In order to do that, you need to understand the deciding stages that a home buyer goes through. By knowing and understanding these stages, you can determine the best actions you and … (0 comments)

real estate: Everything an Administrative Virtual Assistant Can Do For You - 11/19/19 07:52 AM
In real estate, administrative work is necessary, but not dollar-productive. It’s friction in your sales process — an anchor around your neck keeping you from reaching higher production volumes. It’s also a distraction that threatens to cloud your focus and take your production numbers off track.
In other words, administrative busy work can bog you down. Yes, it’s important — but that doesn’t mean some or all of it can’t be delegated. If you’re spending too much time on paperwork and not enough time selling, then it’s time to get a virtual assistant to handle the repetitive, time-sucking tasks that fill your schedule & ruin your … (0 comments)

real estate: Lead Follow-Up & Nurturing: Achieve 100% Higher Contact Rate! - 11/14/19 02:16 PM
We’ve talked about speed to lead and the best times to call your leads. How about follow-ups though? What is your nurture strategy for the leads in your database? The Lead Management Study shows that sales reps should call at least six times before throwing in the towel. Surprisingly, over 30% of leads in the study were never contacted at all. Increasing your call attempts — or by making call attempts at all showed that sales reps showed up to a 70% increase in contact rates.
Never miss an opportunity on your follow-ups and nurture streams again, with a MyOutDesk virtual assistant. Book your … (0 comments)

real estate: James Tyler: Big Data For REALTORS® Means Giant Commissions! - 11/14/19 02:10 PM
Think “Big Data” is something only propeller-heads at Google can make money with? Think again! Leveraging the power of modern computing and analytics is a trend that’s catching on in real estate, because it lets you focus on the best prospects & leverage your time and skills where they’re most likely to make you giant commissions.
“Top real estate producers aren’t smarter than you. They don’t work as hard as you do, but they do things differently. They have functional operating systems in place. They’ve figured out their uniqueness, their values, and the sources for a consistent flow of sales.” — James TylerIn this … (0 comments)

real estate: Generating Referrals With Your Virtual Assistant - 11/14/19 02:03 PM
Growing your referral business isn’t always a comfortable or easy process. While you can play the build-it-and-they-will-come game, we all know that getting referral business requires active planning and execution.
85 percent of small businesses say word-of-mouth referrals are the number one way that new prospects find out about their businesses. One advocate marketing firm found that referrals have a higher conversion, close faster, and have a higher lifetime value. Evidence like this makes it clear that a referral process will keep your business growing.
MyOutDesk CEO and founder Daniel Ramsey is a guest on the Referrals Podcast with Michael Maher. He discusses … (0 comments)

real estate: Your Facebook Ads Suck! (Here's How To Fix Them) - 11/14/19 01:58 PM
There’s a lot of debate on whether Facebook ads are worth spending money on or not. Some business owners will swear by it and others will say they are an unnecessary expense that you do not need. The truth is that when used wisely, Facebook ads can bring in a lot of great leads that generate business. The trick is figuring out how to utilize your ads to hit your target audience. In this series, we will cover information and strategies you need to know so you can launch successful Facebook ad campaigns.
How Facebook Ads WorkHere’s how it works: Social media companies … (0 comments)

real estate: How To Market Real Estate in a Geographic Farm Area - 11/14/19 01:55 PM
Marketing to a geographic farm area is more than just selling a property or two, it is establishing your reputation, building strong local relationships and taking other steps to ensure that you are go-to real estate agent. It all starts with your marketing strategy, you have to shape and adjust it according the spirit and micro culture of the people you will be working amongst.
Having a Marketing Virtual Assistant may be extremely beneficial for you to keep up on researching the local area, communicating with that area and supporting your overall implementation of the marketing strategy. Schedule your Double My Business … (0 comments)

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