real estate virtual assistant: Millionaire Real Estate Habits - The Blog Post - 09/05/17 11:43 AM
If you are a maverick with no interest in delegating, if you have trust issues, if you believe the secret to success is some undiscovered grail, this information is not for you. This post is going to dive into the processes and programs millionaire agents used to get to the top of the mountain and stay there. We are going to break it all down, step-by-step, but stick with us and you’ll see a common thread; they didn’t do it alone. They leveraged their time, delegating tasks both small and large. They used the latest technology and programs to again leverage … (5 comments)

real estate virtual assistant: MEDIOCRE TO MILLIONAIRE - 08/02/17 10:38 AM
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real estate virtual assistant: How to Structure a 7-Figure Real Estate Business - 07/26/17 12:37 PM
Join us tomorrow, July 27 at 10:00 am PST, for another exciting FREE WEBINAR, and learn how to structure a 7-figure real estate business in less than 90 days, without losing money on bad hires, bad leads, or bad marketing.
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real estate virtual assistant: How To Add 100k + GCI Per Year With Just One Virtual Assistant - 07/03/17 02:24 PM
Let’s start by taking the mystery out of the math. 
The average cost of a new home in the United States is 250k, which at 3% earns the average agent $7500. Now if that agent were to sell just one additional home per month they would add 90-100k to their annual income. $7500 x 12 = 90k. Even for a low effort agent selling track homes on Main Street, that is easy math.
Average agents never dream of 100k as ADDITIONAL income because they allow the mire of admin tasks and the absence of needed time to curb their potential. They see … (16 comments)

real estate virtual assistant: A New Accelerated Method for GETTING MORE REVENUE. - 06/16/17 11:41 AM
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real estate virtual assistant: Happy Mother's Day! - 05/12/17 03:27 PM


real estate virtual assistant: Increase Your Lead Generation and Bottom Line with a Virtual Assistant - 09/10/14 07:45 AM
Generating leads from diversified lead sources is an important part of increasing your bottom line. Delegating routine lead generation tasks to a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, can make it more efficient, and result in consistent new business. First, let’s discuss a few lead generating strategies that should be a part of your business plan and then we’ll discuss how you can get help managing those tasks from MyOutDesk.
A few real estate lead generating strategies:
Past Client & Network Referrals
Referrals produce some of the hottest leads, which is why they are a key lead-generating source. Be sure … (0 comments)

real estate virtual assistant: Virtual Assistant Helps Client Crush the Competition and Win Listings - 08/06/14 09:00 AM
Mike Incorvaia Jr.,an experienced Real Estate Agent in Cleveland Ohio, closed 200 deals last year by using a MyOutDesk Virtual Marketing Assistant. This year, they are on track to close 300-400 deals, grossing approximately $50 million in volume.
So what is Mike's secret weapon? His listing presentation which was created by his highly skilled Real Estate Virtual Assistant. He also uses several professionally branded marketing pieces to generate leads and stay in touch with his prospects.
Below is our interview with Mike and his Real Estate Virtual Assistant. Find out how they worked together to win more listings, and their tips … (0 comments)

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