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How would you like some high-quality, name-brand marketing, for free? If you’re not utilizing Google My Business (GMB) then you’re essentially answering “No, thanks” to that question. And why would you ever turn down free marketing!? You wouldn’t! Because GMB is an incredibly valuable and easy-to...
WHAT IS A REAL ESTATE ISA & WHAT DO THEY DO?A Real Estate ISA is a highly talented salesperson who is not only comfortable but productive in spending a majority of their time (80-90%) on the phone, taking care of leads. This individual (or team) would handle all leads for immediate follow-up and ...
Many of the top-producing real estate teams and agents across the US and Canada have one thing in common: An amazing Real Estate ISA (inside sales agent).Why? A Real Estate ISA Virtual Assistant can contact leads within five minutes, qualify, follow-up, and book high-quality appointments that act...
What if you could reach your target audience before they even got out of bed? Start their day with your product or service already on their mind, without even lifting a finger! You can, and it’s as easy as a text message. According to a survey conducted by ReportLinker, about half of Americans(46...
“92% of respondents reported that a positive recommendation from a friend, family member, or someone they trust is the biggest influence on whether they buy a product or service.” – Paul M. Rand, VP Communications @ University of Chicago Real Estate Referrals: The Backbone of Realtor or Brokerage...
The Problem a Real Estate ISA SolvesAs you're growing and scaling a real estate practice, what you realize is the number one leading indicator to revenue is more listings and more buyers. Once you discover that as a real state person, and you start measuring how many calls and conversations you'r...
Inside sales and sales prospecting are essential parts of any business. These departments can be the key to your success if you know how to hire for them from the right sources.This article is specifically about what sales development, inside sales, and prospecting are. We’ve also included a few ...
While time is often the leading factor in how long it takes an entrepreneur to grow their business, it is also the biggest hurdle for most of them. Virtual assistants are helping to eliminate that hurdle. Many entrepreneurs have mastered the unique tools of social media marketing. However, some a...
Your competition is no longer limited to that agent from the other company, or that broker from across town; it’s basically anyone with a license and an internet connection who might also have the reach for the listings in your area. It doesn’t matter how quaint or small your business may be — so...
If you’re a business owner, there’s a good chance that you’ve hired marketing assistants, graphic designers, and public relations consultants at some point in time. But have you ever considered what are the best qualifications for these positions? To be clear, we’re interested in looking for the ...

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MyOutDesk - Real Estate Virtual Professionals
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Founded in 2008, MyOutDesk, LLC is the real estate industry's largest & most trusted virtual assistant staffing company, with over 7,500 clients - including half of the top 10 RealTrends 1000 teams.

We're located in Sacramento, California, with overseas offices in the Philippines managing a staff of thousands of VA's.

Outsourcing allows us to provide service for up to 70% less than the cost of hiring full time staff in the USA - which saves our clients over $55 million dollars a year in expenses.

Administrative Virtual Assistants Our real estate trained, college educated, and English proficient administrative VA's will help with reception, accounting, or transaction coordination & more.

Real Estate ISA's - Our trained Real Estate ISA's are perfect for warm & cold-calling, circle prospecting, reaching out to past clients & qualifying leads.

Marketing Virtual Assistants - Our specialized Marketing VA's will post & update your MLS, Craiglist & website listings, along with graphic design & even production for walkthrough & drone videos.

Transaction Coordinators - Our Transaction Coordinators are trained to manage every step of the selling process from contract to close!