gls: Still think Social Media is 'Just a Fad'? Check Gary Haye's Social Media Count Chart - This will BLOW your mind! - 05/27/10 12:00 PM
Hey friends - check out this great little widget / app that Gary Hayes (@garyphayes) at Personalize Media created.
This shows just how FAST Social Media is advancing - WOW! Share this post with anyone that still thinks Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs etc.) is 'Just a Fad' or isn't essential for their business!
JUMP IN! Don't let the world pass you by! Start today friends, Engage!


gls: Top Gift Ideas for 2008!! - - - What is YOUR Top Pick? - 12/24/08 04:22 AM
Okay, so I was looking around for the 'Top Gifts' for 2008, like I do every year.
- It's quite fun to see what 'everyone' thinks is best and what we end up with here at home, etc. (Gives you a good idea how much TV the kids are watching, too!)

So here's the challenge, this year it looks as if the retailers have figured out that they can leverage this info as a sales and marketing ploy - a full 95% of the articles I found are posted by the retailers themselves! - Needless to say, they do not … (6 comments)

gls: Commercial Real Estate Bailout - Do you Approve? - 12/24/08 04:10 AM
This week some of our Nation's largest commercial real estate players approached the Administration (Congress, the Treasury Dept., and others) to ask for help in the form of bailout money due to the current economic picture.
Key to this is whether or not 'Joe and Mary' taxpayer approve - after all, we are the ones that will inevitably be paying this bill, not Congress.
Estimates were given that over the next 36 months and estimated $530 B (that's BILLION) in commercial mortgages will be due for refinancing. 2009 estimates are at $160 Billion.
The challenge lies in the … (4 comments)

gls: Prevent Identity Theft IMPORTANT Information - free federal identity theft info - 12/23/08 01:27 AM
The Federal bank, credit union, and thrift regulatory agencies yesterday posted their new Identity Theft information and it is available for you to review and share with your clients and sphere.
If you haven't yet known someone affected by this, the odds are that you will by the end of 2009. Each day, consumer identity theft grows at an alarming pace.
A few key excerpts from the recent release: (note: you can download the brochure in .pdf format via the link below)
You can fight identity theft - Here’s how:
• Never provide personal financial information, including your … (2 comments)

gls: Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation - Changes! I'm still here friends! - 12/05/08 10:14 AM

Today we have made the change from LandAmerica to Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation. This is due to many factors (none of which I am qualified to discuss here - friends and associates can contact me for updates directly) and by no means represents a change in my business or employment / companies.
I appreciate the calls and emails, and wanted to leverage this forum to clarify that we are continuing forward with our Super Service and that I am here to assist you with your Training, Coaching, Mentorship, Technology, Marketing and Title needs as always.
Thank you again for your questions … (3 comments)

gls: FBI Top 10 Most Wanted Widget for your Site(s) - Pretty cool! - 12/02/08 06:39 AM
I just got word that the FBI released their 'Most Wanted' widget update.
This is available for nearly EVERY site and social network out there (go figure, it's the FBI for goodness sake!)
Included are code sniplets and auto placements for: * Facebook
* MySpace
* MyYahoo
*Standard Embedding
* and lots lots more..
Note: I didn't see Active Rain listed in there, nor did I see any AR folks listed in the widget...
I think it is very cool that we can add USEFUL widgets like this to our site(s) and in doing so … (5 comments)

gls: What do you do to stay Motivated? - 11/13/08 02:56 AM
I was recently asked the question: "What do you do every day to stay motivated?" First and foremost, the 'why' must be established. That is the critical Goal Setting component. Ask the question: "Whatever it is you (we) do, what is our primary reason for doing it?" (Helping others, making a difference, earning a living, paying it forward, climbing the corporate ladder, etc.) Next, every individual needs to find what motivates them and work an effective strategy tailored to their specific style, inner language of success, etc. For example, one person may be motivated by pleasure e.g. the prospect of achieving … (7 comments)

gls: Blackberry vs. Palm vs. iPhone - which do you choose and why? - 11/07/08 02:50 PM
If I knew how to place a 'poll' into this post, I would do so.
However, so far it's been a bit too hairy and I've resolved to get the question out there 'old school'.
Blackberry vs. Palm vs. iPhone - Which do you choose, and why?
Post your choice and your reason below as a comment, and let's see who the winner is.
FYI: rumor has it that the money is on Blackberry for this one. I personally was in another meeting just this week when that familiar 'default' Blackberry 'ring' was going and no less than 4 people reached … (14 comments)

gls: How far will you go to 'win' over the 'next AR'er' in the rankings? And what is the ROI for higher placement? - 11/07/08 02:42 PM
I've seen many posts regarding the points, rankings, and placement opportunities here on Active Rain over the years.
Today the question came up about just what the ROI is for 'moving up the list' and gaining points and ground in your local market (city, county, state, etc.).
I'd like to hear from active AR folks out there as to what their tangible and intangible results have been from their blogging, commenting, etc. and the subsequent 'rise' in the points/results that ensued.
For example, if you aren't a 'Featured' member in your market (city, county, state, etc.) - and there is only … (2 comments)

gls: Where have all the agents gone? We are Truly Blessed to be here! - 11/06/08 01:52 PM
I just wanted to take a minute to remember all the agents that have 'left the business'.
Add to that all of the mortgage lenders, title reps, inspectors, appraisers,  - you name it - that are no longer able to offer us their excellent services and assistance.
It's bittersweet to still be here working productively in the Real Estate - there are many many  talented business people that simply can not afford to offer their services given this economy.
I know far too many people that have gone back to previous industries just to support their families, replace income lost … (2 comments)

gls: Creating your Personal Brand - Marketing to your Unique Strengths as a new agent - 11/06/08 01:33 PM
I recently found a GREAT post from Michelle in the Nashville, TN market area. I think that her ideas of finding ways to differentiate herself from the local competition are evidence of her being 'on track' as a successful agent/broker. Now, many of us would say: 'just work hard and give great service', etc. - however the key to REALLY succeeding is to create a brand and identity for yourself and align your marketing to leverage that to your base/sphere/public... and STICK WITH IT. Check out her post, and also I've copied my response here for your convenience. I like where … (3 comments)

gls: Hurry up to see the Linkedin Wizard!! - only 1 hour left!! - 11/06/08 12:58 PM
Hey - this is cool! If you have NEVER seen the Linkedin Wizard, here is your chance! -You'll have to hurry though, he's only online for another hour or so - I think he's off at 8pm PT today. Seriously! Check it out here and you'll FINALLY get to see the famous Wizard of! Here's that link: Wizard Now, many people have mistakenly called your truly the 'wizard of Linkedin' in the past, however I always set them straight and tell them that I'm just an avid user and fan of Linkedin, and by no means a 'Wizard'. By … (0 comments)

gls: New Law Closes Tax Loophole on Capital Gains - 11/03/08 03:03 PM
A popular tax-saving loophole regarding capital gains taxes on some primary residences has been impacted by the recently signed 2008 Housing and Economic Recovery act.
If you have clients that you believe may be impacted by this latest ruling, and/or would like to learn more about this and other Real Estate issues, news items, and tax information - just let me know.
I have access to a wealth of knowledge to share with all Real Estate professionals including the changes outlined above.
Some key points of the recent modifications:
The new law states that the gain may not be excluded for … (4 comments)

gls: Last good week for warm-weather grilling - - in shorts, anyways - 11/03/08 02:28 PM
They say the cold weather is nearly upon us - as we say goodbye to the short-wearing warm weather days of grilling, smoking (meats, that is), and BBQ-ing, I wanted to share some pretty cool BBQs and Smokers with you all. Now, by no means is my own personal grill anywhere NEAR as cool as these (in fact, my wife pushed mine home down the street one fine spring morning from a neighbor with a 'free' sign attached to it. . . but that's ANOTHER story entirely!!) editor's note: Nicole is the BEST wife ever!! In any case, enjoy the coming … (1 comments)

gls: Are you celebrating Halloween? - 10/31/08 04:06 AM
How many of us are celebrating Halloween this year? On top of that, how many of us are dressing in costume @ the office today?!
Here's a history of Halloween for you, from LandAmerica:
Over 2000 years ago, the Celts celebrated the beginning of their new year on November 1 with bonfires and a feast called Samhain.
They believed that this turning point of the year, the end of summer and beginning of winter, was a time when the spirits of the dead and other magical beings could communicate with the living.
In the early centuries of Christianity, … (0 comments)

gls: Business Method Patents Ruling - What effect on Real Estate Models? - 10/30/08 03:47 PM
There's a lot of hullabaloo in the startup world today about the recent ruling by the US Court of Appeals about Business Method Patents. On the surface, it would seem that the 1300+ Business Method Patents registered in the US last year are, as of today, INVALID.
I haven't yet seen the research or looked into any specific 'Real Estate Model' method patents, however I do recall hearing that there were quite a few 'new' model companies filing for protection under this process.
I've read that the court ruled there to be a two-pronged test to determine whether a software of … (2 comments)

gls: How often do you Blog? - 10/28/08 05:53 PM
Recently I was asked by an agent just how often successful agents blogged.
I was about to reply when something crossed my mind: personally, I know of many agents that blog a minimum of 1 blog post per day - however, if youy count the totality of the 'new media' posts by the top bloggers in our industry, I believe it's in fact much higher.
Consider this: there are now many many ways to 'blog' as we know it.
Twitter - and all of it's variants (personally I like Where's GPS Twitter function on Blackberry)
Multiple blogs / re-blogging
Other short-message … (12 comments)

gls: What's Important in a Title Company / Title Rep to YOU? - 10/28/08 03:40 PM
As I travel and visit with Real Estate professionals I often ask them what they feel is important for them in specific industries.
In the Title business, for example, there seem to be far too many companies in existence that focus on their own beliefs about what the industry and the customer wants and needs regarding transaction and settlement services.
With that in mind, I'd like to pose the question here, to all of you - both RE Professional and Consumer alike:
What's important in a Title Company and/or Title Sales Professional to YOU?
Here are a few key features and … (5 comments)

gls: Back in the Blog - 10/24/08 04:09 PM
Greeting A|R Family!
After a summer-long sabbatical from my blogging regimen, I'm BACK!
Ok, so that's not really a big deal, however once you get 'out' of a habit, - here goes another 21 days of conditioning to get 'back into the swing of things'. Thanks to all of you that have kept in touch through this transition time. While we've still got quite a few 'irons in the fire' so to speak, things are working themselves out and we've been forging ahead with some FANTASTIC opportunities for our referral network, friends, and industry associates.
It's back to business and … (5 comments)

gls: Changes in the Marketplace, Changes in this Blog - 10/24/08 03:58 PM
Greetings Friends and Associates!
You'll be seeing a 'shift' here to cover multiple topics: technical, marketing, and service-based editorial and training. We'll be continuing to use this forum to update on matters concerning the GLS (Global Listing Service) however International Real Estate articles of interest will now be posted on the International Real Estate Advisor blog:
My role with LandAmerica and our New Frontier initiatives is exciting to say the least - be sure to read more about that here as well.
Finally, if you have any questions regarding, please continue to present them here as I am … (0 comments)

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