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I am a life long resident of the Greater Sacramento area, and have been a Realtor since 1981. Whether your real estate needs are entry level or executive level, I have the experience to give you the professionalism, you deserve. If you are currently thinking of buying or selling a home, please give me a call. I will be happy to assist you with any real estate needs you have. GreatWest Real Estate is also an excellent relocation resource. Should your move be local or global, I have the resources to give you the best assistance possible.



    When I woke earlier this morning, the calendar announced this is the second Monday in January.  Therefore it is National Clean-Off-Your-Desk Day.  In a world where there is a Hallmark moment for just about everything, I had to smile.  It's bone-chilling cold outside, and it's foggy.  The wea...
    What Factors Determine Your Credit ScoreA number of folks have gone through difficult financial times in recent years, and they wonder what factors decide their credit scores.Credit scores range between 300 and 850.  Usually scores above 620 are considered desirable for obtaining a mortgage....
    Years ago, when I purchased my own house, I remember feeling a little frightened and overwhelmed by the process.  I was young.  I wasn't a Realtor, and had no experience buying a house.  It was beginning to look like I was going to be a life-long renter.Fortunately, I worked in a little real...
    The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issued a decision earlier today, which may affect foreclosures nationwide.  The ruling voided seizure of two homes by Wells Fargo & Company and US Bancorp, after the banks failed to demonstrate they held the mortgages at the time they foreclosed on th...
Sacramento has been socked in with fog today, with chilly temperatures.  I have cooked up a New Orleans Style Meat Loaf.  I'm serving it with Carolina Low Country Potatoes.  Perhaps your family will enjoy the recipe in the future.      INGREDIENTS: ¾ cup finely chopped onions ½ cup bell peppers -...
This morning I was reading Bob Timm's blog.  He posted an old family picture of a baby in a christening gown.  The photo hadn't been labeled, and Bob and his family didn't know who the baby was, or even if the child was a girl or boy.  I found this really sad!Because I am the genealogist and hist...
    Real Estate Professionals often hear from past clients, family and friends, who know we are "in the business," while hoping for advice.For many a homeowner or household, the economic hard times of the past few years, have presented about every kind of nightmare imaginable.There are homeowner...
    At Sacramento's Memorial Auditorium, where I graduated from high school an ancient era ago, Californians inaugerated Jerry Brown their new Governor this morning.   This is a return trip to the Governorship for Jerry.  He served 8 years in his two terms between 1975 and 1983Brown had ran his ...
For some prospective homebuyers wondering if now is the time to buy, or instead waiting for prices to potentially dip a bit further, they could become undone by rising mortgage interest rates.To see what a quarter or a half percent rise in interest rate can do per each thousand borrowed, check ou...
If there is anything other than a New Year, which screams NEW BEGINNINGS at the psyche, it's the numerical format - 1.1.11.This morning, I made the same resolution I have made, nearly every year for the past decade - Lose 10 pounds plus the 5 gained during the holiday season.  However, I'm in se...

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