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I am a life long resident of the Greater Sacramento area, and have been a Realtor since 1981. Whether your real estate needs are entry level or executive level, I have the experience to give you the professionalism, you deserve. If you are currently thinking of buying or selling a home, please give me a call. I will be happy to assist you with any real estate needs you have. GreatWest Real Estate is also an excellent relocation resource. Should your move be local or global, I have the resources to give you the best assistance possible.



When I filled up the car’s gas tank with petrol at $4.09 a gallon this morning, I was glad to be living in Sacramento this holiday weekend.  Why, you ask?  Because Sacramento is a happen’ place with a full venue of activities for locals as well as visitors, on Labor Day weekends. With pleasantly...
KP International Market in Rancho Cordova is a serious foodie’s nirvana.  Originally known as Koreana Plaza, and catering to mainly Korean and other Asian cultures, the store has greatly expanded floor space at Zinfandel Square, easily making it more than double, if not triple the size of the nex...
There was a little buoyancy generated by the Case-Shiller index yesterday, which reported home prices increased by 0.5% in the month of June, in comparison to a year ago.  The index tracks 20 major metropolitan areas.   Home values remain downward nearly 31% from their high water mark in 2006, an...
    As the days pass and folks continue to become more enamored with social media, I sometimes feel the need to unplug from the matrix, and step outside my door.  I’m checking to make certain “real” people still exist, and that I haven’t been sitting in front of my computer monitor conversing wi...
Those close to the real estate heartbeat are increasingly talking about foreclosed homes being packaged up, bundled and sold.  The buyers of these bulk sales are institutional investors, hedge funds, and even foreign countries.  There is recent news the Federal Housing Finance Agency plans to bul...
It is no secret that California is sometimes thought of as the land of Tree Huggers.  And, because Sacramento is known as The City of Trees, local citizens sometimes ramp the tree hugger title up a bit!  This morning at a little after dawn, I grabbed my camera and battled rush-hour traffic to vis...
This has been a difficult week.  Had I not been able to find some irony and humor in it, it likely would have been far worse. My cat friend, Sybil died on Thursday afternoon.  Sybil was 15, and shared home with me, and my dog Kodi, for most of her years.  I have written about these two before.  S...
A few weeks ago, while working with current statistics in the Sacramento housing arena, from numbers posted a year ago, I witnessed the significant difference that June 2012 numbers were from June 2011.  This morning, I note numbers for July 2012 vs. July 2011, demonstrate the trend is continuing...
If you are a Greater Sacramento resident, you don’t need to leave home over Labor Day weekend to have a really wonderful time.   There are two special events which will entertain and delight Sacramento locals and visitors.  Both venues are a short distance of one another.  They are my annual favo...
In Sacramento, the warm summer temps of day, often are cooled from breezes traveling across our two rivers, which flow through the city and surrounding communities by evening. The RiverWalk area across from Old Sacramento provides delightful scenes at dusk with scenes of The Delta King, Tower Bri...

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