myrl jeffcoat: Days That Set the Earth Right Once Again - 07/18/14 11:07 AM
All though deep down I know I’m a sidewalks, curbs, gutters, kinda gal, I also know when things get tough in the city, a city gal sometimes needs to get the Hell outta Dodge.  So, when the phone rang this morning, and the voice on the other end suggested a little drive to a place where gentle rolling hills, grape vines, and pastures of grazing cattle, all meet the sky, I was all in.
As folks travel along California’s Highway 49, in Calaveras County’s town of San Andreas, they sometimes notice a stretch along the road, which is decorated with crisp fencing … (12 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Throw Back Thursdays - One Of Those Really Special Days - 07/17/14 02:25 PM
The following picture was taken twenty years ago in 1994.  It is of my my daughter Jill on her wedding day, and myself.  What I especially remember about the weeks leading up to the wedding, is the suit I'm wearing.  I had hung it on the refrigerator to remind me not to eat, so I could fit into it.  You can't imagine my relief when I slipped it on that morning, and knew it had all worked out!
The years have gone by.  My daughter and her husband have given me two wonderful grandkids,  There's 18 year old Ryan, who is interested in … (16 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Getting Your Vacant House SOLD After You Have Moved Out - 07/16/14 03:30 PM

myrl jeffcoat: Given Just Two Delightful Days in Sacramento - 07/15/14 12:06 AM
Well we are in the thick of it with summer, here in Sacramento.  Thank goodness temps are backing away from the 100 degree range seen the past two days.
With company in town, I feel fortunate the Greater Sacramento Region has a number of attractions to captivate visitors, and residents alike. 
Within a mere 1.5 mile radius of California’s State Capitol Building; or 3 miles from Tower Bridge on the west, to Sutter's Fort to the east, there is (1) Capital Park (2) Old Sacramento (3) Tower Bridge (4) RiverWalk (5) California State Railroad Museum (6) Crocker Art Gallery (5) Sutter’s … (9 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Home Listing and Sales Data for Sacramento – June 2013 vs. June 2014 - 07/14/14 11:52 AM
Homes listed For Sale in Sacramento County this June, logged a 57.6% increase in numbers over home listings in June of 2013.  The improvement in home inventory numbers has been continuing for several months. 
However, SOLD homes declined –6%, while homes moving to PENDING status were 11.2% above numbers for June 2013.  
We continue to experience a more balanced buyer-seller market, in comparison to a year and a half ago.
The following chart provides sales statistics for the month of June 2013 vs. June 2014.


myrl jeffcoat: Throwback Thursdays - In the Black and White Era - 07/10/14 02:57 PM
I hesitate to post this picture taken when I was about age 6.  There are two reasons for that.  #1 - It's black and white, so you'll have a clue how old I am.  AND #2 - You'll realize I'm not a natural blonde.
There is a reason I have to chuckle when folks want to hold a retro party, but they have focused on the 1980s.  Those folks don't know what retro really is.


myrl jeffcoat: Pasties – But Not the Kind That Go With a G-String - 07/07/14 11:51 AM

myrl jeffcoat: The Jelly Fish Cloud - 07/06/14 02:10 PM
It's been hot and sultry these past few Sacramento evenings.  Several moments ago, I stepped out onto my back lawn and looked up.  In an otherwise cloudless sky floated this solitary cloud looking everybit the Jelly Fish floating through a tranquil ocean of blue.  Its face expressed relaxed contentment!
I hope you are all having a wonderful evening, and it is the culmination of a very special 4th of July holiday weekend!

I take pictures for the purpose of remembering fond times.  I do not impose copyright restrictions on this photo, so you may feel free to use, or distribute as … (14 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: California State Railroad Museum showcases "Journey Stories" - 07/05/14 05:35 AM
The California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento has always been a special place to visit for folks who live here, and those that visit. 
Because my dad found work back in 1941 at the Western Pacific Railroad here in Sacramento, he migrated from Kansas.  Railroads across America, acted as catalyst for much of the migration and expansion into the West.
Currently at the museum, a Smithsonian traveling exhibition titled, “Journey Stories” is being showcased.  The exhibit features a collection of personal stories from rail travelers, and helps memorialize railroad travel and history.
The traveling exhibit will be at the … (6 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Wishing A Certain Varmint Would Relocate - 07/03/14 09:45 AM
For those who follow my blog, you know from time to time, I share my property with some really interesting critters.  I live close to the American River Parkway, and a number of them find their way to my habitat, to spend a little time now and then. 
Usually, I find them interesting and not much bother to have around.  There were cute raccoons that ceased to be so adorable when they raided my fish pond in the middle of the night.  And, more recently a mother Possum, with 8 babies who liked the digs in back of my tool … (22 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Home Maintenance For Dummies - 07/01/14 01:26 PM

myrl jeffcoat: Oh So Close to Home! - 06/28/14 12:38 AM
One of the greater things about living in the Sacramento Region is it doesn’t take much to find colorful destinations, which offer an abundance of experiences.  Within a hundred miles, of home, you can travel to Lake Tahoe, east along California’s scenic highway 50, or travel west and find yourself in San Francisco.   
I often refer to these day journeys or weekend specials, as one-tank wonders.  After filling up the car with petrol, I’m off!
Picturesque Napa Wine Country is a mere hour away.  And, dotted on the California map are several California Gold Rush Towns, that allow the mind to … (17 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Repurposing – What is Old Can Become New Again - 06/22/14 02:17 AM
I hate to admit it.  I sometimes hate seeing things hauled to the dumps, because something is believed to have lost purpose.  Because, it simply isn’t always so!
For example, I came across these old chimney pipes on a piece of land, ready to be discarded.  When I first cast my eyes on them, I saw a solution to a question I had about where to plant herbs in my garden.  I quickly asked for permission to adopt them.
Here’s what those old chimney pipes look like on a previously bare spot at my house.  There’s Sage, Basil, Oregano and Thyme.  … (43 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Indian Spice Restaurant in Greater Sacramento - 06/19/14 08:57 AM
There is a great eating spot along Sunrise Boulevard in Rancho Cordova, near highway 50, which has newly opened.   Indian Spice Restaurant  offers great Indian Food.
The restaurant’s location at 2228 Sunrise Boulevard has experienced two prior Indian eateries (Udupi and Namaste Nepal) which tried their luck at that address.  All offered good food, but didn’t manage to stay open.  I suspect much had to do with the economy a few years ago.
This week, after a busy morning of shopping, I stopped by Indian Spice to check out the lunch buffet for a mere $7.95, and was pleasantly surprised by … (14 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Ancient Social Media vs. That of Today! - 06/16/14 12:25 PM

In days of past, archaeologists were able to unearth remnants of mankind from the crust of the planet.  But, in tomorrow's realm, far more may be known about us, from digital artifacts written by swiftly moving fingers gallivanting faster than our thinking mind. Too bad much will be said, that in hindsight we wish were not remembered!

myrl jeffcoat: Home Listing and Sales Data for Sacramento – May 2013 vs. May 2014 - 06/11/14 01:58 PM
Homes listed For Sale in Sacramento County this May, logged a 69.9% increase in numbers over home listings in May of 2013.  The marked change year over year has been continuing for a number of months. 
However, SOLD homes declined –18.2%, while homes moving to PENDING status were 6.7% above numbers for May 2013.  
We enjoy a more balanced buyer-seller market, in comparison to a year and a half ago.
The following chart provides sales statistics for the month of May 2013 vs. May 2014.


myrl jeffcoat: Gnocchi Making @ Sergio's in Folsom - 06/07/14 12:28 PM
While Sergio tutored the class with his sweet sounding Italian accent, he took us on an adventure of cultural nuances found in his native country.  He provided tips about wine tasting which had somehow escaped me all these years.  It isn’t so much about the swirling or the sniffing of the glass, it’s more about taking a sip, throwing your head back and allowing the wine to reach the taste buds at the back of your mouth.  It was amazing how doing so allowed me to access the woody, corky, Rosemary herb flavor which would have eluded me otherwise.

Among … (25 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Why This Time Is Different! - 06/04/14 07:51 AM
Last week, while having lunch with a group of friends, one queried, “Myrl, I notice there aren’t many homes for sale in our region, and prices are rapidly increasing.  Are we headed for another bubble like a few years ago?”  “I don’t think so,” I replied.
It’s no secret that back in 2005 and 2006 we experienced a ravenous feeding frenzy in real estate, like no other I had experienced in my 25 years of previous real estate cycles.  It didn’t end well, and became the precursor to the bust soon after.  
Here’s what is significantly different this time around.  In 2005 and … (18 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: An Urban Oasis Not Far From Your Greater Sacramento Home - 06/02/14 07:15 AM
There is a gem of a park in nearby Lodi, a city just south of Sacramento County.
Lodi Lake provides a delightful beach with swimming, in addition to boating, and fishing.  The recreation area surrounding the park has several picnic areas, and trails for hiking.
Annually, Lodi Lake plays host to Zinfest, the local wine festival, which celebrates the area's many wineries.
In July, the locals enjoy the park for 4th of July fireworks. . .A real crowd pleaser!
Lodi Lake is located at 1101 W. Turner Road.  The park website is accessible via:

Lodi Lake

Lodi Lake and Nature Area

Ducks @ Lodi … (13 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Are You Aware of Everybody Who Has Taken Residency With You? - 05/28/14 10:32 PM
Recently, I’ve been involved in little home improvement projects around my home.  In April it was all about getting my garage organized once and for all.  The task moved along successfully, with new shelving, and bins.  I had even created an Excel file inventorying the contents of the numbered bins on the shelves, in the cabinets, and also stored in the overhead space.  The idea was to simply word search or “google” my stuff. 
The idea worked well for a couple of weeks until my desktop computer suffered the “blue screen of death.”  The inventory file was stored in a folder … (22 comments)

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