myrl jeffcoat: Remembering Teen Idol Fabian Forte From the American Bandstand Era - 05/23/14 01:36 AM
To say I've been busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest lately would be an understatement.  However, there have been delightful lunch and dinner opportunities with friends and family.
In the Greater Sacramento community of Fair Oaks, exists a delightful bistro by the name of Fabian's.  For those who have shuffled around the planet long enough to remember teen idol, Fabian Forte of the 1950s and 60s American Bandstand era, this is your place!
Fabian's is owned and operated by husband and wife Christian (Fabian's son) and Mercedes Forte,
Fabian's presents a tapestry of traditional Italian fare for breakfast, lunch and … (23 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Mikuni's Sushi Bar - Among the Best Sushi in Greater Sacramento - 05/05/14 07:28 AM
It’s always a treat when I visit Mikuni’s Sushi Bar and Restaurant in the Greater Sacramento community of Fair Oaks.  They create some of the best Sushi in the Sacramento Valley.  My favorite is the Fair Oaks Roll made with Panko shrimp, avocado, sauce, masago and onion.  But, other Rolls and their Bento Box combinations, are pretty amazing too!
On my last visit, I sampled the Sea Steak, along with and absolutely mesmerizing dish labeled, “Flaming Shrooms” – Tempura mushrooms with crab mix, cream cheese, jalapenos, and a special sauce. 
What grabbed my attention however, was the animation created atop the … (17 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: The Comingling of a Camera, an Opportunity and Imagination - 04/24/14 12:26 PM
There is sometimes something magical that occurs, when a camera, an opportunity, and an imaginative youthful eye, comingle to create what older eyes may otherwise miss. 
The following image taken by one of my young granddaughters, with her I-Pod camera is of her cousin peering through a bubble.
It gives glimpse of another perspective - wonderfully fresh and delightful!


myrl jeffcoat: Easter Memories - 04/19/14 12:34 PM
This afternoon, in the spirit of Easter 2014, I allowed a visitation from Easter past.  The picture below was taken in 1970.  It is of two of my children. 
My son, Randy, thoroughly enjoyed the visit with the Easter Bunny that year.  However, my daughter, Tami - not so much!  When I gaze at the old photo today, I understand why it's no accident, Tami chose Clinical Psychology as her professional field.  
I wish you and your family the very best Easter holiday ever!


myrl jeffcoat: Home Listing and Sales Data for Sacramento - March 2013 vs March 2014 - 04/14/14 11:21 AM
Homes listed For Sale in Sacramento County this March, logged a 75% increase in numbers over home listings in March of 2013.  The marked change year over year has been continuing for a number of months. 
However, SOLD homes declined –17.3%, while homes moving to PENDING status were 6% above numbers for March 2013.  
We enjoy a more balanced buyer-seller market, in comparison to a year and a half ago.
The following charts provide sales statistics for the month of March 2013 vs. March 2014, followed by numbers for the previous month of February 2013 vs. February 2014.


myrl jeffcoat: One of the Joys of Home Ownership! - 04/09/14 11:12 AM
One of the joys of homeownership is taking creative ideas that pop into our heads, and manifesting them into improvements around our homes.
My next-door neighbor is going to host the wedding of a daughter near the end of this month.  For several days, they have been reworking their backyard design, where the ceremony will take place.  While they have always had a pond, they have improved it, while integrating it more with the rest of the landscape.  It has created a delightful and tranquilizing oasis.
I only wish I had taken pictures before this project was started.  These photos were taken this afternoon with work … (16 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: California Eye Candy - 04/01/14 06:30 AM

I totally understand many folks in the eastern states will think these scenes are their own.  However, it has been the absence of snow and rain that has been of concern for California residents.  Last month, the Sierra Nevada snowpack was a mere 22% of normal.
We have been fortunate the last few days, as a daisy chain of storms have been blowing across our state, dumping rain and fluffy white stuff.  Another check of the sierra snow pack was performed this morning.  We are a slightly improved 29% of normal. 
California is a long way from being out of … (25 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Broiled Brussels Sprouts with Shallots and Garlic - 03/27/14 07:41 AM
At lunchtime today I tried something a little different while cooking Brussels Sprouts.  After rinsing the sprouts off, I sliced them in half lengthwise, and tossed them into a Ziplock bag, along with sliced shallots, minced garlic, a little fresh grated ginger, sea salt and pepper. 
I also added in about 2 tablespoons of olive oil and a little lemon juice.  After marinating in the bag for about 20 minutes, I placed the contents on a cookie sheet and broiled until the sprouts toasted, and become tender.
It was a very nice change from simply steaming them, and they were … (24 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Another Kind of Gold in California's Mother Lode - 03/22/14 12:32 PM
Although California is known for the gold discovery and rush into our state in the mid 1800s, there is another golden treasure in the hills of the California Mother Lode.  Each year at this time, Amador County comes alive with an explosion of yellow Daffodils. 

It all happens at Daffodil Hill, cradled in the quaint little Mother Lode town of "Volcano." 
The four acre farm, at Daffodil Hill has been in the McLaughlin family since 1887.  And to this day the family continues the legacy and tradition, by planting approximately 6,000 new bulbs each year.  It is estimated that over 300,000 … (26 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Losing YOUR New Home to another Buyer - 03/17/14 12:48 PM
Real estate professionals accept as fact of life that there will be a certain number of homebuyers, who will lose the house they've found, and would love to buy. There are several reasons this can happen.
Since homebuyers do not generally pay commission on homes, it is important to understand that buying a home without professional real estate representation is not only unnecessary - in today's world, it can be risky.  
(1) Desirable homes, which are priced well in a brisk real estate market, often command a great deal of interest from homebuyers. If a buyer lingers in making a decision and doesn't … (96 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Gettin' With The Green! - 03/12/14 12:33 PM

The Greater Sacramento Region is one of the most ethnically diverse in the nation.  But, on St. Patrick’s Day, we suddenly become more Irish than usual – even if it’s for just a day!  Our local St. Patrick’s Day activities centered in Old Sacramento this year, promises a little something for everyone.

·       The 2014 St. Patrick’s Day Parade begins at 1:00 p.m. On Saturday, March 15th, at 2nd and L Streets, and will meander through the streets of Old Sacramento.  More information can be acquired via “2014 Old Sacramento Parade.”

·       The Shamrock’n Half Maraton, 5K, and Kids’ … (20 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Living in The Moment - 03/09/14 05:44 AM
While I live by sage prompting to live in the moment, I admit there are moments I’m living in that I’d rather someone just shoot me! 
When those times make company, it’s best to simply look to the future.  There will be golden moments on the horizon.  And, when they arrive, treasure them to memory for a lifetime of savoring!


myrl jeffcoat: Home Listing and Sales Data for Sacramento - Feb. 2013 vs. Feb. 2014 - 03/07/14 11:03 AM
Homes listed For Sale in Sacramento County this February, logged an 80.9% increase in numbers over home listings in February 2013.  The marked change year over year has been continuing for a number of months. 
However, SOLD homes declined 27%, and homes moving to PENDING status were near the same, for this same period.  
In comparison to a year and a half ago, we enjoy a more balanced buyer-seller market. 
The following charts provide sales statistics for the month of February followed by numbers for the previous month of January.


myrl jeffcoat: How I Spent My Evening - 03/03/14 01:34 AM

While I seldom bet on who will win at the Oscars, it was fun to see some of my picks become winners for a change this year.   Ellen DeGeneres performed a fantastic job keeping everyone entertained, while still keeping it a family friendly show. 
It wasn’t only the pizza she ordered up, but the Twitter record broken, when Ellen conjured up and tweeted a “selfie” in the midst of the show.  The Tweet generated 1.3 million retweets, causing Twitter to retreat into a temporary crash
For those who missed the 2014 Academy Awards last night, here are the results.
Best Picture – … (24 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Myrl - Can I Buy My Next House Using "Bitcoin?" - 02/22/14 11:28 PM
Last week, I had a past client ring me up and ask, “Myrl can I buy my next house using “Bitcoin?”
While I’m hearing the term “Bitcoin” more often these past several months, I admit I only had the most rudimentary understanding of what it actually was, and how this new digital currency worked.  
My client’s question brought even more questions to mind: What is “Bitcoin?” How does it work?  Who invented it?  Why?  Is it secure? – Just to name a few!
In delving deeper in attempt to enhance my understanding of the digital currency, “Bitcoin,” I came across … (114 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Remembering To Keep It Professional! - 02/18/14 10:59 AM

Though the marketplace is rapidly improving, challenging times still exist.  And, it is imperative for agents to stay cool!  Temper your natural (or unnatural) instincts of becoming emotionally involved in transactions, because proper perspective can be lost while representing buyers and sellers.  Unprofessional hostility and loss of objectivity is transparent and unproductive.
Here are some points to consider
·    It is imperative to park ego, and remember this is not about YOU. It’s about your clients.  Always represent your clients' wishes.  Do not "assume" you know what is best for them, while acting on their behalf.  Make certain you are … (52 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Pasquale's - A Greater Sacramento Tradition - 02/12/14 01:14 PM
This evening several members of my family went out to celebrate a birthday and an anniversary.  Pasquale’s Italian Pizzeria on Fair Oaks Boulevard in Carmichael was selected for the gathering.
For Greater Sacramento locals, Pasquale’s is a special place with a distinctive “Godfather” movie ambiance.  Their amazing “Superb” pizza on the menu is set apart by the fresh crunch of vegetables used as pizza topping, and a special blend of herbs. 
Pasquale’s has been family owned and operated since 1975.
Their location is 7600 Fair Oaks Boulevard (near Manzanita), Carmichael, CA 95608.  A menu is available via: “Pasquale’s Italian Pizzeria.”


myrl jeffcoat: Improved Listing Inventory for Sacramento - Jan. 2014 vs. Jan. 2013 - 02/09/14 08:42 AM
There was an 88.6% increase in homes listed For Sale in Sacramento County this January, over home listings in January 2013.  That’s a marked change year over year.   
Properties listed FOR SALE in comparison to the percentage transitioning to PENDING status or SOLD continues improvement from a year ago, as we enjoy a more balanced buyer-seller market.
However, SOLD homes declined 23.4%, and homes moving to PENDING status marked a 4.9% decline, for this same period.
The following charts provide sales statistics for the month of January followed by numbers for the previous month of December.


myrl jeffcoat: Rain - The Music of Angels - 01/31/14 02:05 AM
I woke early this morning to the sound of heavy rain. For those in the Greater Sacramento Region, it was the music of angels. Finally more significant rainfall, has made its way into the valley.
This last day of January, reveals record breaking weather statistics. 52 days without any measurable rainfall, and, average daytime temperatures since the beginning of this year - 66.2 degrees, to name two.
On New Years Day, I hiked along Folsom Lake’s much receded shores, which revealed sights rarely seen since Folsom Dam was built and completed in 1955, and Folsom Lake began to fill. The lake … (27 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: You’re a Successful Real Estate Agent – What Helped Most as a Rookie? - 01/25/14 10:48 AM

It’s no secret that major corporations often go to great lengths to preserve the proprietary ingredients of their products, in order to sustain their success - Coca Cola, Pepsi and Kentucky Fried Chicken, to name a few.  Writers copyright the written word, and songwriters the notes to their tune.
Often, real estate professionals debate the pros and cons of sharing trade secrets, and many are reluctant to do so.
32 years ago, when I got into the real estate business in November 1981, I remember having concerns that I was entering a "cut-throat" business.
However, I was a truly fortunate rookie.  My first office, … (47 comments)

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