myrl jeffcoat: The Brookside Restaurant and The Historic Land Where It Resides - 01/23/14 10:50 AM
During lunch today, I was able to revisit an old Greater Sacramento landmark.  In today’s world, Brookside Restaurant occupies a building originally built in the early 1900s, by the Silva Family as a guesthouse for the American River Winery. 
The Silva family had immigrated to the area from the Azores Islands, Portugal.  Their original land holdings consisted of sixty-three acres in what was originally Mills Township, but later became part of Rancho Cordova.
In 1919 the original winery buildings were destroyed by fire.  After which, the winery was renamed Silva Brothers Winery.  However, in 1930 federal agents closed the establishment … (22 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Ecuadorian Potato Cake Recipe - 01/19/14 02:45 PM

It is the addition of a white cheese center.  Mozzarella or Queso Fresco is often used.
An online recipe for these potato pancakes is similar to how we created them.  It can be accessed via “Ecuadorian Potato Cake Recipe - Llapinggachos”

myrl jeffcoat: Sacramento Housing Statistics for December 2013 vs. December 2012 - 01/13/14 11:04 AM
Sacramento County Housing Statistics illustrate the continuing trend of increased numbers of homes being marketed!
Properties listed FOR SALE in comparison to the percentage transitioning to PENDING status or SOLD continues improvement from a year ago, as we enjoy a more balanced buyer-seller market.
In December, Sacramento County recorded an 86.1% jump in “For Sale” listings, in comparison to December of 2012. However, SOLD homes declined 21.5% for this same period.
The following charts provide sales statistics for the month of December followed by numbers for the previous month of November.


myrl jeffcoat: How to Spend a Relaxing Day in Greater Sacramento - 01/11/14 04:01 AM

My pillow has heat, vibrating massage, and occasionally, acupuncture.
I take pictures for the purpose of remembering fond times.  I do not impose copyright restrictions on this photo, so you may feel free to use, or distribute as you wish.  However, should you need a Real Estate Professional in the Greater Sacramento area, I hope that you will contact me by email or by visiting my website  Thank You!

myrl jeffcoat: Roasted Roots - 01/07/14 12:38 AM
The following recipe for "Roasted Roots" is one I cooked up while family was home recently.  It went especially well with Prime Rib. 

1 lbs. Small Yukon Golds – Cut in Half or Quarters 1 lbs. Small Red Potatoes – Cut in Half or Quarters 1 lbs. Small Purple Potatoes – Cut in Half or Quarters 1 lbs. Small Yams – Peeled – Cut in pieces of same size 6 heirloom carrots peeled but left whole (leave some of the green stems) 1 Fresh Fennel Bulb - Sliced 1 lemon sliced 1 Leek sliced and … (17 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Gold Rush Era Ruins Emerge From Beneath a Lake - 01/02/14 03:47 AM
If you have paid visit to my blog very often, you have likely noticed my penchant for visiting old California Gold Rush towns and destinations.  My fascination with these communities provides colorful entertainment to an imaginative mind – an opportunity to enter another era and realm.  
However, there is a place, not far from home, which has sometimes haunted me - because it is usually inaccessible.
In present day, the town of Mormon Island makes its home in ruins on the bottom of Folsom Lake.  However, recent historically low water levels of the lake are revealing old Mormon Island foundations, and … (30 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: In The Absence of Rain - 01/01/14 11:05 AM
Without a doubt, most residents in Greater Sacramento have enjoyed the spring like temps in the mid 60s, of the last several days. 
This morning, I decided to begin the New Year right.  After slipping into hiking shoes, I headed up to Folsom Lake to witness low water levels, which have become a concern.  Thus far, rainfall this season, has been a mere 1.75”.  Normally, there would be 11 inches of precip by January 31st.   We are lagging far behind.  The lake is presently about 20% of capacity. 
The following pictures were taken at Brown’s Ravine.  In a normal year, the boats seen parked in the … (20 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Christmas or Holiday Enchiladas with Dried Fruit and Walnuts - 12/30/13 10:47 AM
Since several days before Christmas, my home has been bustling with family activities, in anticipation of holiday celebration.  This afternoon, the last of my family, who had traveled here, set out for home.  My house is very quiet, once again. 
It's been neat spending the last hour or so, downloading pictures taken during joy-filled days, and reliving experiences, especially with FOOD. 
There was a dish I conjured in my imagination, which I tried out on family.  Some are almost always willing guinea pigs.  We were a fortunate lot, in that it worked out, and was pleasant to the taste.  Here's the photo, and the recipe we ended up labeling the "Christmas Enchiladas." But, I … (9 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Wishing Each and Every One of You a Joyous Holiday - 12/24/13 05:42 AM

I want to take this opportunity to wish each of you, and your family, the most Joyous of Holidays, and a prosperous New Year.
Each year, while counting my most treasured blessings, the discovery of the ActiveRain community, and ALL of you are remembered. The friendships, and the collective knowledge gained, has been beyond what I could have imagined. . .Thank you for that!

myrl jeffcoat: What the Holiday Season is Truly About - 12/19/13 05:04 AM
There are always those special moments, that define what the holiday spirit truly is. Last evening, during the pageant at St. Mel's, I couldn't help but smile out loud, several times, while watching the school kids perform their annual program. Young children especially, can be so entertaining, and a little like herding cats. You never know what will transpire once they are all in the bag. Even best laid plans can go astray. Yet, it all came together in the most delightful way! I must also say, that with the array of various full beards worn by the various characters, I … (9 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: The Waiting Feast - 12/18/13 06:04 AM
While riding along the American River Parkway several days ago, I had to bundle up.  It’s much cooler outside!  The Parkway is home to more wildlife, than humans, and that can be a good thing!  The population of Sea Gulls, have been enjoying an inland paradise, which this stretch of the river becomes for them, this time of the year. 
The annual Salmon run is all but complete.  The native species of Salmon, which participate in the mating ritual, do not return to the sea.  They finish their cycle of life in this area of the river, and ultimately perish.  But, … (7 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Housing Inventory Continues Improvement in Sacramento County - 12/11/13 10:01 AM
Sacramento County Housing Statistics demonstrate what a difference a year can make!
The number of property listed FOR SALE in comparison to the percentage transitioning to PENDING status or SOLD is continuing improvement from a year ago. As we enjoy a more balanced market between buyers and sellers.
Last month Sacramento County recorded an 83.1% jump in “For Sale” listings, in comparison to November of 2012. However, SOLD homes declined 30.5% for November 2013 vs. November 2012.
The following charts provide sales statistics for the month of November followed by numbers for the previous month of October.


myrl jeffcoat: Coloma - The California Gold Discovery Site Ready For the Holidays - 12/08/13 01:39 PM
Our area has been colder than many Sacramentans are acclimated to, these past few days.  It was far too chilly to do my usual meandering at our local Farmer’s Market.  The temperature when I hopped out of bed was a mere 27 degrees.  The weatherman had predicted we might get snow, reaching lower elevations, close to home - A rarity for most of the Greater Sacramento region. 
I decided to turn on the heater and the seat warmers in my car, put in a little Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music, and set out to ride, where the car wanted to go.  It wasn’t … (17 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Is This a New Wrinkle for Copyright Infringement? - 12/03/13 01:50 AM
The designer of the “Lady Liberty” forever stamp released in 2011, apparently didn’t make use of New York Harbor’s Lady Liberty, as model for rendering the stamp’s image; but chose the Davidson’s sculpted work, occupying space outside of the New York-New York casino hotel in Las Vegas instead. 
It certainly brings to light a potential problem for bloggers, who often take photos of artwork, and sculptures, prominently displayed on public property, and then posting them to blogs. 
Recently, the Postal Service in a similar incident, was made to fork over a half million dollars in copyright infringement damages, to the … (152 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: What Are Your Ideas For Getting Rid of Robocalls? - 11/22/13 11:00 AM
When robocalls became illegal under federal law a few years ago, I breathed a sigh of relief.  Alas, that relief was short-lived, because it hasn’t brought peace to my phone, which is also registered on the “Do Not Call” list.  
I have received calls from Rachel at “Cardholder Services,” which the FTC declared “Enemy Number One” of robocall scammers  The FTC has filed complaint. I also hear from Ann and Scott, from “Account Services.”   You are sometimes given the “press 2” option to be removed, but the calls continued.  Twice, I punched through to reach a live person.  When I methodically … (37 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: A Pond Visited Between Rains - 11/20/13 12:21 AM
The storm clouds predicted to bring rain in our area yesterday, made a split and headed a tad north and a little south of us.  While we need the precip, it provided a window of opportunity for me to jump on my bike.
The thing about riding a bicycle in the Greater Sacramento region is no two rides are alike!  There’s always something fresh and new, to experience within the first few minutes of pedaling. 
When I came upon this scene at the Hagan Community Park pond, in Rancho Cordova, I found several fishermen hooking trout, which had been planted, earlier in the day! 
The … (20 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Autumn’s Warm Glow and Salmon Fishing on The American - 11/18/13 02:44 AM
While Salmon fishing is closed from November 1st through December 31st along many areas of the American River.  It continues to remain open on the section of The American River below the SMUD power-line at the southwest boundary of Ancil Hoffman Park in Carmichael, across the river from Rancho Cordova’s Hagan Community Park.
These scenes captured yesterday, were taken along that stretch of The American River Parkway.
The drought has impacted the river’s flow significantly.  As the 3 fishermen in the pictures below, actually walked from one side of the river to the other, with their waistlines barely wet.
For more … (12 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: A First Time For Everything on The American River Parkway - 11/15/13 11:17 PM
Without a doubt, this autumn in the Greater Sacramento Region has been one of the more pleasant in memory.
The spring and summer months had seemed so very busy. There were improvements made to my home and joyful family encounters, which moved time along at break-neck pace. My bicycle, which often transports me into nature’s world, a couple blocks from home, was neglected more than deserved.
The Salmon are making their annual migration up the American River to the Nimbus Fish Hatchery. So, during a quiet hour this week, I dusted off the bike seat, and headed for the Parkway, to see … (12 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Some Improvement in Housing Inventory for Sacramento County - 11/12/13 10:27 AM
Listing and Sales data for Sacramento County homes demonstrates the number of property listed FOR SALE in comparison to the percentage transitioning to PENDING status or SOLD is continuing improvement from a year ago.
Although the number of homes listed FOR SALE is not robust, their numbers are rising in comparison to number of homes SOLD. 
Increased home values in our region are allowing more homeowners to become equity sellers once again. This factor has once troubled homeowners, who once felt unable to sell without entering a short-sale environment, to once again consider selling, and many are doing so, helping to … (9 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Iconic Words From 150 Years Ago - 11/10/13 04:09 AM


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