myrl jeffcoat: Marketplace Whiplash - 06/21/13 03:40 AM

If you are living in Greater Sacramento, and have been getting whiplash while watching the nosedive of Wall Street numbers the past few days, I have some good news to temper your spirit.  Zillow has reported Sacramento is leading the nation in the housing recovery, with home values that have increased 26% year over year! 
The Sacramento Bee reports half of Sacramento homes are selling in 10 days or less.  Increased values have created more equity sellers, rather than the glut of short-sale listings produced these past several years.
For those capable of purchasing homes, Greater Sacramento inventory is low.  … (14 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Focusing on What Lies Beneath - 06/19/13 12:52 PM
Last week when I wrote about a trip to San Francisco, I provided photo scenes of the city’s amazing landscape.  There are so many delightful sights in and around San Francisco it can sometimes be difficult to focus in on the finer details, which can escape your eye. 
For example, the following first picture is the underbelly of Golden Gate Bridge, as taken from the upper level of Fort Point, which dwells immediately under the south end of the bridge.  The second picture was taken inside the Fort.  It provides a glimpse of the bare bones of the walls inside this … (20 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Where and How to Get a FREE Roller Coaster Ride - 06/16/13 07:20 AM
Where and How to Get a FREE Roller Coaster Ride

WHERE – San Francisco
HOW – Drive a car with no brakes
Last week while driving around San Francisco taking in the sights, I drove up to this spot in the road.  Seriously, as I was approaching the spot, I couldn’t see the bottom of the hill. 
The good news is that I have nerves of steel, and my car recently had a brake job!  The views from certain locations around the city are exquisite! 


myrl jeffcoat: The Secret Beneath The Bridge - 06/14/13 12:53 PM
Yesterday, when I wrote about traveling with a couple of grandkids into Sausalito, and across the Golden Gate Bridge, on into San Francisco, I didn’t mention I had a mystery to explore.  I suspect most San Franciscans may already know it, and even a few folks, who live in other places.  But, this secret was kept from me until a few years ago, although I’ve lived within a 100 miles of it all my life.
Take a look at this first picture.  It’s a view you may have seen a number of times, either in person or from photos.  You have the iconic Golden … (28 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Sausalito - A Place to Relax and Refresh - 06/13/13 03:00 PM
The delightfully picturesque town of Sausalito provides stunning views of San Francisco Bay.  The citizen population numbering about 7000, or so, is generally considered artistic and affluent.   Quaint little shops and cafes line the main drive through town, and provides folks with a relaxed and refreshed state of mind.
I spent time there with grandkids today.  The ultimate destination was San Francisco, via the Golden Gate Bridge.  Sausalito is cradled just north of the bridge.

I take pictures for the purpose of remembering fond times.  I do not impose copyright restrictions on this photo, so you may feel free to use, or distribute as … (14 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Dwindling Numbers of Homes For Sale Stymie Homebuyers - 06/12/13 09:17 AM
Smaller numbers of homes listed "For Sale" in the Greater Sacramento region these past months, continue to stymie homebuyers, who increasingly experience frustration with (1) Finding a suitable home for their needs, AND (2) Competing with other homebuyers in a multiple offer arena. 
Data recorded via the local MLS, demonstrates the combined number of homes migrating to "pending" and "sold" status, is more than double the number of homes "listed" for sale.  This trend has continued for a few months now.
While the choice of available homes leaves a great deal to be desired, the market continues to provide low interest rates for mortgages. … (11 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Never in a Million Years! - 06/09/13 01:06 AM
Back near the first of May, I posted a blog titled, “An Epic Adventure.”  I was documenting the painting of two houses I was involved with – My house and a family member’s. 
During the prep of the first home, 50 years of paint layers on the cedar shingle siding sometimes came off in a solid sheet.  It was a little alarming and challenging to work with. 
On my own home we didn’t encounter this problem, although I have the same type of cedar siding.  However, we did find areas of dry rot, which we needed to address and repair. 
Would I ever wish … (21 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: The Wisdom of the Dalai Lama - 06/05/13 01:01 PM
The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, answered, "Man.  Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.  Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.  And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result is that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived."
I take pictures for the purpose of remembering fond times.  I do not impose copyright restrictions on this photo, so you may … (21 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Was The Photo Taken Back in the Day – Or Was it Taken Yesterday? - 06/02/13 12:36 PM
Was The Photo Taken Back in the Day – Or Was it Taken Yesterday?

The above photo was edited using the FREE on-line photo editing tools available at   In addition to applying sepia tone, and some contrast, I selected the “Photo Effects” button and chose the “Old Photo” effect from the “Textures” area.
The original picture was taken in the historic California Gold Rush town of Columbia, California. 
I take pictures for the purpose of remembering fond times.  I do not impose copyright restrictions on this photo, so you may feel free to use, or distribute as you wish.  … (18 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: The Rich Railroad History of Colfax - 05/28/13 11:12 PM
As one travels eastward along highway 80 from Sacramento to the Nevada border, they travel through Colfax. 
For the most part, there is always a time constraint, which quickly calls beyond when I come to this stretch of the interstate; but this past Sunday, I decided to tarry and delve more deeply into the history of this little California town.
Colfax was originally known as Camp 20, and housed workers tasked with building this section of the transcontinental railroad in the mid 1800s. 
Sacramento merchants, known as “The Big Four” believed a railroad could offer potential benefit.  These men were Leland … (13 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: The Mariposa Grove @ Yosemite - 05/26/13 01:43 PM
On Friday while grandson, Baron and I were visiting Yosemite National Park, we made certain to head toward the Mariposa Grove near Yosemite’s South Entrance, after visiting the Valley Floor. 
The Mariposa Grove is home to perhaps some of the largest living things on Earth, Giant Sequoias.
Some of the oldest of these remarkable redwood trees are believed to extend beyond an age of 3,000 years.  It can be difficult to photograph them in their entirety, simply because we are reminded of a line from an old 1950s Gloria Swanson flick, "Sunset Boulevard."  Swanson playing the part of Norma Desmond had … (20 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Yesterday @ Yosemite - 05/25/13 04:48 AM
These past few weeks have been so incredibly busy in comparison to my usual pace.  One grandson graduated from high school on Thursday morning.  Another grandson has been visiting me all this week, which has been fun. 
Yesterday, we made a quick one-day trip over to Yosemite, about 140 miles from home.  I hope you enjoy these picture scenes from this glorious National Park Crown Jewel in springtime!


myrl jeffcoat: Making Your House a Home For New Fur Members of The Family - 05/16/13 11:10 AM
It is amazing how one can shuffle through life at a steady and regular pace, then suddenly enter a cycle more like a tornado, tearing up solid ground and putting a chunk under it.

That’s been my story the past couple months.  Among all the activity, I took on a little home maintenance work.  There have been joyous family celebrations and holidays.  And, on Mother’s day two new family members came to live with me!
For those who follow my blog, you’ll recall a few weeks ago, I wrote a blog titled, “Beware of Friendly Faces,” the story about my son and … (25 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Happy Mother's Day 2013 - 05/11/13 11:48 AM
I honestly have no idea where this year has gone thus far.  Tomorrow is Mother’s Day already!
I do want to take this opportunity to honor and pay tribute to all mothers everywhere!  Without your nurturing hands, the generations would not, or could not continue.


A Rose for Mother
by Cleo M. Shoffstall
Another Mother's Day is here,
Bringing joy and pleasures new,
On this special day, Mother dear,
I want to remember you.
I cannot give you costly gifts,
And I've told you this before,
No matter what I give to you,
You give back much, much more.
I'm giving you a pure, sweet rose,
Gathered … (19 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: The Feeding Frenzy Among Sacramento Home Buyers Continues - 05/07/13 01:15 PM
The feeding frenzy among homebuyers in the Greater Sacramento region caused by dwindling numbers of homes listed for sale continues.
One of the more interesting revelations these past few months, is the combined number of homes migrating to "pending" and "sold" status, is more than double the number of homes listed for sale.
While the choice of available homes leaves a great deal to be desired, the market continues to provide low interest rates for mortgages.  And, although prices are rising, they have not reached the record highs achieved in the months leading up to the housing bubble of 2006.
Those in a position … (13 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: The Moody Blogger - 05/05/13 08:34 AM
The Moody Blogger

There’s one thing I have noticed these past several years.  In comparison to others, I’m a moody blogger.  As one of my fellow blogging friends once commented, “Myrl, I never know what I’ll find when I visit your blog.”  She’s right of course – sometimes I post recipes, while at other times it will be housing market statistics.  I often post advice about home buying or selling.  And, because I have a certain passion for photography, I frequently post pictures from my adventures around the Sacramento Region; or within a 100 mile radius of home.  And, once in … (52 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: An Epic Adventure! - 05/02/13 08:05 AM
An Epic Adventure!

I began an adventure at the beginning of this week.  And, it has turned into more of an epic saga, rather than a short story!
It all began when a family member revealed access to an airless paint compressor.  He was going to paint the outside of his house.   “We can do your’s afterward, Myrl,” he said!
The plan was to prep a day or two on each house, and then paint.  On Monday morning, when we began to scrape and brush the cedar shingle siding of his house, I knew this wasn’t going to be a short week!  The … (22 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Positive Value Numbers for Homes Reported by Case-Shiller - 04/30/13 12:22 AM
This morning it was reported by Case-Shiller that home values recorded on their index for 20 cities, rose by 9.32% year-over-year.  This is a strong showing for the housing recovery.
Phoenix registered the highest increase percentage of change at 23%.  Sacramento’s nearest “Case-Shiller” neighbor, San Francisco recorded an increase of 18.9%.
Although home values still remain 29% below the peak of the housing boom of several years ago, the recent increases are assisting many homeowners, who were once upside down in value, to recover more equity positions.  The city composite numbers are the highest recorded annual growth rates since … (13 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: A Matador to Chickens in Old Fair Oaks Village - 04/28/13 07:37 AM
One of my favorite places to have breakfast in the Greater Sacramento Region is not far from my home.  So, when my daughter suggested we meet there this morning, I gladly found my way over to The Village Bistro in quaint and charming Old Fair Oaks Village. 
While the food is always great at The Bistro, the relaxed, unusual atmosphere of Fair Oaks Village is different than any other place for miles around.  Although the time was 9:30 am or so, not a clock on the main drag, or in front of the Bistro registered the correct time.  And, everyone in … (17 comments)

myrl jeffcoat: Dwelling in a Family of RockStars! - 04/25/13 01:44 PM
WHEW!  I don’t know exactly what it is about this time of year, but life seems to take on a life of its own. 
A recent soiree of activity has made me feel like a mere mortal, dwelling in a family of Rock Stars!
Last evening, my grandson, Ryan had his Eagle Scout Court of Honor.  So as you can imagine, it was a special event for our family!
A slide show presentation of Ryan’s life along the way was fascinating to watch.  So many accomplishments packed into his 17 years.  In addition to making Eagle Scout, which only a small percentage of … (31 comments)

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