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I am a life long resident of the Greater Sacramento area, and have been a Realtor since 1981. Whether your real estate needs are entry level or executive level, I have the experience to give you the professionalism, you deserve. If you are currently thinking of buying or selling a home, please give me a call. I will be happy to assist you with any real estate needs you have. GreatWest Real Estate is also an excellent relocation resource. Should your move be local or global, I have the resources to give you the best assistance possible.
As real estate professionals, we sometimes ask ourselves, or assess what is appropriate to write about and share in a blog.  I know a decade ago, in my beginning years of blogging, I pondered those questions.  Right off the bat, I realized topics of politics and religion shouldn't be part of my b...
Sacramento County experienced a 21.7% increase in number of homes listed FOR SALE in March 2018 vs. the same month a year ago. For the same period there was a -5.3% decrease in homes SOLD. Pending Sales increased 6..3%. Interest rates continue to remain reasonably low.  For those able to find sui...
I'm really trying to figure out what it is I'm missing with the Facebook data breach by Cambridge Analytica story. Facebook is a free service, it doesn't collect social security numbers or credit card numbers. And, most of my friends don't even include their birthdates or addresses in their profi...
(Slide Show has 7 images)It is during this time each year, that I enjoy visiting a special place in the Greater Sacramento region. That place is the Phoenix Park Vernal Pools, cradled quietly in the community of Fair Oaks. These naturally occurring pools are an ever-changing canvas each spring. D...
I was heartbroken to learn that Amador County’s Daffodil Hill won’t be opening this year. It has become a family tradition to try and visit each year. However, recent storms which have come to our area of California, have taken their toll on this beautiful experience. The good news – There’s alwa...
Sacramento County experienced a 15.7% increase in number of homes listed FOR SALE in February 2018 vs. the same month a year ago. For the same period there was a 6.5% increase in homes SOLD. Pending Sales increased 21.3%. Interest rates continue to remain reasonably low.  For those able to find s...
My daughters, Tami and Jill, graduated from St. Francis High School here in Sacramento. So did Greta Gerwig, who wrote and directed the autobiographic Oscar nominated movie, "Lady Bird." The flick has garnered five Academy Award nominations. This evening, my girls are attending the party at their...
It had been awhile since ActiveRainer, Elizabeth Weintraub and I had shared any time together, so when she made a suggestion we visit Frasinetti’s Winery for lunch today, I was all in! Frasinetti's Winery is Sacramento's oldest family owned and operated winery established in 1897, and is a deligh...
The Greater Sacramento Region rarely receives snow, although we sometimes experience hail. However, I was perplexed this morning, when a local newscaster, reported the Natomas area had received as much as 4 inches of “graupel.” I had never heard that term before. So, with curiosity getting the be...
Off and on, since last autumn, I have been on a mission to relocate a population of masked invaders, who seem to believe they have property rights to my backyard.  I have a small fish pond which acts as their private Sushi bar, while they cavort in the water, as if they believe it to be the Jacuz...

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