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Maybe "bulletproof" is not the correct word. According to Merriam-Webster, it means impenetrable to bullets; not subject to correction, alteration, or modification; invincible. Unfortunately, short sale transactions are flogged or battered by problems: one of the largest being that the impatient ...
This is a follow up to my blog post yesterday on Bank of America's new short sale policies. If you missed the post and do not feel like clicking on the link, the deal is that Bank of America announced that they will be more lenient when acting in the junior position on short sales (details in the...
Here's a scary fact. It's an old one, but I think it is still applicable. In a 2006 survey, the NAR found that 86% of home buyers and sellers stated that they would use their real estate agent again. However . . . only 11% actually did. Why does this happen? Well, the most obvious answer is that ...
I'm not sure whether this is good news or not, but Bank of America has announced new policies with regard to short sales. Maybe it would be better called a small breath of fresh air. Here's the link, followed by my commentary: Investor Report: Bank of America Short Sales Perhaps they do not have...
If you are interested in hiking with great views, and enjoy a few hours out in the Southern California weather, Elfin Forest is worth checking out. Elfin Forest is a rural community just east of San Elijo Hills in San Marcos, and extending into the western part of Escondido. This is a residentia...
Attention homeowners! There is a lot of information in the media right now about the housing market, about President Obama's plans to help homeowners facing tough times, and about options available when you are having trouble making mortgage payments. In this short blog, I will attempt to clarify...
I picked up Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior at a used book sale. It was published in 1979, and has probably been revised many times since then. Just wanted to share a few paragraphs that will bring you back to the days before cellphones and the Internet. Enjoy! "It is alway...
This is just a reminder to all those out there who are working short sales and being bullied by negotiators or processors at the lending institutions. When you call the bank to work on your short sale, always remember that when the property reverts to the bank, it becomes a non-performing asset. ...
So, you probably already know that I am pretty new to the blogging scene. And, I've noticed that many of the comments include Internet acronyms (I guess that is what they are called)--you know, chat or instant messaging language. About a month ago, I finally realized that lol means laugh out loud...
I know that lots of you are already aware of this, but I just want to post for those less familiar with short sales. Whether you are a listing agent negotiating a short sale or a seller getting ready to venture down the short sale road, it is important to know what is and/or will be required by t...

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