blogs: Content Is King and I Am the Queen - 09/27/10 02:13 PM
Just a little while ago as I was reading my daily dose of real estate related blog posts, I happened upon a post by a real estate agent and novice blogger who says that he is writing 5-7 posts per day. (By the way, I still consider myself a novice but this individual is even newer to the novitiate than myself.) But, in any case, my point is that five posts per day is a lot of posts. I do not think that it would be possible for me to have a life with some semblance of normalcy and post five … (52 comments)

blogs: Is Your Blog Another Balloon Boy Story? - 03/06/10 07:04 AM
I was watching some political commentary on television last night and that prompted some thoughts on my part about the use of the Internet to obtain business or website hits vs. the importance of the Internet in conveying truth to the masses. (Wake up. This is an important topic.)
Several months ago there was a great deal of media hype about "balloon boy." And, this past week, the media repeated the same story over and over-a story about a young boy who allegedly did some air-traffic controlling when he accompanied his father to work. While I am not negating the fact … (7 comments)

blogs: How to Write a Blog Post that Attracts Readers - 09/27/09 07:19 AM
Hello, friends. I've been active on "the rain" for about six months now, and I am constantly struggling to figure out how to write a blog post that will attract readers.
If you've read some of my blog posts, you already know that I have certain areas of expertise. One of my lesser known areas of expertise is actually writing (not blogging, but writing). I have a graduate degree in English with an emphasis in the teaching of writing. When I was an easterner, I taught college level writing for about a decade. But, hence, that was in the era before … (5 comments)

blogs: Approaching 100,000 and Still Have Unanswered Questions - 09/04/09 10:46 AM
Periodically, I post AR blogs with questions. I've found that I get the very best answers come from the AR blogging community. I'm approaching 100k points, and my questions are getting more sophisticated. My very first featured post was one where I asked about how to add a signature that actually looks like it's handwritten. Then . . . just a few weeks ago, AR finally added the automatic signature which is totally awesome (yes, I am a Valley girl.) Anyway . . . here is my latest list of unanswered questions. I've already done a little research and even searched … (8 comments)

blogs: Approaching 100,000: Is It All Worth It? - 09/04/09 10:32 AM
I began blogging on Active Rain in March of this year-just 6 months ago. And, time does fly when you are having fun. I'm at around 92,000 points today. With some bonus points owed me for a series that I wrote, I think I may see 100k in just a few days.
Is it time consuming? I am still learning a lot and still have some questions that need answering. The short answer is Yes, It is time consuming if you do it right. To do it right means that you will write at least 7 blogs per week, and write … (10 comments)

blogs: Lots of Controversy About Appropriate Language - 08/26/09 12:31 PM
I've noticed a few blogs today discussing the use of appropriate language in blog posts, particularly in titles. Apparently, Jeff Corbett's blog post which used some garlic and onions in its title offended many readers. (Garlic and onions is my husband's euphemistic way of referring to the use of foul language. I guess that there is some parallel between foul language and foul breath. Don't ask; it's his phrase.) Anyhow, as a result of the controversy, there seem to be two main questions:
Is it appropriate to use foul language in an Active Rain blog post? Is it appropriate for an … (9 comments)

blogs: Tell Us How You Really Feel - 08/07/09 09:56 AM
Some really great dialogues happen on Active Rain. And, there is an interesting one going on right now between Michael Clarkson and Jon Zolsky.
Clarkson's blog post, entitled Realtors®/Brokers - NEWS FLASH !!!! YOU ARE NOT ATTORNEYS!!!!! has prompted a good number of Active Rain members to get a little bit testy. And, to add fuel to the fire, Jon Zolsky's featured post I Refuse To Shut Up. I Refuse To Be A Robot sends many members (who had not yet read the original piece) to join the dialogue.
First off, I want to say Kudos to Mr. Clarkson for taking … (4 comments)

blogs: Blog Etiquette: Is it really called 'blogtiquette'? - 07/22/09 09:56 AM
Even though I would like to be on Active Rain daily, I am not. However, I do comment very regularly and attempt to post as much as humanly possible. Since I've been an aspiring blogger for a few months now, I've noticed some commonalities, some trends, and some things which have prompted me to wonder about appropriate social networking behavior.
So . . . I've done a little bit of research on appropriate blogtiquette. Feel free to breeze through my Emily Post-style rules, but if you want to make a negative comment, see rule #3 below before commenting.
Use correct spelling, grammar and … (11 comments)

blogs: Ten Tips for Growing Your Blogging Community - 06/09/09 03:29 PM
Many of you who have happened on this post are probably already savvy bloggers. But, I stumbled upon this list of 10 tips for growing your blogging community in Susannah Gardner and Shane Birley's reference manual, Blogging for Dummies. Whether you are an expert or a "newb", you may like to have a read:
Write. Garner states, "If you're writing actively in your blog, do the same thing in the comments you get on your posts by joining the conversations that start within the comments." Reply. Always reply to questions that are asked of you--either via email or in the comments. Visit and Participate.Garner … (10 comments)

blogs: Ignorance Is not Bliss: Some Questions on Blogging - 04/20/09 09:28 AM
Attention savvy AR bloggers!
I have been trying out blogging here on AR for about 1 month. Things seem to be going pretty well; I've met a lot of nice people, received some good feedback, and made some business connections. That's the goal, right?
But . . . I have so much more to learn and am drafting this blog after reading "Maureen you ignorant dinosaur" and a featured follow up response by Richard Weisser. From reading Richard's blog, I understand that the best blogs are those that provide information--unfortunately, this one does not meet that criteria, as I need help.

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