business practices: Staying Safe as a Realtor® This Year - 07/11/19 02:31 PM
I hate it when I see articles like this in the news. First of all I hate it because I hate seeing women targeted at any time, especially when they are being professionals and running a business.
Secondly, I hate it because it gives men a sense that they are not at risk as Realtors®. Yes, some criminals target women specifically, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take safety precautions as well.
It’s unfortunate we live in a world where we have to talk about preventing crime while we do our jobs, but here we are. Here are some ways you can stay safe this … (13 comments)

business practices: Being a Pro Realtor®: Using Voicemail Effectively - 08/08/18 04:44 PM
Have you ever tried to reach a professional and realized that this is the third time you’ve left a voicemail – with no response?
It happens, and unfortunately it happens in real estate. Yes, we’re busy, but that’s no excuse not to have proper professional voicemail.
The good news is that if you use voicemail effectively, not only will clients be impressed, but you will be able to run your business more effectively!
Having a Great GreetingTake a step back for a minute and think about your client’s perspective. They are nervous. They are trusting you with a major financial transaction.
What would help them when it comes to … (19 comments)

business practices: Avoiding Real Estate Email Scams - 02/25/17 01:00 PM
As business owners, real estate agents have a lot of their professional information online. It’s easy to find, and unfortunately, that means it’s easy to abuse.
Sometimes you can’t stop someone from using your professional information in a wrong way, but you can help report the issue and avoid falling victim to scams using other Realtors'® professional information.
An Iowa Realtor®, Wendy Dietz, has been dealing with a nightmare email scam for over a year. A scammer created fake email addresses under her name and has been emailing other real estate agents claiming to have customers interested in their listings. Those who were responded were sent … (1 comments)

business practices: Properly using "REALTOR®" in Your Marketing - 08/24/16 12:07 AM

The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) has registered a trademark on REALTOR®, and they’re very serious about protecting that trademark. Properly using “REALTOR®” in your marketing can save you from a lot of headaches, problems, and financial liability.
If you do misuse the term REALTOR® in any of your print marketing, social media or website name or materials, or email communication, NAR can take action against you. These actions range from a simple letter asking you to correct the problem, to actually having your social media account or website shut down.
Keep in mind that NAR’s goal is to stop the misuse of the … (26 comments)

business practices: Marketing Habits of Successful Realtors® - 06/12/16 08:06 AM

Successful Realtors® have the same number of hours in a day as struggling ones. The difference is the most successful ones have built amazing habits to fill those 24 hours – and that includes their marketing habits.
Sure, successful people can invest more money into their marketing campaigns and grow their success to even greater heights. It’s a virtuous circle when you’re on the right side of it.
But there are a number of good habits and things you can do that don’t cost you any money. They just take a bit of your time and commitment.
So here are some free habits that … (0 comments)

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