facebook marketing: What to Post on Facebook – Content for a Month! - 08/20/19 10:49 PM
If you’re like a lot of real estate agents, you know you need to engage with your connections on social media. However, beyond putting up your listings and hoping folks share them, you might not know what to do.
The good news is there are a lot of resources that can help you. In this post, I’ll share with you how to find content to post for a WHOLE MONTH! 
That should get you started!
By the way, one of the ideas is posting helpful images like recipes. Want a free social media image recipe? Click here!
Getting StartedSo one of the secrets of this strategy is … (23 comments)

facebook marketing: A 3 Step Real Estate Farming Strategy For Success in 2019 - 12/29/18 05:28 PM
Everyone has heard of real estate farming, but few agents are consistent in their approach. Unfortunately, a scattershot approach that’s done occasionally (or “when you have time”) is not going to be successful.
This leads some real estate agents to decide that farming is not a successful strategy. Nothing could be further from the truth! You just need a system that you implement consistently.
Here’s a real estate farming strategy to implement in 2019. If you stay consistent with it, by this time next year your target neighborhood will know your name and be starting to know, like, and trust you!
Use Monthly Farming … (4 comments)

facebook marketing: Going Live: Real Estate Videos That Will Help You Stand Out - 09/28/18 01:22 PM
Having a healthy marketing mix includes taking full advantage of social media. This means getting videos out there – but don’t be shy!
You don’t have to dress fancy or get a professional video crew to be present on social media. Simply go live on Facebook, be yourself, and try some of these awesome real estate video ideas!
Videos Highlighting Your Farm AreaYou are an expert on your target market area – why not show it off? Walk around the area and do live video of key areas.
For instance, highlight a local park and talk about how convenient it is to be able to bring … (5 comments)

facebook marketing: A New Kind of Real Estate Facebook Marketing - 08/14/18 11:09 AM
Are you looking for something new – out of the ordinary – for your Facebook marketing?
There are SO many options. You can create a locally-focused Facebook group to share your expertise. You can use paid ads, targeted to folks who might move soon. You can share questions and humor on your Facebook page.
But you can also stand out by being completely different – using Facebook chatbots to engage with prospects!
The Power of Facebook MessengerThe Messenger chat app passed 1.2 billion users last April, so there’s no telling how many more people use it today. Messenger isn’t just for friends keeping up, either – … (23 comments)

facebook marketing: Rock Your Real Estate Social Media Presence - Facebook - 07/03/18 01:08 PM
Do you ever feel like real estate social media is just a blur of information? You’re not alone – your prospects probably feel the same way!
There are millions of social media message posted each day on Facebook alone, much less on other platforms. Fortunately, there are ways to stand out. Try these tips to rock your real estate social media presence today!
Choose One or Two PlatformsIt’s not popular advice, but the simple truth is that you cannot afford to spread yourself too thin. If you’re new to social media or have an especially busy workload, choose to market yourself on only … (21 comments)

facebook marketing: Getting Started in Real Estate Marketing: Social Media - 09/23/17 12:09 PM
This post may contain affiliate links. We truly love, use, and recommend the best!We talked last time about getting started with direct mail. Finding a farm, getting regular mailings moving, and staying consistent are all vital.
But that’s only one part of real estate marketing. Another major component is social media marketing.
Social Media: Everyone’s Doing ItWhile “everyone’s doing it” is a bad reason to do most things, it’s a GREAT reason to market on social media. The truth is that everyone is there.
79% of internet users are on Facebook 32% of internet users are on Instagram 31% of internet users are on … (1 comments)

facebook marketing: How to Keep Up with Social Media - 07/29/17 01:25 PM
This post may contain affiliate links. We truly love, use, and recommend the best!Recently I posted about how incredible Facebook Live can be for real estate. I am so grateful for all the responses we got! It did bring up a common question, though.
“How do you keep up with all the social media options available?!”
Great question! There are two primary methods that keep our social media humming at Printerbees.
Choose Your Social Media CarefullyStep one is deciding which social media outlets are best for your company. For Realtors®, visual outlets are excellent. That means Instagram, Pinterest, and video are all great choices.
I also recommend Facebook … (3 comments)

facebook marketing: Using Facebook Live for Real Estate Marketing - 07/14/17 08:00 PM
Social media is an incredible resource for Realtors®, and Facebook is one of the best. Not only can you run highly focused, targeted ads, but you can also post videos, GIFs, photographs, and more.
Using Facebook Live is another amazing marketing avenue. People love watching live video, and the video stays on Facebook even after you’re finished so people can watch it anytime.
Here are a few ways to leverage Facebook Live in your real estate marketing.
Virtual Open HousesIf you’re tired of putting time and money into open houses that get two visitors, there are other options. Facebook Live can help you reach … (39 comments)

facebook marketing: Real Estate Marketing with Facebook Stories - 05/17/17 06:31 PM
Edited to add: Facebook stories is available from the Facebook app when you're using a mobile phone. Sorry I wasn't clear about that!
Facebook continues to introduce new features to stay ahead of the competition. Most recently, this included the introduction of Facebook Stories. These stories allow you to add pictures and videos into a sequence that your Facebook friends can view once, within 24 hours of when it’s posted.
Can Facebook Stories be used for real estate marketing? It can if you have the right goals in mind.
Using Facebook Stories for Real Estate MarketingAs of right now, Stories are only available on … (26 comments)

facebook marketing: Using a Facebook Page in Your Real Estate Business - 02/11/17 11:09 AM
There are so many options for using social media to promote real estate that it’s dizzying. I should say up front that I’m not saying you have to do it all.
I always suggest that Realtors® combine their print marketing with social media in ways that make sense:
Where does your target demographic spend the most time? How much time and money do you have for the social media part of your marketing? Why Facebook?Facebook can be a good choice for Realtors® for several reasons:
There is a wide range of ages and a good mix of gender. The largest age demographic, ages 25 … (4 comments)

facebook marketing: Tips for Using Social Media to Sell a Home - 02/08/17 08:17 PM
Combining online and offline marketing is essential to any real estate marketing strategy. A combination of marketing postcards, website marketing, and social media will help you win every time.
Many Realtors® aren’t sure how to approach selling a home on social media. You may share listings on your personal page and possibly on a business page. That’s a good start, but there’s so much more you can do.
A Facebook Page for Real Estate in Your Farm AreaMost Realtors® have an area or neighborhood that they specialize in or would like to work in primarily. To make this a banner year, start now. … (0 comments)

facebook marketing: Transform Your Real Estate Marketing with Facebook Ads - 10/27/16 09:26 AM
Are you using Facebook ads to their full potential? If you’re like 75% of respondents in a 2015 Inman survey, the answer is no.
That’s very unfortunate, because the leads you get from Facebook can be some of the best leads you get anywhere. They are highly targeted and, when done well, ready to buy.
If you’re ready to discover how to transform your real estate marketing with Facebook ads, you’re in the right place.
Go Beyond GeographyThe #1 mistake that Realtors® make in using Facebook ads is that they geographically focus their ad, but that’s all.
The power of Facebook ads goes far beyond simple geography. Facebook now partners … (3 comments)

facebook marketing: 10 Ways to Use Facebook for Real Estate - 09/07/16 02:17 PM

Coming up with the best possible real estate marketing strategy can be an ongoing process. But the one thing that should always be a constant in any marketing plan is a solid presence on social media.
And that includes a designated real estate Facebook page.
Because approximately 72% of adults who are active online have a Facebook account that they use regularly – and, as a marketer, you’ll get the best return on your investment when you send your marketing message directly to where your target market is already hanging out.
So how can you make the most out of your real estate Facebook page? To … (9 comments)

facebook marketing: Pro Tips to Take Your Facebook Presence to the Next Level - 11/11/15 12:49 PM

In earlier posts, I’ve written about how to get more Facebook followers and what you can post on your Facebook page (Part 1, Part 2). While you can’t let Facebook – or any non-owned social media or website – be your primary home base, it can still be a powerful part of your real estate marketing strategy. Here are some pro tips that will help you take your Facebook presence to the next level as you build your real estate business.
Add a Like Box to Your WebsiteDid you know that you can add a Like Box to your website, and that website visitors can … (4 comments)

facebook marketing: Posting Your Listings On FaceBook...Updated - 06/18/10 12:03 PM
I have learned more about the Facebook Marketplace and wanted to share in the event you weren't able to find it in your FaceBook. One of my clients couldn't find the link, so I really had to hunt to find it for him myself. Here is where you will find it: Log in to your facebook. Down the left side column you will see a list of applications that may or may not include the Facebook Marketplace (icon is to the left). If you don't see it there, click on the little icon that says "applications" and it will bring you … (2 comments)

facebook marketing: Are you posting your listings on Facebook? In the Facebook Marketplace??? - 06/10/10 07:55 AM
If you are one of the agents who has one of the 51,000 listings posted on Facebook, then this post will seem obvious and redundant to you.  If not, you should definitely read on....
Facebook has "The Marketplace" where many real estate agents post their listings.  The wonderful part about the way Facebook works is that those listings show up to "your social circle" anytime someone in your circle enters The Marketplace.  Right at the top of the page in my experience.
If you are not using Facebook as a means to attract prospective buyers and to market to your sphere … (5 comments)

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