fsbo marketing: Can You Explain Your Commission? - 10/07/19 06:38 PM
The internet has multiplied competition in real estate. Instead of competing against Realtors® from your immediate area, you’re competing with folks from all over the state and even country offering to help buyers and sellers.
As a result, there’s been downward pressure on commissions. A lot of agents are offering extremely low commissions – of course, for cut-rate service. But that can be hard to see when you’re a seller fearful of costs.
As a professional full-service Realtor®, what can you do to help sellers understand your value – and your commission?
Here are some tips.
Explain the Commission SplitSome sellers think that if they … (17 comments)

fsbo marketing: Don’t Be a “Secret Agent” in 2019: Get More Listings - 12/27/18 10:23 PM
Getting listings is a vital part of building your business. A lot of new agents focus on being buyer’s agents when they first start, and as a result they end up being a Secret Agent.
A Secret Agent is the one the public has no idea is involved in the transaction. Whose name is on the sign? Whose name is on the social media ads about the home? Whose name is on the website promoting the property?
The listing agent.
Every. Time.
If you’re ready to stop being a secret agent, it’s time to build the listing side of your business. Here’s how to get more listings … (7 comments)

fsbo marketing: Reaching FSBOs in the Fall and Winter - 11/01/18 04:04 PM
Sometimes real estate agents get a little hopeless during this time of year. There aren’t a lot of people buying and selling homes and it can be hard to get business.
Consistent marketing can help keep your business moving even during slower times. In addition, you can keep an eye out for folks who are selling homes on their own, and reach out with offers to help.
Of course, you won’t be the only person offering assistance. Here’s how to stand out from the others.
Understand Your WorthWhen you speak to someone who’s planning to sell their home on their own, are you confident that they … (4 comments)

fsbo marketing: An Unusual Way to Reach FSBOs - 05/15/18 09:13 PM
How do you reach out to a FSBO?
If you’re like many Realtors®, you’re going to call. After all, the early bird gets the worm, right? So if you call quickly, you might beat out other agents.
Each FSBO is inundated with calls. If you want to stand out, consider a different approach.
Define the Benefit to the HomeownerThere’s always going to be someone trying to convince homeowners to sell without an agent. You need to think about why that’s appealing.
Many homeowners are trying to save money. How can you address that? Perhaps by pointing out that you can earn them far more than they … (7 comments)

fsbo marketing: 4 Ways to Approach a FSBO to Win the Listing - 01/25/18 10:48 AM
As soon as the weather gets warmer, you’re going to see it. Signs listing homes for sale, with the dreaded words "By Owner” in bold.
A FSBO represents a lost opportunity – both for Realtors® and sellers. Of course a real estate agent misses out on the chance to sell a home and build their portfolio and reputation. But the seller loses out too.
Many FSBO homes receive much lower offers than a traditionally marketed one. They aren’t well negotiated, and the lack of expertise regarding paperwork, inspections, and closing can leave the homeowner in a mess.
The question is, how do you approach a FSBO to show them … (14 comments)

fsbo marketing: The Art of the Deal: Marketing to FSBOs - 05/30/17 10:39 PM
When I see a FSBO sign in someone’s yard, I always feel a bit sorry for them. Not in a condescending way, simply because I know they are leaving money on the table. And because I know they are getting themselves in over their heads.
Homeowners don’t seem to understand everything it takes to close a deal. I think that represents a huge marketing opportunity as you reach out to FSBOs this summer. Letting a seller know who has to be involved in a home transaction and what it takes to make things go smoothly can really open their eyes.
First Part of … (2 comments)

fsbo marketing: Handling Objections From an FSBO - 05/19/16 08:35 AM

There’s a reason FSBO (For Sale by Owner) home sales have dropped from 19% to 8% over the last 20 years. It’s often not worth it to sellers.
But there are still those stubborn few who think they can save time, money or hassle by selling their own home. It’s your job to show them the many flaws in that plan.
So let’s examine a few common things your typical FSBO seller will tell you, and how to handle their objection.
For Sale By Owner Seller Says: “This Will Save Me Money”They assume that your only function is to put your hand in their pocket and … (1 comments)

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