habits: The Secret to Consistency in Marketing (And Life)! - 01/09/20 02:43 PM
We’re in the first half of January and it’s the season of high hopes that you can implement positive changes into your life and business.
…And it’s the season of kinda knowing in the back of your mind that this never works.
But why doesn’t it work? And is it possible to actually have lasting change?
Let’s take a look.
Why Do People Fail at Goals So Often?It seems like everyone truly wants to be a better person. So why is it that we stay pretty much the same, year after year?
The reason has to do with how people set goals. Even the best goal-setters:
Set goals that are too … (3 comments)

habits: 5 Small Things Successful Realtors Do Every Day - 08/08/17 12:38 AM
This post may contain affiliate links. We truly love, use, and recommend the best!Many times, we think of success of something that happens in one big event. We get a killer listing and get an amazing payday. A Realtor® gets coverage in the news, and suddenly they have great visibility and tons of new clients.
The truth is, though, that success is something that happens in little steps every day. The “overnight” achievements that we see are the results of hundreds of small behind-the-scenes actions. Day after day, here are the habits that can bring you the wins you’re looking for.
Consistent MarketingIf … (53 comments)

habits: When Success Isn’t Glamorous - 04/19/17 12:26 AM
If you watch shows like Million Dollar Listing, you’d think that success as a real estate agent is full of glamor. Expensive suits, huge deals, and fancy dinners dominate the shows.
As we all know, of course, real success in our businesses doesn’t look that at all. Many times it’s much more gritty, difficult, and frankly, boring.
Doing the decidedly “unpretty” work of consistent marketing requires discipline. It requires putting your ego behind you and being willing to get out and risk rejection. It means doing the “boring” traditional marketing work day in and day out.
Winning by Doing the WorkAmanda Le began with … (7 comments)

habits: Marketing Habits of Successful Realtors® - 06/12/16 08:06 AM

Successful Realtors® have the same number of hours in a day as struggling ones. The difference is the most successful ones have built amazing habits to fill those 24 hours – and that includes their marketing habits.
Sure, successful people can invest more money into their marketing campaigns and grow their success to even greater heights. It’s a virtuous circle when you’re on the right side of it.
But there are a number of good habits and things you can do that don’t cost you any money. They just take a bit of your time and commitment.
So here are some free habits that … (0 comments)

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