marketing plan: Tips to Plan Your 2019 Real Estate Marketing - 12/19/18 03:18 PM
If you’re like me, things are a little CRAZY for you right now! Between the family obligations, travel, getting and wrapping presents, and much more, you’re probably very busy.
And that’s even WITHOUT considering your business.
As we move through the holiday and into the new year, though, your focus will return. And will you be ready? If you’ve made a 2019 real estate marketing plan, you will be!
Here’s what you need to know to work on your marketing for next year.
Pick Your Marketing MixThere are two things that make real estate marketing successful – having a mix of approaches, and being CONSISTENT … (4 comments)

marketing plan: Why December is the BEST Month For Your Business - 12/09/18 07:34 AM
Happy December!
Did you know that this is the absolute BEST month for your business?
Yes, even though in many parts of the country it’s cold and grey. The real estate market in your area may be especially slow.
So how can it possibly be the best month for your business?
There are two key reasons. Here they are!
It’s Time to Plan For Future SuccessSuccess in 2019 won’t just happen on its own. You have to plan for it and know exactly how you’re going to make it work.
December is the PERFECT time to do that. If the market is slow in your area, use … (13 comments)

marketing plan: One Step to Save You Hundreds on Postcard Marketing - 01/23/18 11:51 AM
Would you like to save money on your postcard marketing?
Does a bear have hair? Is the Pope Catholic? Of course you would!
I’ve got a little secret that will save you hundreds this year – and bring in the returns you hoped for when you bought the mailings in the first place.
It’s kinda simple. But, folks don’t do it!!
Mail Your Postcards on Time, Every Time!!When I was in real estate before the 2008 crash, I was always amazed when I walked through my real estate office.
There were piles and piles of unsent postcard marketing sitting everywhere. People would buy farming postcards and never send them. They would buy Just Listed postcards and sell … (3 comments)

marketing plan: Why December is Perfect for Investing in Your Marketing - 12/01/17 09:32 AM
I can think of a lot of things December is perfect for.
Hot chocolate. Christmas carols. Shopping. Gingersnaps. Family.
Oh, and investing in your real estate marketing! 
Now before you tell me I’ve had a little too much eggnog for my own good, let me explain. December is a perfect time to invest in marketing – for several reasons.
Get Your Year Off to a Great Start!First and foremost, investing in your marketing in December allows you to get your year off to a great start. Whether you want to revamp your branding, rework your website, or just refresh your business cards, nothing feels better than hitting … (7 comments)

marketing plan: Creating Your 2018 Real Estate Marketing Plan - 10/21/17 06:51 PM
This post may contain affiliate links. We truly love, use, and recommend the best!Last week I talked about real estate marketing trends for 2018. However, trends only take you so far. You need an honest-to-goodness PLAN if you want your 2018 real estate marketing to bring you success.
To many of us do things in a scattered way – we may send a postcard, then post a couple times on Facebook, send one email, and wonder why things aren’t working. The reality is you need to be consistent with your marketing.
So how do you make that happen?
The Three-Month Marketing PlanLet’s just be realistic … (4 comments)

marketing plan: How to Find Time For Consistent Real Estate Marketing - 01/13/17 07:15 PM
Recently on Facebook someone asked, “In one word, what do you wish you had more of?” Almost everyone had the same answer, “time.”
Everyone feels like they don’t have enough time, and it’s especially true for Realtors®. Keeping up with your market, showing properties to buyers, marketing listings, keeping up with paperwork, finding time to eat and see your family, and more… who has time for marketing yourself?
You do. And here’s how.
It’s All About the RocksYou’ve certainly seen this story before, but stick with me.
A professor of philosophy stood before his class with some items in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly he picked … (3 comments)

marketing plan: 5 Steps for Creating Your Real Estate Marketing Plan - 03/02/15 07:46 AM
A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Do you create a marketing plan for your real estate business each year? If not, you are almost certainly leaving a lot of customers and money on the table. A real estate marketing plan shows you how your business goals will become reality. When you write it down, it’s a concrete document that will remind you of what you set out to accomplish and what you still need to do to get there.
Many Realtors® don’t write a plan because they aren’t sure where to start. Others may feel they don’t … (0 comments)

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