note cards: Using Thank Yous to Win Business - 04/02/19 07:46 PM
Do you say “Thanks” enough?
If you’re like most of us, you probably don’t. There are so many times when someone does something for you that you end up taking a lot of it for granted.
Because we all do this, a sincere “Thank you” can really make a big impression on someone. This is even more true if you put it in writing.
How can you use the power of thanks to boost your business? Here are some tips.
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note cards: The Power of a Thank You Note - 09/21/18 01:24 PM
Most of us think of a thank you note as a courtesy, a thing we’re doing when we’re being polite.
Sometimes it’s a thing that we dread doing – or skip altogether.
What we don’t realize, though, is that thank you notes are extremely powerful to those who receive them.
Research shows that we dramatically underestimate the positive impact we can have when we say thanks. For Realtors®, having this kind of positive impact can mean a lot for your business.
Discover how you can not only make a positive difference in someone’s life, but also build your business, through the simple tool of thank you notes.
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note cards: How to Build Your Real Estate Business with Referrals - 07/24/18 01:23 PM
One of the best marketing resources you have in real estate is the confidence of past clients. Recommendations from friends and family are the most credible form of advertising for consumers around the world.
So how do you harness this powerful resource to grow your real estate business? You have to have a system and be consistent with it.
Here are some other tips to help you generate more referrals!
Be Specific
One important tip is to always ask a specific question. Instead of, “Do you know anyone who..?” ask something like, “Do you know any other parents who..?” Or “Do you know anyone at work who…?”
This … (5 comments)

note cards: Win Business by Saying Thanks - 04/08/17 09:16 AM
When you were young, your parents may have made you write thank you cards to relatives for Christmas and birthday gifts. If you were like most kids, you hated it.
As adults in 2017, we often don’t think of writing thank you cards anymore. We may say a quick “thanks” or provide gifts when expected, but the handwritten notecard is almost extinct.
But it doesn’t have to be. And bringing back hand-written real estate thank you cards in your business can help you win clients and build your brand.
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note cards: The Power of a Written Note - 12/18/15 06:05 AM

When was the last time you received a written note? Not an email or a text message, but a genuine, real handwritten note.
It’s probably been quite a while, but try your best to think back. How did receiving something so personal and so thoughtful make you feel?
Valued? Appreciated? Connected?
Often times those are the very feelings that are lost, or at the very least not conveyed well, through the standard text messages of our digital world. Don’t get me wrong, technology can definitely be a wonderful thing, but sometimes it’s important to take a step back and refocus on the basics.
Like sending … (3 comments)

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