print marketing: 5 Tools That Will Boost Your Business in 2020 - 10/31/19 07:08 PM
This post may contain affiliate links. We truly love, use, and recommend the best!Tis the season to plan your business for next year!
Yes, we are all looking at upcoming holidays (and if you need help with holiday gifts, sign up for our coupons & email list TODAY! We’re about to send a BUNCH of gift ideas).
But there’s still work to do, and you want to make sure your business is ready for 2020. The good news is there are a lot of business tools you can use to make things much easier. Here are some ideas!
Email Service ProviderYou probably know this, but you can’t send … (3 comments)

print marketing: How to Become a Neighborhood Expert - 06/26/19 06:36 PM
As a Realtor®, you know that becoming the go-to agent in a neighborhood is challenging. It all comes down to implementing the right marketing plan. You need a strong marketing mix that allows you to connect to your prospects in a variety of ways.
If you serve huge markets like Dallas, New York, Chicago, and other metro areas, you might be struggling to become a local expert. While the competition may be tough, setting your ground is easier than you think.
Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. We’ll tell you everything about the best strategies to become the go-to agent … (4 comments)

print marketing: Setting Up a Successful Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy - 06/14/19 10:06 AM
How do you connect with prospects to create customers? 
If you’re successful in real estate, you don’t have only one answer to this question. You already know that you need to meet people where they are, and you also know that people spend time in multiple places both online and in daily life.
The more often someone sees your marketing message, the more they will internalize that you are a successful and reputable professional. That brand recognition will go a long way when they decide to buy or sell a home.
There are two keys to setting up a successful multi-channel marketing strategy – consistency and meeting … (0 comments)

print marketing: Why it Pays to Go Pro with Real Estate Marketing - 02/13/18 03:22 PM
Are you trying to save money by printing and designing your own real estate marketing?
If so, STOP!
There are so many great reasons to go pro with your marketing. Here are just a few.
Professional Marketing Shows Your ValueYou know how clients are always wondering if you’re worth your commission?
If you don’t use professional marketing for your real estate business, you’re telling them “I’m not worth it!”
Here’s why:
Amateur marketing shows you don’t take your business seriously – why should they? Low-budget marketing also shows what they can expect when they list with you – which is a cut-rate effort. No one wants … (2 comments)

print marketing: A Mix of Marketing Methods for Real Estate - 08/15/17 02:39 PM
This post may contain affiliate links. We truly love, use, and recommend the best!No matter what you’re selling, you need a multi-pronged approach. There’s too much competition for limited consumer attention.
In a phrase, you need to reach your prospects where they are. 
Doing this requires a mix of marketing methods. When these are implemented consistently over time, you’ll see your business results improve dramatically.
Avenue #1: Social MediaTo borrow the words of Madonna, we’re “living in a social media world,” and the way people use their time reflects it. People seem to be looking at their phones more than ever.
If you’re going to choose … (9 comments)

print marketing: The 3 Fundamental Focuses of Real Estate Marketing - 01/17/17 09:50 PM
Do you feel like real estate marketing is complicated? Certainly there are a lot of various tactics, techniques, and activities involved in real estate marketing. But at its foundation, it’s simple.
There are actually only three fundamental focuses that make up real estate marketing. If you feel overwhelmed or don’t know where to start, consider taking just one step in each of these three areas.
#1: Print and Mail MarketingSome Realtors® consider print and mail marketing “old school,” outdated, and too expensive to pursue. The truth is, direct mail still outperforms digital channels by a significant margin.
There’s so much less competition in the mailbox than … (6 comments)

print marketing: Is Print Marketing in Real Estate Still Effective? - 11/04/16 02:32 AM
In today’s digital world, it can be tempting to write off real estate print marketing and other “old school” farming and outreach tactics as being outdated.
Surely everyone wants to receive things via email and text these days, right? And social media is surely the best way to reach your audience?
Actually, no.
Now, we’re not against email, text messaging, or social media marketing. But print marketing for real estate is far from dead.
Surprising Statistics About Print Marketing in Real EstateGood marketing has several characteristics. It is focused on the right people, has the right message, and comes at the right time.
To be well received, it must … (25 comments)

print marketing: 4 Ways to Market Real Estate Listings - 06/03/16 07:05 AM

The challenge you face in making a real estate listing is right in the name itself: Listings. By definition, your property will be displayed in a list (in either online or print) among other ads that are trying to do the exact same thing you are.
When human eyes see a series of listings, they immediately go into “Just the facts, please” mode and start scanning for the things that will jump out to them. This means they’re only looking at price, location, neighborhood or the picture. That’s your small window to grab them.
So let’s take a look at 4 things you … (1 comments)

print marketing: How to Use Real Estate Flyers to Boost Your Business - 04/13/16 06:38 AM

Any real estate agent knows that you have to constantly be building and marketing your business if you want to succeed, and one of the best ways to do this in today’s marketing is by creating and distributing real estate flyers.
That’s right – hard copy, printed-on-quality-paper, hold-in-your-hand real estate flyers. There’s just something about a physical flyer that will always be relevant, even with digital marketing trends on the rise.
Plus, a flyer will linger around on the kitchen counter of potential clients instead of being deleted or clicked away from in an Internet browser, so you will always remain at the forefront … (2 comments)

print marketing: How to Make Your Real Estate Listings Stand Out - 03/30/16 08:04 AM

There’s nothing more important that making you real estate listings stand out, especially in a market flooded with competition.
But…how can you do this?
Is there a special formula or strategy to follow that will guarantee results?
Yes and no – while it’s difficult to choose one strategy that’s guaranteed to work for everyone, there are a LOT of little things you can do to really make your real estate listings “pop” and stand out from the crowd.
To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our favorites – give some of these ideas a try today!
Showcase the Home with a Virtual TourWhat … (2 comments)

print marketing: How to Use Print Materials to Rock Your Real Estate Marketing - 02/11/16 04:41 AM

When it comes to real estate marketing, print materials such as business cards, flyers, and signage are all extremely important.
How you present your business in print can really make or break your real estate marketing strategy, so it’s best to do it all correctly the first time to avoid costly and timely mistakes along the way.
So, what can you do to really make your real estate business stand out from the competition?
Amp Up Your Real Estate Marketing with Quality Business CardsIn any business (but especially in real estate) making a great first impression is critical to your success. One way to … (0 comments)

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