social media: What to Post on Facebook – Content for a Month! - 08/20/19 10:49 PM
If you’re like a lot of real estate agents, you know you need to engage with your connections on social media. However, beyond putting up your listings and hoping folks share them, you might not know what to do.
The good news is there are a lot of resources that can help you. In this post, I’ll share with you how to find content to post for a WHOLE MONTH! 
That should get you started!
By the way, one of the ideas is posting helpful images like recipes. Want a free social media image recipe? Click here!
Getting StartedSo one of the secrets of this strategy is … (23 comments)

social media: How to Become a Neighborhood Expert - 06/26/19 06:36 PM
As a Realtor®, you know that becoming the go-to agent in a neighborhood is challenging. It all comes down to implementing the right marketing plan. You need a strong marketing mix that allows you to connect to your prospects in a variety of ways.
If you serve huge markets like Dallas, New York, Chicago, and other metro areas, you might be struggling to become a local expert. While the competition may be tough, setting your ground is easier than you think.
Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. We’ll tell you everything about the best strategies to become the go-to agent … (4 comments)

social media: How Videos Can Boost Your Real Estate Marketing - 06/19/19 11:46 PM
I recently read that some people fear public speaking more than death itself. I can certainly understand that it can be scary! We want to be liked and accepted by those we interact with, and we feel like speaking before a group – or even just being honest on social media – can threaten that.
Despite what you may think, I struggled with being open as well, until I read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. That book opened my mind to what might be possible.
How did I start? I started sharing my art. But I also started to do live videos!
It can be … (4 comments)

social media: What Realtors® Can Learn From the Facebook Crash - 03/15/19 01:42 PM
Was I the only one completely confused on Wednesday, March 13th when I couldn’t comment on anyone’s posts on Facebook? I do a lot of our marketing on social media, and I was getting odd errors all day.
Oh well. I’ll just use Instagram.
Wait, what? That’s down TOO??
I finally had to jump on Twitter to find out what was going on. It turns out all of Facebook’s properties were down, and there was no ETA.
A lot of marketers twiddled their thumbs all day. And I think that holds an important lesson for Realtors®.
You Need to Own Your Online SpaceCan you do well ONLY … (2 comments)

social media: How to Build Powerful Engagement on Facebook - 03/12/19 09:11 PM
As a Realtor®, it pays – literally – to have people talking about you. You want to be top-of-mind and you want folks to send you business and referrals.
When you think about all the noise on social media, though, it can seem difficult to get people to really promote you. You can’t afford to be slimy about it, and you certainly don’t want to pay for low-quality, spammy “fans.”
How do you get authentic conversation and relationships? Here are some tips.
Ask About the “Best”One great way to get engagement is to ask for people’s opinion. People love to share what they think … (9 comments)

social media: Generational Marketing in Real Estate - 07/18/17 09:10 PM
Do you know who your best clients are? What generation do they belong to?
This is an important question because different generations have different ideas about success, money, communication, social media, and more. If you are targeting Baby Boomers, you will need to market much differently than targeting a Millennial.
When you understand the distinctions between generations, it will help you with marketing to various age groups in real estate.
Why do Generations Matter?A generation is a group of people born around the same time as each other. This set of individuals often shares important mindsets, preferences, and values.
Of course, people differ, and nothing … (15 comments)

social media: Creative Ways to Market Real Estate Listings - 03/24/17 08:34 AM
For some reason, spring always gets me thinking about listings. It must be the warm weather and the fact that the busy season for real estate is just around the corner.
Marketing for real estate listings is something that you can develop a system for. You can make sure you always take certain steps to get the word out – Just Listed postcards, open houses, letting other Realtors® know about the property, and so on.
But I like to think outside the box too. So today, I’m sharing some creative ways to market your listings this spring.
Offer an Immersive Neighborhood ExperienceBuyers looking at real … (26 comments)

social media: Instagram for Real Estate Just Got Even Better! - 11/11/16 04:36 AM
As you know, here at Printerbees we are all about helping you make your real estate marketing effective. We specialize in print marketing, and we know that a really great marketing strategies ties print marketing and digital marketing together into a whole.
One of our favorite digital platforms we encourage Realtors® to use is Instagram. We’ve written a few posts about it before, but there’s new breaking news!
You can now add links to Instagram Stories, allowing you to direct prospects to your real estate website!!
Here’s how to capitalize on this new development.
Take Advantage of Instagram for Real EstateInstagram is a great tool for real estate … (7 comments)

social media: Six Ways to Expand Your Reach and Stand Out as a Realtor® - 09/29/16 04:38 AM

Now that the busy summer season is slowing down, it’s a good time to take stock of your business and see what worked, what didn’t, and what you might want to add. As you get ready for real estate marketing in 2017, here are six things you can do to expand your reach and stand out as a Realtor®.
Add Social Sharing to Property Listings OnlineYou probably already have a website that showcases your various listings. But do you have an easy way for viewers to share that listing with family and friends? If you add social sharing buttons, you make it … (2 comments)

social media: 5 Ways to Develop Relationships in Your Target Neighborhood - 11/20/15 12:56 AM

As a REALTOR®, marketing is the lifeblood of your business. Whereas most businesses cultivate a name or a brand, a REALTOR® is both the name and the brand. In essence, promoting your business means promoting yourself and your services in a particular market area.
So how do you promote yourself and make meaningful connections in your target neighborhood? It may sound difficult, but there are several ways you can do it. Here are five methods for cultivating effective relationships in a target neighborhood:
Put Social Media to Work for YouI’ve talked a lot about how social media can make a difference in your … (15 comments)

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