time management: Organize Your Time: The Power of Time Blocking - 08/18/19 08:28 PM
Do you ever feel like you have too much to do and not enough time?
If not, leave a comment with your secrets! 
Most people do, myself included. However, there are some powerful time management tools that can help, including one of my personal favorites – time blocking!
If you have a tendency to get distracted every time… SQUIRREL!
..Sorry! But if you’re as easily distracted as I am, you’ll love this technique.
Schedule “Meetings”The key to time blocking is simple – create blocks of time on your calendar for specific projects and then protect them and use them. 
For me, the simplest idea has been telling myself I … (4 comments)

time management: Why Do We Procrastinate? - 04/07/19 10:49 PM
One thing I see over and over when it comes to real estate marketing is that Realtors® wait until the last minute to send their marketing.
They know it’s important. They know they need to do consistent outreach to have a consistent business. But month after month, they scramble trying to pull together some marketing at the last minute.
This doesn’t just happen to Realtors®. We all procrastinate. Why? And how can we change it?
It’s Not That We Don’t KnowThe thing that’s abundantly clear is that we all know we should do the thing. We don’t need lectures about the importance of making sure our … (8 comments)

time management: Time Blocking for Real Estate Agents - 04/20/17 03:10 PM
I recently published an article about how success isn’t always glamourous. There was a lot of interest in seeing some examples of how to organize your time to get the most important things done first.
I want to start by saying that if you haven’t read Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller, I’d start there. Keller will help you understand where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there.
Once you have set your priorities, you’re ready to start doing the work. Time blocking can help.
Why Time Blocking?When we have an appointment with someone else, we protect that time … (3 comments)

time management: How to Find Time For Consistent Real Estate Marketing - 01/13/17 07:15 PM
Recently on Facebook someone asked, “In one word, what do you wish you had more of?” Almost everyone had the same answer, “time.”
Everyone feels like they don’t have enough time, and it’s especially true for Realtors®. Keeping up with your market, showing properties to buyers, marketing listings, keeping up with paperwork, finding time to eat and see your family, and more… who has time for marketing yourself?
You do. And here’s how.
It’s All About the RocksYou’ve certainly seen this story before, but stick with me.
A professor of philosophy stood before his class with some items in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly he picked … (3 comments)

time management: How a Realtor® Can Best Manage Time - 04/28/16 01:28 PM

As a Realtor®, you’re often required to wear many hats. Between marketing and promotion, generating new leads, showing houses and taking the time to follow up with your clients, sometimes it can feel like your job is never ending.
And this is especially true when you’re not managing your time properly.
But…what can you do about it?
Are there any tried and true time management methods out there for Realtors®?
The answer is most definitely yes – and here are some of my favorite time management tips.
Use Time Blocking for SchedulingAt the beginning of your week, take the time to not only create a loose schedule … (3 comments)

time management: Six Ways to Start the New Year with a Bang! - 01/03/16 10:16 PM

Who’s ready for a massive 2016?
Every results-driven Realtor® wants to improve each year. But that’s easier said than done.
So, let’s take a look at 6 high-impact/ low-cost ways to make 2016 your best year to date.
1. Stop Trying to Manage Time. Manage YourselfThis isn’t something that only Realtors® do. It’s a mistake people in every sector do.
It’s a simple mental tweak. Stop trying to get more out of the day; try to get more from yourself.
“When you view time as an external that must be managed, it’s common to feel as if you are constantly racing the clock. ‘Time’ is in control — … (2 comments)

time management: Time Management Tips for Busy Realtors® - 08/27/15 09:44 AM

If there’s one thing I know we all wish we had, it’s more time. Realtors® have a ton of demands on their time – farming, answering inquiries, marketing listings, keeping up on social media, running clients to showings, managing their budget, and keeping their important partnerships intact. No one I know thinks real estate is a 9 – 5 job. But they still find it worth the work.
Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make time management easier. Here are four. Take a look at these and see what you can implement next week – you’ll be amazed at the … (2 comments)

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