goshen gourmet: Goshen Gourmet: Gooey Butter Cake - 06/13/11 07:31 PM
Goshen Gourmet: St. Louis' Gooey Butter Cake
This is another one in a series of posts about the food culture of the St. Louis area.
If you're relocating here, we indigenous people might be eating some things that puzzle you -- or downright horrify you -- when you first see them on a plate. 
Today's installment features one of the top sweets found in this metro area along the Mississippi River -- Gooey Butter Cake.
This heart-stopping treat was created in St. Louis old-school bakeries and has been a staple of life here since at least the 1930s.  It started as … (1 comments)

goshen gourmet: Goshen Gourmet: Randy's House of Bar-B-Que Opens in Maryville, Illinois - 08/09/10 04:41 PM
Randy's House of Bar-B-Que Opens in Maryville, Illinois.
Whether you spell it "Barbecue," Bar-B-Que," "BBQ" or something altogether different, it still means smoky, meaty goodness and now it's waiting for you at a new restaurant in Maryville, Illinois.
If you've been around as long as I have, you'll remember the name "Randy" because of several previous restaurant incarnations over the years, primarily down the road from Maryville in Troy, Illinois. The name "Randy" has always meant great steaks, delicious Ranch dressing (yes, it's an odd thing to be famous for, but trust me) and now flavorful ribs, pulled pork, brisket and … (1 comments)

goshen gourmet: Goshen Gourmet: Spice Up Dinner with a Visit to L & N International Market in Edwardsville IL - 01/23/10 04:27 PM
Spice Up Dinner with a Visit to L & N International Market in Edwardsville.
We had Callaloo (Jamaican Spinach) and Hot Garlic Noodles as part of our dinner tonight thanks to one of Edwardsville's newest stores -- L & N International Market.
This small-but-powerful food lover's paradise is located at 1719 Troy Road in Edwardsville.
Operated by Nnenna Mba-Tucker (pictured here) and her husband Larry Tucker, L & N opened for business in December 2009. Since then, foodies from all across St. Louis' Illinois suburbs have been discovering the market.
Nnenna (pronounced similarly to the name "Nina") grew up in the … (0 comments)

goshen gourmet: The Goshen Gourmet Welcomes Peel Wood-Fired Pizza to Edwardsville, IL - 01/02/10 12:56 PM
The Goshen Gourmet welcomes Peel Wood-Fired Pizza to Edwardsville, IL.
Tucked away in the new development called The Park at Plum Creek on Plum Street (the new IL-159, which runs parallel to Troy Road), Peel is a welcome addition to the region.
The creative menu and casual yet-upscale ambiance set the restaurant apart immediately from the other pizza offerings in Madison County. In the wooded setting, the prairie-style, lodgey building is more  reminiscent of a high-end ski resort than a Midwestern pizza joint.
But how is the food?
The Goshen Gourmet and friends admit they have not made their way through … (0 comments)

goshen gourmet: Goshen Gourmet Welcomes Oriental Spoon to Edwardsville - 12/29/09 11:27 AM
Like me, you might not have been overly excited when you saw the latest Asian restaurant under construction in Edwardsville.
With the name Oriental Spoon, it seemed as if it would be the same old thing -- some nice fried rice, chow mein and all the usual quick service fare.
Well, we were wrong.
Oriental Spoon is a Korean restaurant, something lacking in our diverse college town. With Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville attracting a wide variety of students from different ethnic backgrounds, this should be a natural fit.
The restaurant is operating on a limited menu for the next few … (1 comments)

goshen gourmet: Goshen Gourmet: Ravanelli's Gingerbread Houses are Picture Perfect - 12/22/09 12:52 PM
There are some holiday traditions in St. Louis' Illinois suburbs that are just sweeter than others.
At both Ravanelli's restaurants -- in Collinsville and Granite City, Illinois -- the Christmas season brings out the artist in family, staff and friends. These "architects of icing" design and create the most incredible gingerbread houses many people have ever seen.
In fact, the term "house" is certainly a misnomer. The gingerbread structures on display this year range from a dreamy fairytale castle to a bayou swamp shack (complete with alligator).
After you've decided which gingerbread creation is your favorite, be sure to save time … (6 comments)

goshen gourmet: Goshen Gourmet: Edwardsville's American Legion Tacos - 12/15/09 04:14 PM
If Edwardsville's American Legion Tacos aren't already  legendary, they should be.
Tuesday is Taco Night at Legion Post 199 in Edwardsville, Illinois. We had noticed the lighted sign designed to lure motorists along IL-157 across from Lincoln Middle School but had never ventured up the winding drive at the edge of the Legion's golf course to the "On the Hill Lounge" to try them for ourselves.
(The last time I was at the Legion was on a golf outing with my uncle Marvin. I had never played, but on the first hole I smacked the ball across the fairway and onto … (1 comments)

goshen gourmet: Goshen Gourmet: The Red Bar in Collinsville IL - 12/08/09 03:45 PM
Remember the classic musical, Gypsy? In it, the young Gypsy Rose Lee is confronted by three flamboyant strippers who tell her if she's going to succeed in their business she's "got to get a gimmick."
Well, someone at the new joint called The Red Bar in Collinsville, Illinois was listening. They've got a great big gimmick and it's called "Giant Joe."
Giant Joe is a massive Sloppy Joe served on a 14-ounce, 10-inch bun and topped with anything you like (within reason, I am sure). If one person can eat the Giant Joe in 30 minutes or less, it's free. All … (0 comments)

goshen gourmet: Goshen Getaway: Gifts and Goodies at Soulard Market - 12/04/09 03:40 PM
Looking for a flavorful day out with friends or family this season? Just a short drive from St. Louis' Illinois suburbs, there's a place that is the very definition of authentic St. Louis -- Soulard Farmers Market.
Located at the corner of 7th and Lafayette, just south of downtown St. Louis, it's the oldest continously operating market west of the Mississippi River. Vendors have been selling their wares on this site since 1779.
The land was originally owned by Antoine Soulard, a French citizen who was employed as a surveyor for the King of Spain, soverign of the territory we now … (0 comments)

goshen gourmet: Goshen Gourmet Welcomes Dippin' Dots to Edwardsville - 11/16/09 03:42 AM
Yes, I know little flash-frozen ice cream pellets might not be everyone's idea of a gourmet food experience, but I found the idea of a free-standing Dippin' Dots store that just recently opened in Edwardsville too interesting to resist.
Dippin' Dots is typically found served from a cart at stadium events. Here in the St. Louis region, the Edward Jones Dome, Busch Stadium and Scottrade Center (or as my husband -- who has refused to follow its many name changes -- calls it, "that place they play hockey") all have a DD vendor cart. It also is ubiquitous at attractions such … (0 comments)

goshen gourmet: Goshen Gourmet: So Long Til Spring To Bobby's Frozen Custard - 11/07/09 10:33 AM

There's a lot to love about Fall -- gorgeous leaves, blue skies and autumn festivals -- but not so lovable is the annual shuttering of a southwestern Illinois tradition.
So here's the bad news, Custard Lovers: You have just a little more than 24-hours to get to Bobby's Frozen Custard in Maryville, Illinois beforel the iconic treat shop closes for the winter.
Bobby's will shut off the custard machines and the neon lights for the winter at 10 p.m. on Sunday, November 8, 2009. 
You can stop by before then to stock up on quarts of frozen custard, concretes (custard … (0 comments)

goshen gourmet: The Goshen Gourmet Welcomes The Cupcakery to Edwardsville IL - 10/14/09 06:17 AM
Can you smell the luscious cloud of sweet buttercream blanketing Edwardsville, IL?  It's likely coming from the newest specialty shop in town -- The Cupcakery. 
Located at 1057 Century Drive off 157 near Quiznos, the newly opened gourmet cupcake bakery is offering sinful selections today, including Confetti (Vanilla Buttercream on French Vanilla cake); Tuxedo (Vanilla Buttercream on Dark Chocolate cake); Peanut Butter Cup (Peanut Butter Buttercream on Dark Chocolate cake); and Red Velvet (Cream Cheese Icing on Red Velvet cake).
During my lunchtime visit I chose a Tuxedo and a Red Velvet for myself and my husband and complemented the two … (5 comments)

goshen gourmet: Goshen Gourmet: Burnt Ends Barbecue in Bethalto, Illinois - 09/10/09 02:47 PM
Sometimes it pays to park a big, yellow Hummer outside your place of business. That's what stopped us in our tracks tonight as we cruised along Illinois Route 140 in Bethalto, Illinois in search of dinner.
The behemoth billboard beckoned us into a place called Country Barbecue situated in a small strip of shops. Always willing to give a new barbecue joint a try, the Goshen Gourmet was smacked with a succulent smoke smell the minute the door to the diminuitive diner was opened.
When you visit, just grab a menu and order at the counter outside the kitchen in the … (0 comments)

goshen gourmet: Weekends Around Edwardsville - Leclaire Park - 04/18/09 06:18 AM
If you know me, or you've read my posts about Edwardsville, it's no secret that I am a big fan of the Leclaire Historical District in Edwardsville.
Leclaire tells a story, has great architecture, is great for people of all ages and it even has a baseball field. (Stick around for a future entry about Leclaire field).
One of the hidden gems in Edwardsville is Leclaire Park.  This park is about 6 acres and features a large fishing lake.  Bring a sack of bread to feed the abundant ducks and geese.  The little ones will enjoy three play areas.  You'll also … (0 comments)

goshen gourmet: Goshen Gourmet: Neruda Winemaker's Dinner in Edwardsville - 04/01/09 08:33 AM
Neruda is recognized as one of the finest restaurants in Madison County and nothing could be finer than joining Madt Mallinckrodt and his crew, including Chef Rick Counts, for one of the Edwardsville establishment's official winemaker's dinners.
On Thursday, April 16, 2009, Neruda will host a five-course dinner featuring the wines of Cosentino Winery of Napa.  Trust me. You will need this after Tax Day, so book your space now by visiting their web site at www.neruda2dine.com.
According to Madt, Maggie Bolin --Cosentino's key account manager -- will be in Edwardsville to host the event.  Two white wines and three red wines will be featured … (0 comments)

goshen gourmet: Goshen Gourmet: A Barbecue Shout-Out to De's - 03/29/09 10:30 AM
Sometimes when I get a free Saturday (hard to do in the real estate biz), my husband and I take a "penny hike." 
The name comes from the old Girl Scout practice of walking to an intersection, flipping a penny and deciding to go left or right depending on whether the coin lands on heads or tails.
Yesterday the penny led us to the Missouri side of our bi-state metropolitan area. One of the stops we made was at De's Best Bar-B-Que. (Their cook trailer is pictured here).
De's is currently located at 5186 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. between North … (2 comments)

goshen gourmet: Goshen Gourmet: Edwardsville's Wasabi is Now Open - 01/06/09 01:33 PM
This is an update to a post from last fall noting that the St. Louis area's top sushi restaurant was about to open an outpost in Edwardsville.
I am happy to report that Wasabi is now open in Edwardsville and the stylish space located across from the park and Library to the west and St. Boniface to the north, is filled with long-time sushi lovers and those new to the cuisine.
Tonight two of the tables were occupied by members of my family who made separate plans and ended up with the same idea.  On one side of the room, our daugter … (0 comments)

goshen gourmet: Madison County Traditions: Fish Frys - 08/22/08 03:37 PM
It's Friday and that can only mean one thing in Madison County:  Fish Fry Night.
If you're new to the St. Louis metropolitan area -- or new to the Midwest -- this might be an unfamiliar ritual. It involves calling a bunch of people you know and arranging to meet them at the Fish Fry of your choice. My family and friends have patronized the American Legion Post in Collinsville, Illinois for years, so that is the event I'll detail for this blog post.
There are certain restaurants in the world where you have to know exactly what to do before … (1 comments)

goshen gourmet: Goshen Gourmet: Welcome Wasabi to Edwardsville - 08/17/08 01:46 AM

Those of us who enjoy Japanese food know that a little wasabi -- that firey green horseradish-based condiment that comes with sushi -- goes a long, long way.
That's not the case with the restaurant called Wasabi -- with popular outposts located on Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis and in Clayton's central business district. Just a little bite there leaves you happily wanting more and visiting again and again.
The Goshen Gourmet is happy to report that Wasabi will be opening a restaurant in Edwardsville, Illinois in October. (Note the photographic evidence from the Goshen Gourmet's spy satellite on this page.) 

goshen gourmet: Goshen Gourmet: Sweet Corn for the Sweet Life - 07/08/08 10:14 AM
One of the best things about living in Madison County, Illinois is underway right now -- the Sweet Corn harvest.
Well, to be absolutely accurate, at this moment in time we have bi-color corn (that referes to a cob with a mixture of both the white and the yellow kernals, not the vegetable's personal orientation) and yellow corn. The pure white sweet corn is still cookin' on the stalks.
Today, after our office's tour of our newly listed homes, I stopped by Keller's farm stand on Highway 157 between Edwardsville and Glen Carbon. I bought six ears of bi-color. Next door at … (0 comments)

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