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Purple Shoes Real Estate with Nannette Martin provides information to buyers and sellers of real estate in the Oregon Mid-Valley area, as well as community connection and involvement. Houses become homes when we put our heart into them, and our homes create community when we become engaged and involved with those around us. The purple shoes I wear each day speak to connection not just with my clients, but the community at large. They are a fun reminder of the steps I take to put myself in others shoes as I walk, not just through the real estate profession, but through life. Thanks for checking in!
By now, most of my Active Rain friends know I'm all about green and all about sustainability and of course, all about the Urban Chicken Movement.  If you don't get "Why chickens?"...come see the movie and find out more. What is very interesting about this whole thing is that one of the darkest v...
It has been in the news recently that trace amounts of prescription drugs are turning up in our water supply. Some of the sources of this contamination comes from following the old advice to flush prescription medications down the drain. While some drugs are in the water because they are excreted...
I awoke to grey sky, wind blowing, rain sheeting down, and today, I'm showing houses. You might say, "Oh no! Schedule for another time..." But this is Oregon, and if I did that...well, you can only imagine I'd have to find a new career. Mailmen have nothing on me! The fact is, I actually LOVE sh...
WOW! What a night! We made it to watch the Cherry City Derby Girls of Salem in their bout against Sick Town Derby Dames of Corvallis. After finding out our family friends twin daughters had just had their 15th birthday, I decided that taking my daughters and the the twins to the Roller Derby here...
I watched Roller Derby as a kid on TV. I remember it as fun and exciting, but it became a fleeting memory along with things like Pet Rocks, Pong and that sort of thing. Frankly, I didn't think about it once over the years... That was until my daughters put the movie Whip It on the NetFlix Queue. ...
I learned early in life the power of words and how the ability to put myself into someone elses shoes could pay off... It was second grade, and there was an essay contest and the title was assigned: "If I Were a Pair of Purple Tennis Shoes." So the theme wasn't just to walk in someone elses shoes...
The Chicken Revolution has been sweeping the nation and I have been on the front lines in Salem, Oregon attempting to get urban chickens legalized in our community. Chickens are amazing creatures and many people around the nation have discovered the wonders, joys and benefits of having a few good...
This is the mission of Oregon Exclusive Buyers Realty... When the listing agent called me back after receiving the offer I submitted for my buyer, he called it an "anomaly." He must have felt he was being transported into a space-time continuum in an Alternate Universe... "I've never seen anythin...
I was at the end of a very long day of showing rural properties to a family from out-of-state. This day came on the end of several very long days of showing property across several counties. (By the end of the week, I'd have over 800 miles on my car.) We went into the house and the 13-year-old da...
My principal broker had an offer on a short sale and it took three months before it finally crashed and burned. He was able to find another home for his buyer, but this attempt took valuable time, created stress and ultimately didn't serve anyone. I have heard that the process for short sales is ...

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